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Bringing Outside Indoors

Seeing as the groundhog couldn’t find his shadow, we just couldn’t find a reason not to talk about the spring weather that is right around the corner. With the temperatures rising and the sun setting later, we’ve been inspired to throw open our windows and let a little fresh air in. It’s about time to wash away the stuffy cozy contentment of winter and embrace the sunshine. Plants are making a huge edgy comeback this season and are a fantastic way to add a little life to your interior design. With millions of pots and plants to  choose from your options are endless. Here are just a few ways people are ingeniously bringing outside indoors.IMG_3485

Big potted ferns add a decadent touch of emerald green in a corner of any room. With a neutral color pallet, you can make them the center of attention by their natural contrast. The saturated color of the leaves pops against whites to create a fresh and clean space. If you like your walls more dressed up, saffron is making a comeback this season and some greenery really brings the intensity of that yellow hue back down to earth.  Ferns don’t need a lot of sunlight so they’re the perfect addition to that corner you just can’t figure out what to do with. They’ll fill the space up easily and be happy to hang out in the shadows, just be sure it gets some sunlight throughout the week.

Another trend we’re seeing is decorated mantle tops. Succulents fit easily on any space that gets a lot of sunlight. They’re also add a little bit of edge to your home. If showcasing many different plants next to each other, glass votives keep the space from feeling overcrowded by adding some fine barriers. Keep potting colors to a minimum color pallet of white to unify the natural nature and add cohesiveness. When bunching things up together it’s important to remember that a cohesive neutral color pallet will keep an area from looking cluttered or thrown together.IMG_3486

Many places are now, also, featuring tiny hang-able terrariums in glass balls that you can suspend from your ceiling. Suspending these from your ceiling is an innovative way to fill space and will add a liveliness and freshness to any room. They’ll also be a fantastic compliment to a gorgeous light fixture or ornate sculpture from our showroom. Low maintenance planting is a great way to ready your home for the freshness spring time brings. Plants have a myriad of health benefits including purifying our air and making us feel more peaceful and relaxed. Inspiration can come from anywhere, so stop by our showroom for luxurious ways to bring green into your home. However you choose to spring clean your home, look to our blog for the freshest color and design inspiration.


All Hands On Deck~Pro Interior Designer

IMG_3454We all need a little help from time to time, and there’s no shame in calling in a professional to help tackle your big interior design dreams. Sometimes our visions just need an extra set of hands to make their way into reality. A professional assessment is a solid plan of action when choosing an interior designer to help carry out any major design changes. Whether you already have an existing idea for your home or just looking for some input, an interior designer can help showcase anything you like. As we move further into the new year, we’re flooded with inspiration. Our design team is here to shed some light on the benefits of finding and using an interior designer.

Designers are trained to think outside the box. With new trends like Mid-Century Modern (MCM) popping up this season, this kind of trained thinking is invaluable to helping you transition into a new trend. MCM is aesthetically pleasing and catching on like wildfire, but if not created with specific intention, can easily go from retro inspired to dated, and you don’t want to live in a home that feels like you’re trapped in a time capsule. Designers are trained to take a whole space into consideration and can foresee spatial problems that you, as a homeowner, might miss. In an MCM designed home, understanding space is key to adding luxury. The design creates progression with vintage inspiration and minimalism. Funky furniture lines and pops of color with an otherwise neutral palette really provide a retro feel but the trick to making it still modern and luxurious is utilizing your home’s lines and lights appropriately. An interior designer can make sure your furniture gets the best exposure possible and your rooms get the best color pallet based on what you want your space to look like.IMG_3456

Mid Century Modern can be a difficult style to master because of it’s unique elements that date back to a specific period in style. With an extra set of eyes and hands your home has the potential to create that ‘wow’ factor that you’re looking to create. Visit our showroom to not just find inspiration for your next remodel, but to speak with our interior designers. You’re in good hands, so don’t be afraid to go for the bold with this new interior design trend.