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Define Your Interior Design Style

Defining an interior design style that fits your personality, love of design and for your home is a gradual process. It might be difficult at first if it’s your first home decoration or you seem to love a myriad of styles. A good rule of thumb is to think about style as an umbrella term. Your interior design style should encompass many things in your lifestyle; what music do you listen to? What are your favorite places to travel to? What books inspire you?

2013-10-09 05.28.01However you choose to design your home, we suggest looking to the style that fits your personality. Go beyond the limitations of your lifestyle to infuse a fresh creativity into your space. We know what you’re thinking: there are so many ways to define your style, how is it possible to choose one way to express it? Consider some words that describe your style as a whole. Why choose a few words? This makes it easier to incorporate a variety of creative outlets; fresh, current, hip, modern, shabby chic, rustic country. At La Maison, our style is anchored by luxury and glamour, however we have collection that will really catch your eye. Combining two design styles together, for example, you have a gorgeous vintage chandelier and a few art displays and photographs. Instead of using a high-end dining set and glamorous chairs, go for a worn rustic wood table and modern chairs that could be easily reupholstered to change up the look when you want.

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Go through what you have- what is your favorite piece of furniture? What is the best color theme of your area rugs? What is the missing piece to your style puzzle? The best advice we could possibly give to these question is to not just throw anything and everything together. Designing your style shouldn’t be overthought, but it also shouldn’t be a game of tetris- go with what works for you and your space! La Maison has many gorgeous styles of luxury furniture from modern to transitional to contemporary to old world vintage. Let us help you finish your interior design style puzzle and stop at our showroom this weekend.

Room Layout 101

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The furniture you use and where you put it in a room instantly sets the mood. Depending on the style you aim for, this is very important when placing your furniture in your home. With so many designs to choose from and so many room layouts you may have to work with, it can be a challenge to figure out a layout that complements your personal style and the structure of your home. As we’ve advised in the past, pay attention to your space and work with what you have; if you work with your home, your home will work with you- pay attention to what it offers you! Here are a few secrets that our designers keep in mind when designing the pieces of our collection.

Mix furnishings of various sizes to add a visual interest. When you incorporate a variety of furniture that have different characteristics, it adds volume to a room. This will definitely add a level of charm and sophistication if done right. If you have a larger sofa that may take up a chunk of the room, don’t be afraid to add pieces in fear you’ll create a cluttered space. Add smaller armchairs and side tables and you will have created energy in the space with the various volume.ff47df3ecfb4226e46716d5ede741807

If you have a room that is meant for relaxation and recovery, don’t challenge the space; use pieces of the same volume together. When using things of the same scale, this creates balance. This is a gorgeous look, as a perfect balance of similar scale creates a harmonious atmosphere. Artwork is never a bad idea. Use textural and colorful pieces to visually fill a room.

In interior design, there is a term we refer to when working with room layout: gestalt. Think totality or form if this word is new to you. When you have a large room, a rectangular room for example, it can be dealt with by dividing the space. By doing this you are giving that divided space its own zone of function. This will not only give your space an interesting dimension but also make it easier to decorate; one half for that great sofa you have to make a lounging space, and the other for your luxurious dining set to have a space for dining and circle art

Now the secret for square spaces, or smaller rooms, is to not have the furniture pushed up against the walls. This will leave you with furniture too far away from each other, forcing interaction and conversation to feel awkward and cold. By adding a console table behind your sofa or a cocktail table in the center of the room you will have more surface space and anchors for the room.

Whether you aim for a luxurious transitional look, a sleek modern feel or a curvy and warm look for your Scottsdale home, La Maison’s showroom has an abundance of choices to fulfill your style and your space. Give our designers a visit this week to find some inspiration this summer.

Summertime and the Living’s Easy: June Arrivals

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You’ve updated your home with beautiful pieces from our May arrivals and now its time to add some summer flare! Nothing welcomes the hot June summer more than cool, luxury furniture for your home. La Maison continually receives new pieces to style your space with, in order to offer exciting and current design options. Our showroom continually receives new merchandise that offers exciting and modernistic design styles. With our new June arrivals, updating your Scottsdale home will be a breeze. This month we focused on unique accent pieces with smaller scale and clean lines. Whether you’re downsizing a space or working with a small one, these June arrivals will bring you joy!

FullSizeRenderAs you know, our designers love the utilization of light, as it can add so much style to a room. Even though light is such a big feature does not mean that it has to take up a lot of space; with a great floor lamp you can achieve a simple and chic look to a sitting area, office space or any bedroom. Harsh lighting will make any design choice look like a poor one. Floor lamps create a soothing yet sophisticated ambiance perfect for any Scottsdale home. Achieve a luxury look and feel with the perfect piece from our showroom. Clean lines make for a sophisticated and modern look, and with one of La Maison’s new unique floor lamps you will have just that.

FullSizeRender (1)Smaller scaled pieces can also bring a very chic look to your space. Don’t be afraid of the word ‘small’- you can still have relaxing luxury with smaller pieces. However don’t mistake this as advice to use many small pieces to fill a room and thus clutter your space. Use what works for your home and choose pieces that will achieve a relaxing summer oasis. Add a chaise lounge to complement the end of a master bed or even in a living area of your small scale condo.

Our designers are here to help you make your ultimate dream home. With these new arrivals and other gorgeous collection pieces, you will absolutely be able to relax this summer in style. Throw a summer garden party. Plan a sophisticated potluck. Invite your special someone over for wine and movies because you will want to show off your La Maison furniture as much as possible this summer!

Modern Interior Design Transforms Your Home

We love modern interior design because it speaks to a simple yet visually engaging aesthetic. Luxury furniture has clean lines and focuses on function first. Modern design leaves extravagant accessorizing to the wayside and instead uses the philosophy of “less is more” to create a beautiful home design. Our many fabulous collections of furniture promote a sense of serenity while appearing beautiful and timeless.

LaMaisonIncorporating modern interior design is easy to do with accessories primarily. We love the idea of minimalist grouping of objects that feels simple yet iconic. When a customer walks into our showroom and says, “I really want a modern look and feel, but I don’t want my home to appear like it’s from the future.” The key to creating a beautiful modern space does not mean we cannot incorporate color. We start with a sense calmness and simplicity.

We suggest avoiding mixing and matching prints and patterns. By fusing multiple textures, prints and patterns the design edges on eclectic and distracting at times. Bold geometric forms, soft neutral color schemes work best to achieve a modern look and feel. Accent colors are key to modern design, as you want to begin with a foundation color such as black, white blue, beige or even a bright primary color. Once a foundation is chosen, accent colors give the space a touch of personality and visual interest.

(5)STRATA(2)Balance is key as well. Add just the right amount of polish, incorporate small details and pair your personal style with modern aesthetics will help you to accomplish the perfect modern interior design for your home. Room layout is very important as well, since the first rule of this design style is function before form. Our team of talented interior designers will help you create an asymmetrical balance in furniture and layout.

By peppering modern aesthetics throughout your home the look and feel will instantly transform. Luxury furniture with clean lines and beautiful fabric that is also comfortable is key to creating a cozy look and feel that appeals to modern sensibilities. Visit La Maison Interiors in Scottsdale for luxury furniture ideas, accessories and ideas to change your home today.

Small Space Blues

So you have a case of the small space blues? Dont worry, follow these quick and easy tips to utilize the most of your space and how La Maison furniture could be the best fit for your trendy smaller spaces.Whether its with a great book, favorite dinner or that special someone, a small space shouldn’t keep you from making it one of the best rooms in your home. And with the right utilization of space, it could be the best room! in your Scottsdale home.

simple large mirrorWant to give the illusion of more space? Choose a focal point. Small rooms with limited light feel stuffy, but adding mirrors will do wonders.This is one of the easiest tricks in the book, and always makes a big impact. Not only will there be a main focus to the space but it gives dimension to walls that would otherwise appear flat. Place a mirror across from a window for maximum impact; using natural light always works to open up a space as well. La Maison’s Accessories Collection has a beautiful array of mirrors to choose from, whether you want a light and neutral look or a curvy, romantic feel. Try centering one of La Maisons loveseats under a piece of art or flanked by matching side tables and lamps, because as you may know from our previous blogs that light is a luxurious necessity in every room.

FullSizeRender 2Downsize your furniture. There is more to filling a space than huge sofas and bulky chairs and tables. Use appropriate sized pieces for the space, because they are just as trendy and can be make your home just as luxurious. Our Old World Collection has an antique feel that utilizes smaller pieces for a sleek and smaller fit. Ask our designers about slimmed down love seat or a petite sofa to for your Scottsdale home. For an airy look, try a sofa or seat with exposed legs and clean lines.

FullSizeRenderTake advantage of multifunctional furniture. Like the guests of a summer potluck, every piece of furniture should earn its keep. By this we mean that in a small room every piece could serve multiple purposes so your space doesn’t feel cluttered. Think of using ottomans as coffee tables or even extra seating for your guests. Use floor throw pillows with a neutral summer pattern as a seating option as well as decoration; by doing this you could turn your space into a chic and modern lounging space to catch up with friends and family.

Decorating a small space requires savvy ideas La Maison’s talented team of interior designers are more than happy to help create. We love tackling spaces that seem virtually impossible to arrange. Remember, the key to a small space is focal points and choosing luxury furniture that has a purpose. Avoid oversized sofas and chairs, and consider smaller scale, more sophisticated modern luxury furniture. Shop our showroom in Scottsdale, AZ this week.