Chandeliers: Classic Furniture With Contemporary Appeal

de0974_rs (2) It’s hard to state how necessary light is to all aspects of life.  It is one of the most important factors in interior design, photography, and seeing.  With poor lighting, a beautiful room set up can be blocked out by the lacking accents that are going unobserved. With great lighting, even the simplest elements in an interior design can become a revelation. Capturing important lighting is important, but equally as important is the light source. And that is why, by choosing a chandelier as a light source, you can significantly increase the amount of enchanting ambiance for whichever room you put one into.

 You might notice the physical design of a chandelier resembles that of a candelabra, which is true. In fact, the word itself is derived from the French word chandelabre, which can further be traced back to the latin candela meaning light. The origins of the chandelier stem all the way back to the 14th century, which gives you a unique representation of classicism when decorating your home.Guy Chaddock

The chandelier itself has a regal design and is unique because of the way it lights up a room. This harkens back to giving your design an ambient light that can enthrall and enchant with a simple flick of the switch.

2--Tier-Medallion-Chandelier (1) When purchasing a chandelier, it is important to consider the style that you want. There are so many options concerning a chandelier design, and this can be attributed to the vast history these light fixtures have enjoyed, that it is important to do some research of the frame and glass types used in its construction in order to choose the best possible design to benefit your lighting needs. It’s also nice to play with the traditions a bit, and hang pendant lights on a bracket over a kitchen table. This is a great inspiration that gives a new feel to a classic look.veiled chandelier

 Once you have picked out a chandelier for your respective room, you are ready to get it set up. In most cases, you’ll want to have the chandelier hanging seven feet from the ground, but this really depends on your ceilings height. You may also want to try smaller chandeliers in closets or bathrooms for an ambient flair of intimacy.It should be noted, however, that having a new light source may require some additional interior design concerning your furniture and mirrors, but that sounds like another fun project altogether, and that’s what the most important aspect of interior design is. Having fun.