Mix and Match Contemporary Patterns and Textures

Create a space that is undeniably polished and professional with some foolproof guidelines to mixing and matching patterns and texture all while playing with color. Make your friends wish they called your interior designer as you keep the secret to your beautiful living or dining room as none other than a little bit of knowledge on mixing patterns and textures the right way. Texture is the feel of fabric while patterns are the designs printed onto fabric. Mix pattern and texture to create a visually engaging space.Patterns:Textures2

Pay attention to color. Create harmony and choose colors that compliment one another or color opposites such as purple and orange or blue and yellow for a themed color map that is visually interesting. Do not be afraid to mix patterns and textures, but remember to abide by color theory when doing so. If you have a larger room you will want to use a pattern that appears large but takes up less space visually. Big stripes or circles, larger floral patterns work really well in pulling a large room together for a cozier feeling. Small rooms need dense patterns and dark backgrounds to make the room appear larger.


If you are featuring a stripe-patterned armchair, add a solid bold color to either contrast or compliment the stripe. Compliment the stripe by choosing a decorative pillow the same color as one of the stripes or if your striped pattern is black and white choose a bright color for a fun and playful aesthetic. Geometric patterns bring a simple aesthetic to a room, but contrast well with bold colors and floral. Organic patterns are a good choice for kitchen back splashes as colors are often muted and textures are unique to where less is definitely more. Mix textures like linen combined with nubby chenille for a great contrast. Animal print is a great way to introduce a fun and wild design idea. Do not overdo it as a little goes a long way. Be minimalistic with animal print as it is bold and unforgiving as rooms can drown in too much animal print.


Playing with texture and pattern can change how you feel when you step into a room. Add wood wall art to make a room feel warm, or a glass coffee table for a cleaner and “cooler” aesthetic. We associate different aesthetic elements with different textures to produce a certain look or feel like velvet chairs feel luxurious and plush versus plastic chairs, which feel minimalistic and stiff. Remember to incorporate the floor. If you have an area rug with intricate designs or a patterned granite floor keep the patterns and textures of furniture and accessories simple.

Experiment with color, pattern and texture to find what interior design concepts work best for your personal taste. Come see the different options available to you at La Maison Interiors and see the countless luxury furniture items in sophisticated patterns and gorgeous textures. Our showroom in Scottsdale has unique luxury furniture you will not find anywhere else.

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