How to Shake (not Stir) up a Room with a Cocktail Table

_MG_4827How to Shake (not Stir) up a Room with a Cocktail Table.

There is a holistic benefit to having a cocktail table—or coffee table as it is commonly called—in a room in your home. It can be the difference between a space that feels empty, and a cozy area destined to draw hours of conversation from your guests, or let you relax comfortably. To pick the right table for your room, you first need to identify the aesthetic you want, and choose a cocktail table to emphasize it. There may seem like a lot to choose from, with many design qualities and factors to choose amongst, but don’t worry! Options are good, and we’re here to help you pick the right table for your home.

Embrace the Math

The first step is measuring your sofa. The ideal cocktail table is 2/3 the length of your sofa, and should be placed 14 to 18 inches from it. Too much table will make a room feel cluttered, while an undersized table can make a room seem a bit out of whack aesthetically. Getting the ratio right impacts your sofa and cocktail table choice, so consider it a good plan to measure first, and then look for the perfect piece.

The “Perfect” Choice

Once your measurements are made, the next step is choosing which style of table you want.

Take glass, for instance. Choosing a glass cocktail table, a popular selection for many homeowners, can add a sleek, modern appeal to a room. The glass table is transparent, so while it offers plenty of functional surface area, it doesn’t seem to take up as much space. It’s also compatible with any color scheme, making it a simple choice for a put-together look that doesn’t put too much stress on color combinations elsewhere in the room.

 Another popular choice is a wooden cocktail table. This choice gives a robust flair to your room. It can also be used to add an element that’s a little more rustic to your design palette. Wooden tables can also add a bit of unexpected comfort to a room.

pg 54 Le Baron Nite Table Imagine this scenario, for example. You’ve chosen to spend a week away at a beach house. You’ve been out frolicking in the waves all morning, but then, it starts to rain. You head back to the house, a bit disappointed that the rest of the day has been rained out. As a consolation, you decide to cozy up with a book and a hot cup of coffee. With your warm beverage, you sit down on the couch, only to notice the wooden cocktail table, light in color and sanded for character, with a striking set of beveled edges. That cocktail table, originally just a place for your coffee, has added an atmosphere of hospitality to the room, and suddenly, a day inside doesn’t seem like such a bad thing after all.

Once Overlooked, Now Central

uc3536_rsAnd that’s the thing with the Cocktail table, once an overlooked component in living-room design, now it’s impossible to ignore. It’s an integral piece in bringing together a room aesthetically.

There really is no wrong answer when it comes to design; whether it be glass, wood, upholstered, a trunk, metal, or even simply an ottoman, each type of cocktail table will bring its own charm and attributes to a space.

The next step is accessorizing a cocktail table, which needs to be done appropriately. But don’t worry! We’ll have a blog up soon on that topic as well. Until then, enjoy your time choosing the best possible addition to your room.