Mid-Century Modern Interiors

As we enter the new year, a lot of changes in interior design are happening. So what’s the big change in trend right now? Many people are transitioning from Old World style to Mid Century Modern. La Maison has a flux of styles in our showroom, Mid Century Modern being one of our favorites. Unlike Contemporary and Traditional, which have similar traits, Mid Century Modern and Old World interior designs are very different. So why is the world suddenly in love with Mid-Century Modern interiors? Let us break it down.

Old World offers interplay between warmth and formality; it truly holds the ambiance of an old European manor. This style is ideal for adding a sense of antiquity to your home. It is easily recognizable by the deep, regal colors and polished textures. Metals, rich woods and stone are materials you’ll see used often when bringing this look together. The furniture is known to be oversized and varied, giving your home a comfortable and elegant stylization. It is characterized by rich wood carvings, as well as polished textures. The Old World trend feels quite literally as if it was pulled from a painting by Rembrandt. Old World combines antiquity and luxury, making this trend truly beautiful; why do we see such a transition from it?

 Unlike the layered look with intricate textiles that Old World is known for, Mid Century Modern is produced of clean lines, natural hues and subtle craftsmanship. An organic offshoot of Modern design, Mid Century Modern is a uniquely different style. This style brings in contemporary designs and colors and then blends them seamlessly into a retro-inspired modern throwback. Like Modern, Mid Century pulls its influence from a specific era: the 20th century. The colors associated with this style are neutral tones with saturated accents, sure to add a luxurious and relaxed touch to any room. In addition to its softer, yet sticking color palette, it holds a minimalist design. Asymmetrical and abstract patterns are often found with this look, giving it an air of sophistication.

So what do you think fits your home aesthetic best? The cozy yet romantic European feel of Old World, or the sophisticated and fresh Mid Century Modern trend? Our showroom offers a myriad of interior designs sure to fit your styling needs. Come visit our showroom and see if the Mid Century Modern feel is right for you.