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Luxurious Master Bedroom Updates


The most important room in the home is the bedroom. Decorating the master bedroom to fit your personal style is a must.  We spend more time relaxing in the master bedroom than any other room in the home.  Adding comfortable pillows, plush fabrics and a luxurious headboard will instantly change your space for the better. Color is key too! Don’t go too bold with jewel tones, rather stick to softer hues that fit both a masculine and feminine feeling. Creating the perfect master bedroom is easy to do over the weekend, and we’ll show you how to do it.

We love to begin with color. Choose a palette that fits your personal style, and keep in mind the size and shape of your master bedroom. Larger spaces tend to feel airy and open, and using cooler colors can make the space feel less intimate and cozy. Do you want the space to feel more modern and clean or cozy and comfortable? Warmer colors tend to feel more feminine, yet also exude a romantic mood. Take advantage of various shades of grey for a soothing contemporary aesthetic. Using the right grey, whether it has warm or cool undertones is always a good choice for a master bedroom as it lends to both masculine and feminine aesthetics. bed3

Another easy way to incorporate color without repainting the walls is with a luxury area rug. Also, the human eye groups luxury furniture together when it sits atop an area rug. If you have a larger master bedroom, and want to add visual interest to your space create a cozy look and feel with a separate sitting area. When relaxation is on your mind, but going to bed is not a reading chair is a perfect segway. Make sure to shop for a luxurious ottoman to rest your feet on that is both soft and comfortable. Make sure to purchase the right sized rug for the space, b by taking measurements to better understand the dimensions of your space. Interior design rules say furniture should sit on the perimeter of the rug to make the space feel larger.

AFullSizeRendert La Maison Interiors, our collection of headboards range from classic traditional to modern and contemporary. Incorporating a headboard into the master bedroom adds height to the space, and also gives an extra touch of design. Fine lines, curves and gorgeous wood finished luxury furniture pieces add visual interest to the space. Also, choosing a comfortable headboard to which you can rest your head against at night to watch television or read your favorite book offers that sumptuousness feeling we all seek when designing the perfect master bedroom.

However you choose to update the master bedroom, La Maison Interiors in Scottsdale has gorgeous pieces you don’t want to pass up on. Find an interior designer to help you make the harder decisions when it comes to color, fabric and arrangement. We love to help our customers find the perfect luxury furniture that fits your personal style and taste.

Luxury Furniture New Arrivals!

Placing new items on the showroom floor is almost as exciting as seeing our customers fall in love with brand new arrivals! Shop Scottsdale’s premier interior design luxury furniture for fabulous finds you don’t want to miss out on. Looking to update your family room, we have exactly what you’re looking for. Find new ways to spruce up the master bedroom with an elegant headboard or plush fabrics you can’t resist. There’s nothing better than finding exactly what you want and need for a lovely Scottsdale home. We always have new items arriving continually working with manufacturers and artisans from around the world to bring the finest to La Maison Interiors.


It’s getting warm way too fast, and that means moving dinner parties and social hour inside. If you aren’t sure how to plan the perfect dinner party, that’s another story. We suggest a cocktail table for your formal living room. they are truly “works of art” and infuse a sense of intimacy at a small party, or designate it as the hors d’oeuvres area to direct guests between rooms in your home. The perfect party keeps guests moving so to split up the crowd. Find various, shapes, sizes and styles in our Scottsdale showroom! From dark oak to light modern wood finish, we have the perfect piece for your home.



A luxury cocktail table makes a statement, and adding contemporary wing chairs will give the space a cozy look and feel. Not only comfortable, but stylish and modern these chairs are perfect for a casual office or even a the living room. Dress them up with two bolster pillows in a bright print for some springtime charm. Even without an accompanying cocktail table The Wing Chair is great all on its own with straight lines that speak to a slightly formal feel that brings a sense of luxury to the home.

The master bedroom is where we find tranquility and peace.  We spend nearly one-third of our lifetime sleeping, why not do it in style?  Tufted or upholstered headboards come in endless styles, colors, fabrics and standard bed sizes at La Maison, and we’re confident our new arrivals will send you swimming in your purse for the checkbook. A new headboard is not complete without luxurious modern grey bedding and floral pillows to infuse a soft and inviting feel to the master bedroom.IMG_4351

We would love to see you this weekend! Shop the brand new luxury furniture arrivals for a final springtime shopping spree! Choose from fabulous floral prints and stylish cocktail tables for your next party. La Maison Interiors works with a multitude of manufacturers and artisans to find the beautiful pieces perfect for your Scottsdale home!

Interior Design Ideas: The Powder Room


Even the smallest room in your home deserves updating every now and then. Our team of interior designers have simple tips to follow to make your powder room look and feel larger instantly. Color is your best friend, and using it to your advantage will have a big impact on even a small space. The powder room is likely the smallest space in your home, besides a closet or storage space. The difference is guests and family members actively use this space. Ideally, enjoying the ambiance of a powder room sets the tone for the remainder of your home. This is a perfect opportunity to take a chance with design. We suggest a bold and daring shade such as deep blue or purple. We say, take a leap of faith with a color palette and you won’t regret it. There are many ways to tone down a rich bold shade with the right accessories.

Forget old and tired sand, beige and off-white for color and opt for something a little more drastic. Bold hues like navy, chocolate brown, rich maroon and even black works wonderfully. The reason these darker hues work is because small spaces offer something larger spaces do not, which is creative freedom. Too much of a bold color can be overwhelming and often makes a space feel smaller. As any interior designer would say, the key to a perfect space is lighting. Add the right fixtures and the entire space will change instantly.

red walls striped countertop

Ideally, you want to add visual interest in a small way to the powder room. Replacing the bathroom countertop in a unique material such as refinished concrete or imported granite with accent flecks to compliment a color palette changes a space for the better. Tile backsplash as an art related project rather than a functional addition can be very successful. Updated fixtures that fit your personal style add ambiance to a powder room. Pendant lighting or a simple yet modern chandelier will give the space some height as well.  If there is a small window in the powder room use it to your advantage and shop luxury fabrics at La Maison! Our collection of fabrics range from modern, geometric and modular to floral and fabulous.

luxury mirror bathroomPick your favorite piece of art that is both intriguing and colorful! One or two pieces of art makes the space feel hospitable and welcoming. Choose a mirror you love! It should reflect your personal style and the look and feel of the space. We love mirrors that have embellishments or utilize a beautiful finish for extra sparkle.  Offer your best soaps and luxurious hand towels. Since powder rooms are mainly used by guests it’s important to add personal touches that make guests feel as if they’ve stepped into a hotel bathroom. Gold, brass and brushed nickel appear soft and welcoming while also adding warmth to the space. Soft and plush bath rugs give the appearance of luxury while also maintaining the color palette of your choice. Whether you’re ready to completely remodel the powder room, or upgrade the color scheme, La Maison Interiors in Scottsdale is here to guide you on your journey to a stylish powder room