Choosing Chests

When choosing the decor in your home, why not consider another dual purpose furnishing? Earlier this month we mentioned all the ways ottomans can enhance a room,A simple but elegant chest of drawers and key among them was their dual function of style and seating. Chests can also solve two issues simultaneously, by providing storage while adding interest to a room. From door chests to chests of drawers, there is a chest for every room in your home—some you might not even have considered.

Two Questions: Where? and What?

Low chest with a great pattern and detailWe’ve already mentioned it, but it bears repeating: chests can add interest and storage to a room. That means your choice in chest will depend on where you are placing it in your home, and what you plan to put in it. In a living room, you might think about placing your television on a low chest, giving you a convenient place to store remotes or other pieces of your entertainment system while creating a unique visual when compared to a typical media center. In the bedroom, chests of drawers can serve as a dresser of course, but a smaller chest also makes a great bedside table with ample surface space and drawer storage. Behind a sofa, a chest can offer a good place for a lamp, flowers, or other decorating elements. A chest can also be used as a buffet, or as a table in an entryway or hallway.


Creativity Counts

A patterned chest provides popYou might not think of chests when you look to add color to a room, but think again! A painted chest, or one with an interesting pattern, can really “pop” in the right room. Solid colored chests, interesting wood patterned chests such as zebra-striped, or decoratively painted chests can add a lot of impact as well as adding the “designer touch” to a room. Consider all the possibilities when it comes to choosing a chest for a room in your home—you might be pleasantly surprised with the result.


Chests at La Maison Interiors

An intriguing chest with textured doorsFrom modern to Old World, La Maison Interiors has a plethora of chests from which to choose. Many are styled from Mexican vaqueros or antique trunks and make great conversation pieces. We’d love to show you the many options and help you add some interest to your home.

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