Pillow Talk

An impressive pillow with grey and yellow variationsIf you’re looking for an easy way to add the final touch to truly distinguish a room, consider throw pillows. Calling pillows versatile is an understatement. In fact, pillows may well be the most adaptable tools at a designer’s disposal. You can plan a room around the right pillow, just as easily as you can change the character of a room by swapping out the pillows on a sofa.

Interested? Here are a few things to consider when choosing pillows for your home:

Combine Complementary Colors

An example of a neutral sofa serving as a base for pillowsPillows can be a great way to add color to a room, and they can help soften the sharp edges of modern rooms as well. Using a neutral colored sofa as a base, changing your pillows can offer a great way to vary the color palette of a room to match the season.
Adding color with pillows at La Maison
But what colors should you select? Many things factor into such a decision, but here is one straightforward approach: pick pairs of complementary colors. If you remember your color wheel, you’ll know what we mean—red goes with green, yellow with purple, and orange with blue. To take things a step further, you can add a touch of refinement by selecting interesting shades of those complementary colors. Consider pairing a mauve pillow with a mustard yellow pillow, for instance.

Use Texture When Color Won’t Do

Textured pillow sampleEven if you are not looking to add more color to a room, pillows can still be a great help in creating a cohesive look. . In creating a stylish, monochromatic look, pillows in different neutral shades can add a striking visual element: just vary their textures. Distinct textures on a combination of pillows can draw the eye and increase the complexity of what’s on display in your room. Since contrast is the focus, try pairing a lighter texture with a heavier one. That way you’ll get the most impact, and you will avoid the rug-like look that too many heavy textures can create.

Vary your Patterns

An example of using pillows to mix texturesAnother great way to brighten up a room is to choose the right set of patterned throw pillows. Even more so than with solid colors, it can be tough to pair the right patterns together. The simple rule when pairing patterns is that you should try to combine patterns of different “scales.” That means you could combine a “big” pattern, like an argyle or wide stripes, with a “small” one, like a nice dotted pattern. Doing so will help avoid creating a room that looks too “busy.”

Pillows at La Maison Interiors

pillow arrangement on an upholstered headboardAt La Maison Interiors, we have a great selection of pillows, and the expertise to help you determine the right choices for your home. If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, don’t worry, we offer custom pillow fabrication so you can be sure to get exactly the right look for your home.

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