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Our Best and Most Luxurious Designing Secrets

81551_196rs_hiresLa Maison and it’s designers love to focus on many luxurious interior design styles ranging from contemporary to modern to rustic and chic, romantic and airy. Though these are stylistic trends we set in our showroom, we also pride ourselves on offering furniture, artwork and statement pieces to cater to anyone’s particular design aesthetic. So in being a luxury style interior design showroom, La Maison has hundreds of styles and ideas to help you put together your dream home. Design is what we do. Its what we know and why not fill you in on all the buzz? Well at least our best buzz! Here are four of the best designing secrets we want you to know, so keep it hush hush.

11_112_pw13_hiresIts okay to skip the sofa. Its a common assumption that a sofa is necessary to make a living room, well, a living room. However, a secret many designers will tell you is that the perfect sofa can bring together your vision, it doesn’t have to be the center of attention. By bringing together a mix of armchairs of the same color, fabric or style, you have a unique sitting area for get-togethers, or a peaceful Sunday afternoon. Arranging them in a circular fashion around a coffee table or ottoman. By selecting six similarly styled chairs you can arrange them parallel from each other to get the illusion of a sofa shape in your space: luxurious and unique

You can use statement pieces for that element of surprise. A designers secret used to make a room really stand out is incorporating a stand out statement piece. This is not only to delight but surprise. For a lot of reasons, a statement piece is perfect to bring your style aesthetic together. For keeping your space from being boring, serving to bring cohesion to the different elements while standing out and also to dramatically change the look of the room. Statement pieces are individual things that make a huge visual impact by itself. However a collection of objects, if presented in the right ways, is an alternative to just having one item. To maximize a collection’s impact, consider displaying it uniformly, with similar spacing between objects, so you create a fun, textured and luxurious look.FullSizeRender (10)

The secret of all secrets is left for last: you can break almost all other rules. Most decorators will tell you that rules are meant to be broken. Its much more important that the decor in your home reflects your living and personal style more than any conventional rule you may try to follow to make your home look a certain way. That being said, it’s important to find balance so that the home doesn’t become boring or too busy. As you may have read in La Maison’s previous blogs, we embrace our readers and shoppers desire to create their own personal aesthetic in their home and incorporate modern, contemporary, luxurious and chic styles. By using your own personal touch however you can create something far more extraordinary.
Come to our showroom this weekend to find luxurious furniture to and more tips offer our designers. We always look forward to having you and telling you all our fun secrets. Happy designing!

Luxurious Designing with Blue this Summer

FullSizeRender (7)The color blue is having a big moment in the world of interior design. From deep shades of indigo to pale icy blues, this is a color for the summer season! Being a color of such versatile shades and effects, blue is the perfect color to exude any feel in your home, whether you’re looking for calm and cozy or romantic and luxurious. We’re here to tell you how easy it is to incorporate any shade of this season’s favored color into any space. Like a glass of fine wine, blue can be full bodied and it works for masculine as well as feminine aesthetics to create luxurious designs in your home.

Calming as well electric, but always stylish, shades of blue mix well together and as a statement color in a room; it blends splendidly. Using blue as your base wall color, there are definitely things you should know to achieve your perfect look. The beauty of using this color is that it can create different effects in rooms depending both on the hue and the complimenting pieces. It works well with other warm and cool colors; burgundies, browns, warm yellows or cool greens. Darker hues of blue such as indigo and midnight blues come toward you, so they help make the room feel cozier and perhaps much more luxurious.Use warmer colors in a dining room or master bedroom; midnight blue reflects and absorbs light very well. To exude a truly luxurious and seductive experience, bathe your master bedroom, dining room or living room with candlelight. Cooler tones of blue are commonly seen in bathrooms or offices. Turquoise, cobalt and ice blue exude calmness as well, but in a different way that presents a focused feel, which is why it is so commonly used in offices. These hues have yellow tones in them so they back away making a space appear bigger. For a bathroom, where a crisp clean aesthetic is often desired and so these shades of blue are perfect to work with.

FullSizeRender (6)Wall paint isn’t the only way to bring color into your room, as you may already have guessed being a design lover. Using blue accent pieces are just as effective in creating a luxurious aesthetic for your home. Blue works of art, blue painted desks or end tables, pale blue curtains and loads of blue hydrangeas are a few gorgeous ideas that we love. Art is always a wonderful way to incorporate a theme into your home. Using abstract blue works of art above a television or as a headboard is a funky yet sophisticated way to use this color and artwork. Using ranges of blue in the same room with your furniture and walls should not be shied away from! Using the same color is not overwhelming unless you let it be. By adding hints of green to break up the shades of blue, you can add a warm note to your palette of restful blues.FullSizeRender (8)

La Maison is a lover of all colors, but we were especially excited to talk about this beloved color this month because it is so fun to use! We have a range of warm and cool colors including blue that will help you create your dream home and transform any room from drab to fab. Come by our showroom to see more luxury designs as well as ideas on how to utilize this gorgeous color.

The Age Old Question- Modern vs. Contemporary Design

If you have visited the La Maison showroom at all, you may notice our common themes of modern and contemporary luxury furniture. You have probably heard these terms used often to describe furniture, architecture and overall home and room design that you probably have wondered if there is a notable difference between these two styles, and there absolutely is. So what is the difference between modern and contemporary interior design really? This is a question for the ages. La Maison wanted to clarify once and for all. Modern and contemporary design are not one in the same, as many people may think. However they both have influences in fusion styles that may incorporate characteristics from each other.

Mid Century Modern chair and painting

Modern design is static and refers to a period in time. It breaks with the past, specifically traditional styles for example pre-Industrial Revolution; in other words the style is associated with the age of mechanician. You may recognize this style by its characteristic ‘clean lines’ and modest interiors. The furniture is known to be very open and raised off the floor; this allows you to add an airy feeling to your room. The use of natural materials are quite prevalent as well, giving the style a unique and timeless look. Wood, leather, teak and linen are materials that you will often see to achieve this natural look. Neutral colors are favored when pulling the look together; white walls add to the expansive feeling that modern design encapsulates. Going with a complete modern design is fun because you design with the goal of achieving the look of a ‘retro’ era. Many modern interiors today are glamours because they exude an ageless elegance in its simplicity.

FullSizeRender (4) Contemporary is architecture produced of the moment; it is literally what is being created right now. This style is fun to work with in it’s own way because it’s not limited to a single stylistic thread. Many designers describe this look to be forward thinking and dynamic. Whatever is popular in interior design at the moment is what is used in contemporary design. Described as eclectic, this look brings in styles and pieces from various eras. You will probably recognize this look by the in-ornate furniture and its use of also recognizable ‘clean lines’. Unique and eccentric shapes of art go well with this style and add a sophistication to its specific glamour. You may be wondering why contemporary design is copying the look of modern design. Being that contemporary style focuses on what is created in the now, a lot of mid-century modern design is being incorporated into the contemporary stylings you see today. In 10 years, there will be a different way to embody a contemporary look in your home.

Mile Baughman chairThrough time and the innovation of designers, these styles have variation in them to adapt to each home and individual style. Though these characteristics define what modern and contemporary design is doesn’t mean you can’t infuse your own luxury or chic aesthetic to them. That is why design is so much fun! With the right knowledge and the right furniture, you can transform your interior into something gorgeous. Whether you aim for a modern or contemporary style home, we hope this clarification between these popular styles helps you come up with a fabulous space. Visit our showroom this week for more inspiration and advice from our designers. Happy styling!

Compliment Luxury Furniture with Artwork

Blue flower artBringing artwork into the home is a great way to express inner creativity. Artwork adds visual interest and texture to walls or acts as a focal point. Utilizing colors and textures will give your room more dimension, thus creating a much more personal feel. No matter which design aesthetic you have in your home- modern minimalist, romantic or chic, artwork of any style is a perfect way to incorporate patterns and create a mood for your space as well as your luxury furniture.

Different styles of artwork exude particular moods, just as any feature in your home would. Based on the mood you wish to create, look for artwork that complements your space and tie it all together. Chose big, bold and vibrant looks for a contemporary style. Go with softer hues for a more romantic aesthetic. Nobody says your artwork needs to completely match; the beauty of art is that it does not need be justified in your home. Think about hanging a painting with abstract shapes and primary colors for a contemporary look and feel or opt for a watercolor landscape for a picturesque aesthetic.

Century matching sofas sale

Unexpected placement of art could be what works for your home as well. Create a stunning focal point with art-deco panels behind a flat screen television. Strategically divert the gaze of party goers and house guests to artwork instead of technology. Incorporate artwork in the high traffic areas of your home for an unexpected visual treat, even for you! Naturestills or beautifully captured portraits work wonders as accent pieces in a kitchen or window frame.

Art is not only defined by framed pieces of paper on a wall, it also includes sculptures. La Maison offers a variety of gorgeous pieces to accent the luxury furniture in your home. Sculptures and table accessories are perfect for filling negative space. Corners are notoriously difficult to fill; take this opportunity to add an eye catching piece to fill an otherwise ignored space. If you want to stay on the safe side of design, opt for photographs with a unified color scheme. Try blue hues for a cooling effect or warmer tones for a cozy look and feel.

blue circle art (1)A modern living room aesthetic calls for monochromatic artwork or photographs. Primary colors and geometric shapes are also a go-to choice; think simplified sophistication. Artwork with bold and bright pops of color will appear calm and cool in a space with similar colors and equally loud furniture. Take a look at your home’s luxury furniture, and decide if you could add a little more of yourself through artwork. Visit La Maison Interiors Design showroom in Scottsdale for more inspiration of luxurious modern and contemporary art pieces to create your ideal home.

Hot Arrivals in Luxury Furniture

Something is steaming up as July comes and it isn’t just this Arizona heat. With so many unique items coming into our showroom throughout the year, we love telling you about a select few that really embody our uniquely gorgeous interior designs. There is an extra touch of excitement this month, as these pieces truly are works of art in their own right. July is bringing you a lot of timeless pieces that are both modern and chic. The furniture we are excited to talk about will work for any space in your home.female sculptures

Female bodice sculptures ensue a particular sophistication that many sculptures of its similarity can lack. Use these uniquely designed art pieces to bring to life a bohemian bedroom or as a focal point in your living room. These really are one of kind in our showroom, and should be in your home as well! Their modern bohemian style can still be very luxurious and elegant. We like them with neutral colored sofas and lounge chairs along with eccentric art pieces and a simple but modish chandelier. Any way you choose to decorate your space, these accessory items will be the talk of your party.

linen modern chairA linen lounge chair really gives you the best of both worlds- comfort and style. For comfort, this chair is perfect for any time of the day. And with that factor, it can also add style to your dining room for a unique experience. At La Maison our designers don’t want to limit the possibilities of what you can use your furniture selections for. Go beyond your traditional style comfort zones and the result could be fantastic!

IMG_2560We are psyched about our new martini tables this month! Not only are these beauties elegant and luxurious, but the clean lines and minimalist design are perfect for any trendsetter. These pieces of luxury furniture are great as a pair but just as stylish separated in different rooms. Perfect for a Friday girl’s night in or for a summer cocktail party with your colleagues.
True to the reputation, La Maison brings luxurious yet modern styles to you everyday at our showroom. We always love helping to update your style to add that special charm to your Arizona home. Stop by for inspiration and look for these gorgeous pieces in our showroom this weekend!

Define Your Interior Design Style

Defining an interior design style that fits your personality, love of design and for your home is a gradual process. It might be difficult at first if it’s your first home decoration or you seem to love a myriad of styles. A good rule of thumb is to think about style as an umbrella term. Your interior design style should encompass many things in your lifestyle; what music do you listen to? What are your favorite places to travel to? What books inspire you?

2013-10-09 05.28.01However you choose to design your home, we suggest looking to the style that fits your personality. Go beyond the limitations of your lifestyle to infuse a fresh creativity into your space. We know what you’re thinking: there are so many ways to define your style, how is it possible to choose one way to express it? Consider some words that describe your style as a whole. Why choose a few words? This makes it easier to incorporate a variety of creative outlets; fresh, current, hip, modern, shabby chic, rustic country. At La Maison, our style is anchored by luxury and glamour, however we have collection that will really catch your eye. Combining two design styles together, for example, you have a gorgeous vintage chandelier and a few art displays and photographs. Instead of using a high-end dining set and glamorous chairs, go for a worn rustic wood table and modern chairs that could be easily reupholstered to change up the look when you want.

LaMaison Lux ad

Go through what you have- what is your favorite piece of furniture? What is the best color theme of your area rugs? What is the missing piece to your style puzzle? The best advice we could possibly give to these question is to not just throw anything and everything together. Designing your style shouldn’t be overthought, but it also shouldn’t be a game of tetris- go with what works for you and your space! La Maison has many gorgeous styles of luxury furniture from modern to transitional to contemporary to old world vintage. Let us help you finish your interior design style puzzle and stop at our showroom this weekend.

Modern Interior Design Transforms Your Home

We love modern interior design because it speaks to a simple yet visually engaging aesthetic. Luxury furniture has clean lines and focuses on function first. Modern design leaves extravagant accessorizing to the wayside and instead uses the philosophy of “less is more” to create a beautiful home design. Our many fabulous collections of furniture promote a sense of serenity while appearing beautiful and timeless.

LaMaisonIncorporating modern interior design is easy to do with accessories primarily. We love the idea of minimalist grouping of objects that feels simple yet iconic. When a customer walks into our showroom and says, “I really want a modern look and feel, but I don’t want my home to appear like it’s from the future.” The key to creating a beautiful modern space does not mean we cannot incorporate color. We start with a sense calmness and simplicity.

We suggest avoiding mixing and matching prints and patterns. By fusing multiple textures, prints and patterns the design edges on eclectic and distracting at times. Bold geometric forms, soft neutral color schemes work best to achieve a modern look and feel. Accent colors are key to modern design, as you want to begin with a foundation color such as black, white blue, beige or even a bright primary color. Once a foundation is chosen, accent colors give the space a touch of personality and visual interest.

(5)STRATA(2)Balance is key as well. Add just the right amount of polish, incorporate small details and pair your personal style with modern aesthetics will help you to accomplish the perfect modern interior design for your home. Room layout is very important as well, since the first rule of this design style is function before form. Our team of talented interior designers will help you create an asymmetrical balance in furniture and layout.

By peppering modern aesthetics throughout your home the look and feel will instantly transform. Luxury furniture with clean lines and beautiful fabric that is also comfortable is key to creating a cozy look and feel that appeals to modern sensibilities. Visit La Maison Interiors in Scottsdale for luxury furniture ideas, accessories and ideas to change your home today.

Summer Improvements for Your Master Bedroom

As we start to unwind from our busy schedules for the summer season, there is no where we’d rather be than our special space. The master bedroom is where we go to relax and enjoy those lazy summer afternoons. When done right, the master bedroom can be made into a stress free oasis. Setting the the tone can be a challenge, but with the help of La Maison’s award winning interior design team, you can have gorgeous summer improvements to your special space. Create a home away from home feel with our lush fabrics, vibrant prints and bold headboards to compliment any space.

When improving your bedroom for the summer, color scheme is the bread and butter to creating the perfect look. This is the time to kick back and enjoy some summer relaxation! Lighter colors tend to make any space appear larger and more open. This also helps to infuse a calm and luxurious feel to your bedroom this summer. Variations of warm greens, greys and browns will bring about a romantic ambiance without over-using light, feminine pinks and reds.

FullSizeRender (5)We absolutely love utilizing color. However you can transform a room with without re-painting your space. By utilizing vibrant accessories from our collections, you can easily change up your summer color schemes. Add a spirited area rug your room to incorporate color while also implementing comfort and luxury to an empty space. If you have a smaller master bedroom, be wary of going overboard with wall art to avoid clutter, and too much confusion to the eye. La Maison’s beautiful area rugs could be the perfect pop of summer color your master bedroom needs.

When you have relaxation on your mind, creating a cozy space to a larger bedroom is what our designers know to do best. Nothing says cozy summer night like curling up with a book in a separate sitting area across a luxurious ottoman or on a fluffy sitting chair. While a sitting area is idyllic for a summer hangout, you never want to over-fill a space. Remember to shop for accessories and accents that will be the right size for your master bedroom, while also bringing luxury to your home.

IMG_5366If a redecoration solely revolves around the master bedroom, make sure plans for your retreat include lighting. Lighting is a crucial essential to any room, but in your master bed, you want to exude a charming warmth that will separate it from all other rooms. For an Arizona summer, a soft but prominent look is what we recommend. Fine lines, and gorgeous sleek task lamps add a comfortable and visually appealing look to your sitting area. You can hang lighting to help to create ambient looks, as well as overhead flush-mounted lighting which you can find in many styles our designers provide.

However you decide to improve your bedroom with luxury furniture this summer, La Masion is ready to help you transform it with you. Find an interior designer today to help make those harder decisions when it comes to color and lighting this summer. We always look forward to seeing you and helping you find the perfect pieces for your contemporary and luxurious styles and tastes.

Drink Happy

It’s time to start entertaining for the summer! How are you going to keep your favorite mojito concoction cool during the summer though? We have the perfect solution. More and more homeowners are choosing to keep the drinks on the go with bar carts, while others opt for an at home bar. Whichever avenue you choose to implement, we have design ideas for both.

FullSizeRenderBring the party with you

Bar carts are dimensional, useful and come in all types of styles. Go rustic with distressed wood or classic with warm metal and brush nickel finish. Make it easy to take the party anywhere with a wheeled bar cart so your guests don’t have to get up for their next drink. We’ll help you find the perfect bar cart for your needs whether it’s added storage or a fancier look and feel, La Maison Interiors is here to help you find the perfect piece for your next cocktail party.

Bar carts remind us of Old Hollywood, where simple sophistication and gold rimmed martini glasses touch the lips of men and women who don’t have a care in the world. Add a touch of formality to your space with an attractive luxury furniture piece that is versatile and useful. No matter the decor in your home, there’s a bar cart to match. La Maison Interiors hosts a collection of pieces from regional artisans to nationally acclaimed designers.

Stay at Home For the Party

If a bar cart is not your style, create a space to entertain during the warmer months, sheltered from the sunshine. Get creative with negative space by utilizing pieces of furniture that might not necessarily be a “bar” in the traditional sense. Using various luxury furniture pieces to create a bar area is a great alternative for those who love to entertain. That being said, let’s look at some best ways to create your preferred ambiance that speaks to your personal style.


Staying at home to enjoy a well-made cocktail starts with a fabulous home bar design. Picking a design that works for you is key to pinpointing your needs. If you want to embody a sophisticated look and feel ambient or recessed lighting is the way to go. Add architectural features like stone, warm wood or marble to add texture. Do you consider yourself a connoisseur or wine and spirits? Display your favorites behind the bar to give guests a look into what you will be serving.

We all tend to live busy lifestyles with hardly any time for leisure, but with an at home bar makes it easy to enjoy a cocktail at home. Home bars offer a unique solution to the active lifestyles we live. Create the perfect home bar with the right lighting, seating setup and entertainment area by starting with your ‘must-haves’. Barstools work best for an open, airy and casual setup while leather high chairs offer a more sophisticated look. Lighting is key to creating the desired ambiance of your choice. Going more formal? Choose recessed lighting. Is modern and modular more your style? Pendant lighting with a chrome or simple white finish might just be what you’re looking for.

However you choose to entertain this summer, remember La Maison Interiors has the perfect piece for your home. Our interior designers will help you decide how to creatively use the space for an at home bar. Design the most luxurious space with modern furniture from Scottsdale’s premier luxury furniture store.

New Arrivals: It’s Official Spring Has Sprung

cocktail table black top

Spring has sprung! Find fresh new arrivals at La Maison Interiors our customers are swooning over. Shop at Scottsdale’s premier luxury furniture store for fun finds to compliment any home. Whether you’re looking to update your summer patio or spruce up a guest bedroom, our plush fabrics and modern feel will get the job done. There’s no better feeling than finding exactly what you need for your Scottsdale home all in one place. La Masion always has new items arriving, and this month is no exception.

With the weather becoming warmer, turning on the air conditioning and staying cool becomes the new norm. When it’s easier to stay in then go out on the town staying comfortable, and lounging around is key. No movie night is complete without a coffee table to compliment your glasses of wine and cheese plates. The sofa and the coffee table become the latter of which usually ends up as a stand-in dining table or a respite for remote controls.

grey snakeskin upholstered chairLa Maison recommends an elegant and fun coffee table for your modern living room. The perfect accessories to a room can keep a great party going. With various colors and styles, our luxury selections will be the perfect compliment to your home. It’s worth taking the time to decorate and style like you would any other area of your home, after all it’s frequently the centerpiece of many homes.

Circular leather coffee table, ottomanWhile the perfect coffee can make the perfect statement in your home, adding modern wing chairs will give it the perfect touch of luxury. Our wide selection of wing chairs will help any Scottsdale home achieve a cozy and sophisticated feel. Add a few bolsters pillows with a sassy snakeskin print or a cool floral pattern to dress up any office, dining or living space.

Infuse comfort and style with a luxury furniture ottoman. The all white material mixed with stud embellishments gives this piece a bit of an edge over your standard ottoman. La Masion would love to see you! Let us inspire your summertime cravings by transforming your Scottsdale home into a lap of luxury. We work with various manufacturers and artisans to bring you the dream interior.