Accent Chairs and Making The Most Of Your Furniture

42F_702_hiresSay you’re looking to redo the setup in one of your rooms with the hopes of creating a cozy space with lots of charm. You might also be aiming for a room that’s as functional as possible, but you need the missing piece of the puzzle to bring the whole thing together. Then it hits you—a chair. A chair would be perfect. Something for a guest to sit on when hosting company, but that also adds to the room’s ambience when unused. For that, you’ll need something that packs a little more punch than a run-of-the-mill chair. The perfect accent chair that will do just that: accent. Not overpowering, just something to bring together the look of your room.

The first step is an important one. Take a look around the room, notice the sofa, the coffee table, the artwork you’ve selected, and the rest of the pieces present. In your mind, you need to decide what will best add to the look that you have already established. VitaraOnce you understand the aesthetic choices informing your room, you can choose a piece that is going to turn your room from comfortable to cozy. Making the choice need not be stressful, as accent chairs are available to match just about any style.

Figuring out what you want the chair to do in the room is a big help in moving forward. Obviously, the chair offers additional seating, but a metal folding chair will do that. Figure out what else the accent chair needs to accomplish, and choose accordingly. Since you’ve looked around the room, you know what will fit and what won’t.

Consider this: hardwood floors, a light colored sofa, a wooden coffee table, a dining table complementing the color scheme of the floor, and a nice window on the far wall in the room. This scenario suggests charm. The perfect accent chair for this room could be a modern upholstered chair, something with a nice all over print that matches the aesthetic of your room. _MG_14375435_MischaChairCP








Along with that contemporary elegance element, upholstered chairs suggest feeling of comfort and a cozy sense of decoration. As with all things being added into your interior design, be sure to consider your color wheel and palate before making any implementations into your home.264-1

There are many places to put an accent chair in a room. You could put it in any number of corners, in an entryway or hallway, underneath windows, by a fireplace, in a powder room. This is just one chair in one scenario, but the options are quite limitless. That’s why it’s important to narrow down what aesthetic your room is going for. Is a stationary wooden chair the right choice for you? The perfect accent chair is just waiting for you.  Come to La Maison Interiors and let us help you find it!