Summertime and the Living’s Easy: June Arrivals

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You’ve updated your home with beautiful pieces from our May arrivals and now its time to add some summer flare! Nothing welcomes the hot June summer more than cool, luxury furniture for your home. La Maison continually receives new pieces to style your space with, in order to offer exciting and current design options. Our showroom continually receives new merchandise that offers exciting and modernistic design styles. With our new June arrivals, updating your Scottsdale home will be a breeze. This month we focused on unique accent pieces with smaller scale and clean lines. Whether you’re downsizing a space or working with a small one, these June arrivals will bring you joy!

FullSizeRenderAs you know, our designers love the utilization of light, as it can add so much style to a room. Even though light is such a big feature does not mean that it has to take up a lot of space; with a great floor lamp you can achieve a simple and chic look to a sitting area, office space or any bedroom. Harsh lighting will make any design choice look like a poor one. Floor lamps create a soothing yet sophisticated ambiance perfect for any Scottsdale home. Achieve a luxury look and feel with the perfect piece from our showroom. Clean lines make for a sophisticated and modern look, and with one of La Maison’s new unique floor lamps you will have just that.

FullSizeRender (1)Smaller scaled pieces can also bring a very chic look to your space. Don’t be afraid of the word ‘small’- you can still have relaxing luxury with smaller pieces. However don’t mistake this as advice to use many small pieces to fill a room and thus clutter your space. Use what works for your home and choose pieces that will achieve a relaxing summer oasis. Add a chaise lounge to complement the end of a master bed or even in a living area of your small scale condo.

Our designers are here to help you make your ultimate dream home. With these new arrivals and other gorgeous collection pieces, you will absolutely be able to relax this summer in style. Throw a summer garden party. Plan a sophisticated potluck. Invite your special someone over for wine and movies because you will want to show off your La Maison furniture as much as possible this summer!

Modern Interior Design Transforms Your Home

We love modern interior design because it speaks to a simple yet visually engaging aesthetic. Luxury furniture has clean lines and focuses on function first. Modern design leaves extravagant accessorizing to the wayside and instead uses the philosophy of “less is more” to create a beautiful home design. Our many fabulous collections of furniture promote a sense of serenity while appearing beautiful and timeless.

LaMaisonIncorporating modern interior design is easy to do with accessories primarily. We love the idea of minimalist grouping of objects that feels simple yet iconic. When a customer walks into our showroom and says, “I really want a modern look and feel, but I don’t want my home to appear like it’s from the future.” The key to creating a beautiful modern space does not mean we cannot incorporate color. We start with a sense calmness and simplicity.

We suggest avoiding mixing and matching prints and patterns. By fusing multiple textures, prints and patterns the design edges on eclectic and distracting at times. Bold geometric forms, soft neutral color schemes work best to achieve a modern look and feel. Accent colors are key to modern design, as you want to begin with a foundation color such as black, white blue, beige or even a bright primary color. Once a foundation is chosen, accent colors give the space a touch of personality and visual interest.

(5)STRATA(2)Balance is key as well. Add just the right amount of polish, incorporate small details and pair your personal style with modern aesthetics will help you to accomplish the perfect modern interior design for your home. Room layout is very important as well, since the first rule of this design style is function before form. Our team of talented interior designers will help you create an asymmetrical balance in furniture and layout.

By peppering modern aesthetics throughout your home the look and feel will instantly transform. Luxury furniture with clean lines and beautiful fabric that is also comfortable is key to creating a cozy look and feel that appeals to modern sensibilities. Visit La Maison Interiors in Scottsdale for luxury furniture ideas, accessories and ideas to change your home today.

Small Space Blues

So you have a case of the small space blues? Dont worry, follow these quick and easy tips to utilize the most of your space and how La Maison furniture could be the best fit for your trendy smaller spaces.Whether its with a great book, favorite dinner or that special someone, a small space shouldn’t keep you from making it one of the best rooms in your home. And with the right utilization of space, it could be the best room! in your Scottsdale home.

simple large mirrorWant to give the illusion of more space? Choose a focal point. Small rooms with limited light feel stuffy, but adding mirrors will do wonders.This is one of the easiest tricks in the book, and always makes a big impact. Not only will there be a main focus to the space but it gives dimension to walls that would otherwise appear flat. Place a mirror across from a window for maximum impact; using natural light always works to open up a space as well. La Maison’s Accessories Collection has a beautiful array of mirrors to choose from, whether you want a light and neutral look or a curvy, romantic feel. Try centering one of La Maisons loveseats under a piece of art or flanked by matching side tables and lamps, because as you may know from our previous blogs that light is a luxurious necessity in every room.

FullSizeRender 2Downsize your furniture. There is more to filling a space than huge sofas and bulky chairs and tables. Use appropriate sized pieces for the space, because they are just as trendy and can be make your home just as luxurious. Our Old World Collection has an antique feel that utilizes smaller pieces for a sleek and smaller fit. Ask our designers about slimmed down love seat or a petite sofa to for your Scottsdale home. For an airy look, try a sofa or seat with exposed legs and clean lines.

FullSizeRenderTake advantage of multifunctional furniture. Like the guests of a summer potluck, every piece of furniture should earn its keep. By this we mean that in a small room every piece could serve multiple purposes so your space doesn’t feel cluttered. Think of using ottomans as coffee tables or even extra seating for your guests. Use floor throw pillows with a neutral summer pattern as a seating option as well as decoration; by doing this you could turn your space into a chic and modern lounging space to catch up with friends and family.

Decorating a small space requires savvy ideas La Maison’s talented team of interior designers are more than happy to help create. We love tackling spaces that seem virtually impossible to arrange. Remember, the key to a small space is focal points and choosing luxury furniture that has a purpose. Avoid oversized sofas and chairs, and consider smaller scale, more sophisticated modern luxury furniture. Shop our showroom in Scottsdale, AZ this week.

Summer Improvements for Your Master Bedroom

As we start to unwind from our busy schedules for the summer season, there is no where we’d rather be than our special space. The master bedroom is where we go to relax and enjoy those lazy summer afternoons. When done right, the master bedroom can be made into a stress free oasis. Setting the the tone can be a challenge, but with the help of La Maison’s award winning interior design team, you can have gorgeous summer improvements to your special space. Create a home away from home feel with our lush fabrics, vibrant prints and bold headboards to compliment any space.

When improving your bedroom for the summer, color scheme is the bread and butter to creating the perfect look. This is the time to kick back and enjoy some summer relaxation! Lighter colors tend to make any space appear larger and more open. This also helps to infuse a calm and luxurious feel to your bedroom this summer. Variations of warm greens, greys and browns will bring about a romantic ambiance without over-using light, feminine pinks and reds.

FullSizeRender (5)We absolutely love utilizing color. However you can transform a room with without re-painting your space. By utilizing vibrant accessories from our collections, you can easily change up your summer color schemes. Add a spirited area rug your room to incorporate color while also implementing comfort and luxury to an empty space. If you have a smaller master bedroom, be wary of going overboard with wall art to avoid clutter, and too much confusion to the eye. La Maison’s beautiful area rugs could be the perfect pop of summer color your master bedroom needs.

When you have relaxation on your mind, creating a cozy space to a larger bedroom is what our designers know to do best. Nothing says cozy summer night like curling up with a book in a separate sitting area across a luxurious ottoman or on a fluffy sitting chair. While a sitting area is idyllic for a summer hangout, you never want to over-fill a space. Remember to shop for accessories and accents that will be the right size for your master bedroom, while also bringing luxury to your home.

IMG_5366If a redecoration solely revolves around the master bedroom, make sure plans for your retreat include lighting. Lighting is a crucial essential to any room, but in your master bed, you want to exude a charming warmth that will separate it from all other rooms. For an Arizona summer, a soft but prominent look is what we recommend. Fine lines, and gorgeous sleek task lamps add a comfortable and visually appealing look to your sitting area. You can hang lighting to help to create ambient looks, as well as overhead flush-mounted lighting which you can find in many styles our designers provide.

However you decide to improve your bedroom with luxury furniture this summer, La Masion is ready to help you transform it with you. Find an interior designer today to help make those harder decisions when it comes to color and lighting this summer. We always look forward to seeing you and helping you find the perfect pieces for your contemporary and luxurious styles and tastes.

Drink Happy

It’s time to start entertaining for the summer! How are you going to keep your favorite mojito concoction cool during the summer though? We have the perfect solution. More and more homeowners are choosing to keep the drinks on the go with bar carts, while others opt for an at home bar. Whichever avenue you choose to implement, we have design ideas for both.

FullSizeRenderBring the party with you

Bar carts are dimensional, useful and come in all types of styles. Go rustic with distressed wood or classic with warm metal and brush nickel finish. Make it easy to take the party anywhere with a wheeled bar cart so your guests don’t have to get up for their next drink. We’ll help you find the perfect bar cart for your needs whether it’s added storage or a fancier look and feel, La Maison Interiors is here to help you find the perfect piece for your next cocktail party.

Bar carts remind us of Old Hollywood, where simple sophistication and gold rimmed martini glasses touch the lips of men and women who don’t have a care in the world. Add a touch of formality to your space with an attractive luxury furniture piece that is versatile and useful. No matter the decor in your home, there’s a bar cart to match. La Maison Interiors hosts a collection of pieces from regional artisans to nationally acclaimed designers.

Stay at Home For the Party

If a bar cart is not your style, create a space to entertain during the warmer months, sheltered from the sunshine. Get creative with negative space by utilizing pieces of furniture that might not necessarily be a “bar” in the traditional sense. Using various luxury furniture pieces to create a bar area is a great alternative for those who love to entertain. That being said, let’s look at some best ways to create your preferred ambiance that speaks to your personal style.


Staying at home to enjoy a well-made cocktail starts with a fabulous home bar design. Picking a design that works for you is key to pinpointing your needs. If you want to embody a sophisticated look and feel ambient or recessed lighting is the way to go. Add architectural features like stone, warm wood or marble to add texture. Do you consider yourself a connoisseur or wine and spirits? Display your favorites behind the bar to give guests a look into what you will be serving.

We all tend to live busy lifestyles with hardly any time for leisure, but with an at home bar makes it easy to enjoy a cocktail at home. Home bars offer a unique solution to the active lifestyles we live. Create the perfect home bar with the right lighting, seating setup and entertainment area by starting with your ‘must-haves’. Barstools work best for an open, airy and casual setup while leather high chairs offer a more sophisticated look. Lighting is key to creating the desired ambiance of your choice. Going more formal? Choose recessed lighting. Is modern and modular more your style? Pendant lighting with a chrome or simple white finish might just be what you’re looking for.

However you choose to entertain this summer, remember La Maison Interiors has the perfect piece for your home. Our interior designers will help you decide how to creatively use the space for an at home bar. Design the most luxurious space with modern furniture from Scottsdale’s premier luxury furniture store.

New Arrivals: It’s Official Spring Has Sprung

cocktail table black top

Spring has sprung! Find fresh new arrivals at La Maison Interiors our customers are swooning over. Shop at Scottsdale’s premier luxury furniture store for fun finds to compliment any home. Whether you’re looking to update your summer patio or spruce up a guest bedroom, our plush fabrics and modern feel will get the job done. There’s no better feeling than finding exactly what you need for your Scottsdale home all in one place. La Masion always has new items arriving, and this month is no exception.

With the weather becoming warmer, turning on the air conditioning and staying cool becomes the new norm. When it’s easier to stay in then go out on the town staying comfortable, and lounging around is key. No movie night is complete without a coffee table to compliment your glasses of wine and cheese plates. The sofa and the coffee table become the latter of which usually ends up as a stand-in dining table or a respite for remote controls.

grey snakeskin upholstered chairLa Maison recommends an elegant and fun coffee table for your modern living room. The perfect accessories to a room can keep a great party going. With various colors and styles, our luxury selections will be the perfect compliment to your home. It’s worth taking the time to decorate and style like you would any other area of your home, after all it’s frequently the centerpiece of many homes.

Circular leather coffee table, ottomanWhile the perfect coffee can make the perfect statement in your home, adding modern wing chairs will give it the perfect touch of luxury. Our wide selection of wing chairs will help any Scottsdale home achieve a cozy and sophisticated feel. Add a few bolsters pillows with a sassy snakeskin print or a cool floral pattern to dress up any office, dining or living space.

Infuse comfort and style with a luxury furniture ottoman. The all white material mixed with stud embellishments gives this piece a bit of an edge over your standard ottoman. La Masion would love to see you! Let us inspire your summertime cravings by transforming your Scottsdale home into a lap of luxury. We work with various manufacturers and artisans to bring you the dream interior.

Luxurious Master Bedroom Updates


The most important room in the home is the bedroom. Decorating the master bedroom to fit your personal style is a must.  We spend more time relaxing in the master bedroom than any other room in the home.  Adding comfortable pillows, plush fabrics and a luxurious headboard will instantly change your space for the better. Color is key too! Don’t go too bold with jewel tones, rather stick to softer hues that fit both a masculine and feminine feeling. Creating the perfect master bedroom is easy to do over the weekend, and we’ll show you how to do it.

We love to begin with color. Choose a palette that fits your personal style, and keep in mind the size and shape of your master bedroom. Larger spaces tend to feel airy and open, and using cooler colors can make the space feel less intimate and cozy. Do you want the space to feel more modern and clean or cozy and comfortable? Warmer colors tend to feel more feminine, yet also exude a romantic mood. Take advantage of various shades of grey for a soothing contemporary aesthetic. Using the right grey, whether it has warm or cool undertones is always a good choice for a master bedroom as it lends to both masculine and feminine aesthetics. bed3

Another easy way to incorporate color without repainting the walls is with a luxury area rug. Also, the human eye groups luxury furniture together when it sits atop an area rug. If you have a larger master bedroom, and want to add visual interest to your space create a cozy look and feel with a separate sitting area. When relaxation is on your mind, but going to bed is not a reading chair is a perfect segway. Make sure to shop for a luxurious ottoman to rest your feet on that is both soft and comfortable. Make sure to purchase the right sized rug for the space, b by taking measurements to better understand the dimensions of your space. Interior design rules say furniture should sit on the perimeter of the rug to make the space feel larger.

AFullSizeRendert La Maison Interiors, our collection of headboards range from classic traditional to modern and contemporary. Incorporating a headboard into the master bedroom adds height to the space, and also gives an extra touch of design. Fine lines, curves and gorgeous wood finished luxury furniture pieces add visual interest to the space. Also, choosing a comfortable headboard to which you can rest your head against at night to watch television or read your favorite book offers that sumptuousness feeling we all seek when designing the perfect master bedroom.

However you choose to update the master bedroom, La Maison Interiors in Scottsdale has gorgeous pieces you don’t want to pass up on. Find an interior designer to help you make the harder decisions when it comes to color, fabric and arrangement. We love to help our customers find the perfect luxury furniture that fits your personal style and taste.

Luxury Furniture New Arrivals!

Placing new items on the showroom floor is almost as exciting as seeing our customers fall in love with brand new arrivals! Shop Scottsdale’s premier interior design luxury furniture for fabulous finds you don’t want to miss out on. Looking to update your family room, we have exactly what you’re looking for. Find new ways to spruce up the master bedroom with an elegant headboard or plush fabrics you can’t resist. There’s nothing better than finding exactly what you want and need for a lovely Scottsdale home. We always have new items arriving continually working with manufacturers and artisans from around the world to bring the finest to La Maison Interiors.


It’s getting warm way too fast, and that means moving dinner parties and social hour inside. If you aren’t sure how to plan the perfect dinner party, that’s another story. We suggest a cocktail table for your formal living room. they are truly “works of art” and infuse a sense of intimacy at a small party, or designate it as the hors d’oeuvres area to direct guests between rooms in your home. The perfect party keeps guests moving so to split up the crowd. Find various, shapes, sizes and styles in our Scottsdale showroom! From dark oak to light modern wood finish, we have the perfect piece for your home.



A luxury cocktail table makes a statement, and adding contemporary wing chairs will give the space a cozy look and feel. Not only comfortable, but stylish and modern these chairs are perfect for a casual office or even a the living room. Dress them up with two bolster pillows in a bright print for some springtime charm. Even without an accompanying cocktail table The Wing Chair is great all on its own with straight lines that speak to a slightly formal feel that brings a sense of luxury to the home.

The master bedroom is where we find tranquility and peace.  We spend nearly one-third of our lifetime sleeping, why not do it in style?  Tufted or upholstered headboards come in endless styles, colors, fabrics and standard bed sizes at La Maison, and we’re confident our new arrivals will send you swimming in your purse for the checkbook. A new headboard is not complete without luxurious modern grey bedding and floral pillows to infuse a soft and inviting feel to the master bedroom.IMG_4351

We would love to see you this weekend! Shop the brand new luxury furniture arrivals for a final springtime shopping spree! Choose from fabulous floral prints and stylish cocktail tables for your next party. La Maison Interiors works with a multitude of manufacturers and artisans to find the beautiful pieces perfect for your Scottsdale home!

Interior Design Ideas: The Powder Room


Even the smallest room in your home deserves updating every now and then. Our team of interior designers have simple tips to follow to make your powder room look and feel larger instantly. Color is your best friend, and using it to your advantage will have a big impact on even a small space. The powder room is likely the smallest space in your home, besides a closet or storage space. The difference is guests and family members actively use this space. Ideally, enjoying the ambiance of a powder room sets the tone for the remainder of your home. This is a perfect opportunity to take a chance with design. We suggest a bold and daring shade such as deep blue or purple. We say, take a leap of faith with a color palette and you won’t regret it. There are many ways to tone down a rich bold shade with the right accessories.

Forget old and tired sand, beige and off-white for color and opt for something a little more drastic. Bold hues like navy, chocolate brown, rich maroon and even black works wonderfully. The reason these darker hues work is because small spaces offer something larger spaces do not, which is creative freedom. Too much of a bold color can be overwhelming and often makes a space feel smaller. As any interior designer would say, the key to a perfect space is lighting. Add the right fixtures and the entire space will change instantly.

red walls striped countertop

Ideally, you want to add visual interest in a small way to the powder room. Replacing the bathroom countertop in a unique material such as refinished concrete or imported granite with accent flecks to compliment a color palette changes a space for the better. Tile backsplash as an art related project rather than a functional addition can be very successful. Updated fixtures that fit your personal style add ambiance to a powder room. Pendant lighting or a simple yet modern chandelier will give the space some height as well.  If there is a small window in the powder room use it to your advantage and shop luxury fabrics at La Maison! Our collection of fabrics range from modern, geometric and modular to floral and fabulous.

luxury mirror bathroomPick your favorite piece of art that is both intriguing and colorful! One or two pieces of art makes the space feel hospitable and welcoming. Choose a mirror you love! It should reflect your personal style and the look and feel of the space. We love mirrors that have embellishments or utilize a beautiful finish for extra sparkle.  Offer your best soaps and luxurious hand towels. Since powder rooms are mainly used by guests it’s important to add personal touches that make guests feel as if they’ve stepped into a hotel bathroom. Gold, brass and brushed nickel appear soft and welcoming while also adding warmth to the space. Soft and plush bath rugs give the appearance of luxury while also maintaining the color palette of your choice. Whether you’re ready to completely remodel the powder room, or upgrade the color scheme, La Maison Interiors in Scottsdale is here to guide you on your journey to a stylish powder room

Simple & Stylish: Infuse Modern Interior Design

Give your home the perfect touch of modern interior design with a touch of drama with geometric patterns prints, accessories and luxury decor.  Modular shapes, polygons and circles are classic and contemporary and appeal to a modern sense of design. There are so many avenues to walk when it comes to modern and modular design; wallpaper one wall in the kitchen for a stylish accent wall, replace tableware and decor accessories in bright vibrant hues in the entryway  or opt for chevron and vertical stripes, triangles or small pyramids as a wall design. Our team is here to help you blend your home’s design with the right accents pieces to turn your space into a modular masterpiece.

An impressive pillow with grey and yellow variationsWhen it comes to the kitchen, opt for a more dramatic effect with your backsplash! Use triangles, vertical stripes or horizontal tiles with an eye catching color palette to infuse shapes without going overboard. The best way add a dramatic effect is with bright colors. Don’t shy away from primary colors in the kitchen as it adds a cheerful aesthetic to a larger space. Especially if your kitchen is mainly white this is a perfect way to create a modular masterpiece. Include draperies that have ovals or or circles for a sophisticated inviting look and feel.

apple_vaseWe suggest gorgeous table and luxury decor accessories for the living room or home office. The hard edges of polygonal shapes suggest focus and hard work to keep you engaged despite being in the comfort of your own home. Bright colors add drama and grab guests attention in the family room; avoid muted or pastel as they appear flat rather than vibrant . Adding a centerpiece that uses forms from nature such as leaves, trees and organic lines appear softer to the eye. Adding a touch of drama to your coffee table is a perfect way to draw the eye into the center of the room. Choose a statement piece; when pairing items together ensure you arrange accessories in odd numbered groups to achieve a perfect balance. Organic forms and patterns are unique and eye catching to blend simplicity with versatility.
photo (37)Mixing polygonal shapes in the family room to arouse a stylish and contemporary feel that’s welcoming and warm. Small instances of bright primary colors can appear overly modern and might not work in everyone’s space. Make sure pieces make a statement so not to get lost in the space. However you choose to infuse brilliant modular shapes in your home, La Maison Interiors is here for you! Located in Scottsdale AZ we’re the largest provider of modern furniture for your luxury home.