Corinne Beth Gravenese

Designers were often influenced by their environment at a young age. In Corrine’s case, she

grew up in a family immersed in the world of design. Her mother owned antique shops, her

aunt was a designer who did work for Bert Reynolds, and her father was a stonemason.

It is no surprise that Corrine would become passionate about design. For the past ten years

Corrine offered design expertise to affluent clients on the East Coast and recently decided to

relocate to Arizona. She brings an “east meets west” mentality to La Maison Interiors with her

east coast sensibility and her passion for the organic nature of the desert.

Corrine loves working with color and its psychological effect. When working with clients, she

encourages them to cross their own boundaries when incorporating color. As a new Arizona

resident, Corrine is astonished at the colors of the sunsets and finds the sunsets incredibly

inspiring in her world of design.

Corrine’s design mantra is: Design, align, uplift, inspire! Not only design a home, but uplift

home and family with energy and color.