Room Layout 101

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The furniture you use and where you put it in a room instantly sets the mood. Depending on the style you aim for, this is very important when placing your furniture in your home. With so many designs to choose from and so many room layouts you may have to work with, it can be a challenge to figure out a layout that complements your personal style and the structure of your home. As we’ve advised in the past, pay attention to your space and work with what you have; if you work with your home, your home will work with you- pay attention to what it offers you! Here are a few secrets that our designers keep in mind when designing the pieces of our collection.

Mix furnishings of various sizes to add a visual interest. When you incorporate a variety of furniture that have different characteristics, it adds volume to a room. This will definitely add a level of charm and sophistication if done right. If you have a larger sofa that may take up a chunk of the room, don’t be afraid to add pieces in fear you’ll create a cluttered space. Add smaller armchairs and side tables and you will have created energy in the space with the various volume.ff47df3ecfb4226e46716d5ede741807

If you have a room that is meant for relaxation and recovery, don’t challenge the space; use pieces of the same volume together. When using things of the same scale, this creates balance. This is a gorgeous look, as a perfect balance of similar scale creates a harmonious atmosphere. Artwork is never a bad idea. Use textural and colorful pieces to visually fill a room.

In interior design, there is a term we refer to when working with room layout: gestalt. Think totality or form if this word is new to you. When you have a large room, a rectangular room for example, it can be dealt with by dividing the space. By doing this you are giving that divided space its own zone of function. This will not only give your space an interesting dimension but also make it easier to decorate; one half for that great sofa you have to make a lounging space, and the other for your luxurious dining set to have a space for dining and circle art

Now the secret for square spaces, or smaller rooms, is to not have the furniture pushed up against the walls. This will leave you with furniture too far away from each other, forcing interaction and conversation to feel awkward and cold. By adding a console table behind your sofa or a cocktail table in the center of the room you will have more surface space and anchors for the room.

Whether you aim for a luxurious transitional look, a sleek modern feel or a curvy and warm look for your Scottsdale home, La Maison’s showroom has an abundance of choices to fulfill your style and your space. Give our designers a visit this week to find some inspiration this summer.