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Emmeline grew up in a modern home with parents who created a beautiful and well-designed environment. Since Emmeline was exposed to sophisticated design from a very young age, she developed an eye and passion for it, and as she grew up Emmeline was determined to utilize the skills she had learned to help others create equally stunning homes.

Emmeline always puts clients first, and never forces design ideas upon them. By asking carefully-crafted questions, she pieces together her clients’ vision for the home and helps bring it to life.

Her favorite thing about interior design is working on a collaborative level with each client. You can rest assured that Emmeline will not dictate every design decision but work tactfully with you to create the perfect environment that is tailored specifically to your needs. Emmeline’s background in curating model homes and merchandising has given her the ability to work in a wide variety of different genres and styles.

Overall, Emmeline believes that you can find inspiration in almost anything and enjoys the diversity of working with all types of clients.