Jane Kraak

Growing up with a mother who was continuously remodeling the family home, Jane was exposed to interior design early in life. In fact, the owners of stores that Jane and her mother would frequent, eventually began to realize that it was Jane rather than her mother who had an eye for design! There was never a question as to Jane’s future profession and for over 40 years she has brought this love of interior design to her clients.

After earning a degree in design, Jane began her career in Alabama. She then moved to New Orleans to work for one of the largest retail and design companies in the country. A move to Arizona in 1987 ultimately took Jane to Robb & Stucky Interiors, another large retail furniture store and design studio. Experiencing diverse styles and products from around the world and working with diverse clientele at these two retailers broadened Jane’s design experience and awareness. Additionally, Jane owned her own design studio in Carefree, Arizona.

Helping clients create unique interiors that reflect their personal taste and lifestyle is Jane’s goal and she believes that a home should be both beautiful and functional. The days of “don’t touch” are gone and most would like their homes to be welcoming to friends and family. Jane wants to help her clients find their own personal style and showcase it to the fullest potential, not by dictating style but by helping clients find their own voice.

Jane has had design projects in a multitude of cities, states and countries including Colorado, Chicago, California, New York, Canada, and Barbados. Jane is particularly passionate about fabrics and confidently consults with clients about current fabric trends and how to coordinate patterns, texture, and color. She embraces all design trends and enjoys interpreting her clients’ vision for creating unique spaces with her direction.

In her free time, Jane enjoys spending time with her adorable grandson and enjoying all that Arizona has to offer.