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Luxury Cowhides to Complement your Contemporary Furnishings Scottsdale

Sticking true to our Sonoran roots, we carry 100% authentic cowhide rugs in our showroom. Our luxury interior designer team specializes in bringing you the most contemporary furnishings Scottsdale has to offer. Long gone are the days where this Southwestern staple only found its place in similarly themed homes. This chic staple is sure to please all tastes, from wild west stylists to the modern, minimalistic designer. It’s an easy way to upgrade the look of any design scheme you have presently in your home and is sure to add visual interest to any room. 

The natural coloring of the cowhide is versatile in nature, a myriad of different color palettes are available to match the tastes and textures of your dwelling. White or fawn coloring will complement the minimalist in you by providing a color that blends with the preexisting spectrum you’ve selected. By not sharply contrasting with neutral furniture pieces and modern coffee tables, a living room can benefit from the natural shape and texture of cowhide to add visual interest to fill empty spaces. Deep brown or tan hides over a hardwood floor add an element of luxury by complementing the rich grains of the wood with the soft hide. Those who have pieces that are neutral colors might find they enjoy finding a color of hide that complements a piece of art or to highlight a piece of furniture. Cowhides add a subtle confidence to your space and edge to any room without adding too much noise that distracts from the feel you’re trying to achieve.

Investing in a cowhide rug is a wise styling choice as they are versatile enough to work well in any room. Underneath a dining room table adds some warmth and comfort to a dining area, being both durable and easy to clean make this a great choice for a high traffic area. Thrown under a work desk will cozy up your space and a large piece placed underneath your living room set-up will marry all your furniture pieces together. Cowhides can even be used to break up flooring that’s carpeted, such as in your bedroom.

Our favorite way we’ve seen them styled is in homes and apartments with large windows and an open floor plan. Some minimalistic glass and black, or white, coffee tables and dining tables make the area rug center focus of the room while still maintaining the stylistic intention of the designer. Neutral, plush chairs and couches in whites or browns compliment the tones of any hide and pops of color with plants and vases keep the space feeling bright and natural. The designer with a funkier taste might love their cowhide thrown under a dining room table with primary colored chairs thrown around. Those who like their pads ethereal or bohemian will love how a string light fixture and a fawn hide makes their room feel soft and inviting.

Since the format of cowhide isn’t geometric, any space that is designed with clean lines in mind will get an upgrade in interest by throwing in a natural pattern and shape. This breaks up any sharp edges and lines and will ground the space by making it look elegant and luxurious. This trend is for everyone, from the designer who loves being effortlessly cool and chic, to the designer who loves the luxurious and timeless. Fitting into any style, the classic Americana feel of the hide rug is enjoying its time back in the spotlight. Visit our showroom today for stunning pieces that suit your style and compliment your new hide.