Finding Your Perfect Sofa

IMG_3147Interior design can speak volumes about your personality when given the chance, and one of the biggest purchases you’ll make for your home is the sofa. Like many things in this era of endless choices, there seems to be an infinite amount of options when it comes to finding the perfect sofa that is not only functional but beautiful. Since this is one of the biggest purchases you’ll make for your home we want you to consider how to best utilize your space.IMG_3155

Generally when designing a living space, you’ll start by taking into consideration the sizing of your living room and the function you want the sofa to primarily serve. If your living room has limited space, consider a charming two seater that won’t overpower your space. The two seater not only maximizes your living area but also can fulfill even the most luxurious of styles. If you have a little more room to spare, an L shaped sofa is a good option for filling a lot of space with one piece. This shaped sofa is also ideal for dividing a more open room into concrete areas of entertainment. This sofa we have featured in our showroom is not only gorgeous but functional in keeping the main area of your living space in focus.IMG_3148

With every great center piece comes great audience pieces. Adding another smaller sofa to a large space or incorporating colorful ottomans or a chic coffee table can take your sofa style to the next level of personal design. Aesthetic is important when bringing together your living room but be sure not to skimp on functionality when it comes to deciding on what pieces to bring home. Our pieces offer the best of both worlds so be sure to stop by our showroom for the next piece that’ll bring more of ‘you’ into your living room.