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Summer Improvements for Your Master Bedroom

As we start to unwind from our busy schedules for the summer season, there is no where we’d rather be than our special space. The master bedroom is where we go to relax and enjoy those lazy summer afternoons. When done right, the master bedroom can be made into a stress free oasis. Setting the the tone can be a challenge, but with the help of La Maison’s award winning interior design team, you can have gorgeous summer improvements to your special space. Create a home away from home feel with our lush fabrics, vibrant prints and bold headboards to compliment any space.

When improving your bedroom for the summer, color scheme is the bread and butter to creating the perfect look. This is the time to kick back and enjoy some summer relaxation! Lighter colors tend to make any space appear larger and more open. This also helps to infuse a calm and luxurious feel to your bedroom this summer. Variations of warm greens, greys and browns will bring about a romantic ambiance without over-using light, feminine pinks and reds.

FullSizeRender (5)We absolutely love utilizing color. However you can transform a room with without re-painting your space. By utilizing vibrant accessories from our collections, you can easily change up your summer color schemes. Add a spirited area rug your room to incorporate color while also implementing comfort and luxury to an empty space. If you have a smaller master bedroom, be wary of going overboard with wall art to avoid clutter, and too much confusion to the eye. La Maison’s beautiful area rugs could be the perfect pop of summer color your master bedroom needs.

When you have relaxation on your mind, creating a cozy space to a larger bedroom is what our designers know to do best. Nothing says cozy summer night like curling up with a book in a separate sitting area across a luxurious ottoman or on a fluffy sitting chair. While a sitting area is idyllic for a summer hangout, you never want to over-fill a space. Remember to shop for accessories and accents that will be the right size for your master bedroom, while also bringing luxury to your home.

IMG_5366If a redecoration solely revolves around the master bedroom, make sure plans for your retreat include lighting. Lighting is a crucial essential to any room, but in your master bed, you want to exude a charming warmth that will separate it from all other rooms. For an Arizona summer, a soft but prominent look is what we recommend. Fine lines, and gorgeous sleek task lamps add a comfortable and visually appealing look to your sitting area. You can hang lighting to help to create ambient looks, as well as overhead flush-mounted lighting which you can find in many styles our designers provide.

However you decide to improve your bedroom with luxury furniture this summer, La Masion is ready to help you transform it with you. Find an interior designer today to help make those harder decisions when it comes to color and lighting this summer. We always look forward to seeing you and helping you find the perfect pieces for your contemporary and luxurious styles and tastes.

Drink Happy

It’s time to start entertaining for the summer! How are you going to keep your favorite mojito concoction cool during the summer though? We have the perfect solution. More and more homeowners are choosing to keep the drinks on the go with bar carts, while others opt for an at home bar. Whichever avenue you choose to implement, we have design ideas for both.

FullSizeRenderBring the party with you

Bar carts are dimensional, useful and come in all types of styles. Go rustic with distressed wood or classic with warm metal and brush nickel finish. Make it easy to take the party anywhere with a wheeled bar cart so your guests don’t have to get up for their next drink. We’ll help you find the perfect bar cart for your needs whether it’s added storage or a fancier look and feel, La Maison Interiors is here to help you find the perfect piece for your next cocktail party.

Bar carts remind us of Old Hollywood, where simple sophistication and gold rimmed martini glasses touch the lips of men and women who don’t have a care in the world. Add a touch of formality to your space with an attractive luxury furniture piece that is versatile and useful. No matter the decor in your home, there’s a bar cart to match. La Maison Interiors hosts a collection of pieces from regional artisans to nationally acclaimed designers.

Stay at Home For the Party

If a bar cart is not your style, create a space to entertain during the warmer months, sheltered from the sunshine. Get creative with negative space by utilizing pieces of furniture that might not necessarily be a “bar” in the traditional sense. Using various luxury furniture pieces to create a bar area is a great alternative for those who love to entertain. That being said, let’s look at some best ways to create your preferred ambiance that speaks to your personal style.


Staying at home to enjoy a well-made cocktail starts with a fabulous home bar design. Picking a design that works for you is key to pinpointing your needs. If you want to embody a sophisticated look and feel ambient or recessed lighting is the way to go. Add architectural features like stone, warm wood or marble to add texture. Do you consider yourself a connoisseur or wine and spirits? Display your favorites behind the bar to give guests a look into what you will be serving.

We all tend to live busy lifestyles with hardly any time for leisure, but with an at home bar makes it easy to enjoy a cocktail at home. Home bars offer a unique solution to the active lifestyles we live. Create the perfect home bar with the right lighting, seating setup and entertainment area by starting with your ‘must-haves’. Barstools work best for an open, airy and casual setup while leather high chairs offer a more sophisticated look. Lighting is key to creating the desired ambiance of your choice. Going more formal? Choose recessed lighting. Is modern and modular more your style? Pendant lighting with a chrome or simple white finish might just be what you’re looking for.

However you choose to entertain this summer, remember La Maison Interiors has the perfect piece for your home. Our interior designers will help you decide how to creatively use the space for an at home bar. Design the most luxurious space with modern furniture from Scottsdale’s premier luxury furniture store.

New Arrivals: It’s Official Spring Has Sprung

cocktail table black top

Spring has sprung! Find fresh new arrivals at La Maison Interiors our customers are swooning over. Shop at Scottsdale’s premier luxury furniture store for fun finds to compliment any home. Whether you’re looking to update your summer patio or spruce up a guest bedroom, our plush fabrics and modern feel will get the job done. There’s no better feeling than finding exactly what you need for your Scottsdale home all in one place. La Masion always has new items arriving, and this month is no exception.

With the weather becoming warmer, turning on the air conditioning and staying cool becomes the new norm. When it’s easier to stay in then go out on the town staying comfortable, and lounging around is key. No movie night is complete without a coffee table to compliment your glasses of wine and cheese plates. The sofa and the coffee table become the latter of which usually ends up as a stand-in dining table or a respite for remote controls.

grey snakeskin upholstered chairLa Maison recommends an elegant and fun coffee table for your modern living room. The perfect accessories to a room can keep a great party going. With various colors and styles, our luxury selections will be the perfect compliment to your home. It’s worth taking the time to decorate and style like you would any other area of your home, after all it’s frequently the centerpiece of many homes.

Circular leather coffee table, ottomanWhile the perfect coffee can make the perfect statement in your home, adding modern wing chairs will give it the perfect touch of luxury. Our wide selection of wing chairs will help any Scottsdale home achieve a cozy and sophisticated feel. Add a few bolsters pillows with a sassy snakeskin print or a cool floral pattern to dress up any office, dining or living space.

Infuse comfort and style with a luxury furniture ottoman. The all white material mixed with stud embellishments gives this piece a bit of an edge over your standard ottoman. La Masion would love to see you! Let us inspire your summertime cravings by transforming your Scottsdale home into a lap of luxury. We work with various manufacturers and artisans to bring you the dream interior.