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Get Comfortable With Luxury Pillows

Decorating for the holidays is so much fun, but when the month of December ends, how do we get back to classic luxury style without going too overboard? Pillows. All types of pillows in different shapes, sizes colors and fabrics are so much fun to choose and incorporate in your luxury home. Whatever your design style may be, La Maison has the perfect set of pillows to ring in the New Year!

FullSizeRenderPerhaps it’s time to replace your pillows, but where do you even begin? First, think about the purpose of the pillows, and who will be using them. We use the family room the most to spend time together, and your pillows should reflect those types of activities. Ensure they are comfortable to lean on or rest your head for a quick nap. The fabric should be soft, touchable and easy to clean. Also take into account the size of your furniture. Large throw pillows are better for the bedroom, while medium sized pillows are best for the family room, den or even an office chair. Small decorative pillows with embellishments are best in a space that does not get a lot of use. If you have a sitting room or great room that is mostly for show or special occasions then choose pillows that showcase beadwork or use an expensive fabric. If your space is mostly neutral colors add a pillow with a bold pattern or a bright color for an eye-catching accessory.

FullSizeRender 2Think about the shape of your pillows! There are so many to choose from it may be hard to know which one is best suited for your each space in your home. The most common pillow sizes are standard squares for sofas that measure about 16 inches. Bolster pillows are great for bedrooms as they are unique in their cylinder shape and look great with different fabric options. Lumbar support pillows are usually 14×36 inches and offer back support for watching television or even reading in your office or sitting room. Smaller pillows appear more decorative rather than functional so it’s best to place smaller ‘boudoir’ pillows for show rather than use.

Pillows appeal to comfort. Have you ever noticed most people will migrate to the end of a couch or the corner of an armchair to sit comfortably? Think  about where your guests will likely sit after entering a space. Don’t overpopulate your sofa with pillows because your guests might feel sitting down is not an option. Make sure pillows are arranged casually for an inviting seating area and overall atmosphere. When designing a guest room, do not include too many throw pillows on the bed. We suggest arranging pillows in 2’s or 4’s on the bed. Most people move throw pillows to the floor so make sure you do not care about potential wear and tear in the guest room. In the master bedroom choose throw pillows that can double as extra support while watching television or reading a book. Include a pillow for your personal reading chair in the bedroom for added comfort and style.  Choose soft and touchable fabrics for pillows meant for relaxation.

FullSizeRender 5

When it comes to pillows, personalization is very popular! Give your master bedroom some personality with monogrammed pillows of you and your spouse’s initials or a pillow with an inspirational quote for your daughter. It acts as a sweet reminder, and offers a touch of luxury to any space. Beading and embellishments are certainly beautiful and with so many different options available at La Maison, we’ll help you find the perfect fabric to use. If your home is more modern go for geometric patterns in monochromatic color schemes. One color always works as an accent against a strong bold pattern or print as well. Choose soft and comfortable fabrics throughout your home. We love classic velour for the family room as it adds a touch of luxury and really makes the space feel warm and inviting. Some of the newer trends in pillows include handmade or vintage patterns and embellishments that give a little something extra.

No matter your design style, we can help you find the perfect pillows for any space in your home. From a vast selection in our showroom to fabulous fabrics, tassels and suggestions from our team of interior designers for custom pillows, we’ll help you find the perfect pillows for your home. Visit La Maison today and start redecorating your home with gorgeous pillows in even more fabulous fabrics!

Is Your Home the Holiday Hotel?

Relaxation, tranquility and comfort are the most important factors to creating the perfect luxury guest room! Think about your experiences staying with family and what items or luxuries you missed the most. Catering to your guests individual needs can be difficult, especially if your in-laws are visiting for the holiday season! Knowing exactly what they need is what La Maison Interiors is here for! We will help you decorate and design a beautiful and luxurious guest room perfect for any friend or family member.

FullSizeRender (7)Dreamy Bedrooms
Have you ever walked into a luxurious hotel room and touched the softest sheets and comfiest pillows with a folded down comforter just waiting for you to slip inside and take a nap? Give your guests a similar experience to staying in a high-end hotel when creating a guest room. Our collections of traditional, cotemporary and even old world style luxury furniture will impress your guests, and look great! First, assess the size of the extra room you will use, and make a list of furniture items you want to use. The most crucial items for a restful and convenient stay are a nightstand, dresser, bedside light and of course beautiful bedding coupled with a luxurious headboard. 

2013-09-30 04.53.51Set The Mood
Create a soft and inviting ambiance in your guestroom. Choose light fixtures that add soft lighting rather than harsh or fluorescent lighting. Candles are always a nice touch in the bedroom and bathroom giving off a little extra heat, and an enjoyable scent. Keeping extra towels within reach is important too. Guests like to feel as if they can manage their needs without having to ask for too much from the host. Keep fresh towels, extra toiletries and other items guests often neglect to bring on trips within immediate reach; maybe create a basket of travel goodies for your guest to make them feel at home! Some of the best experiences in hotels stem from the level of service and accommodation provided, along with gorgeous design and comfortable bedding. You can make this happen all at La Maison Interiors in Scottsdale. 

FullSizeRender (5)Shop For Luxury
At La Maison, we specialize in gorgeous luxury furniture for all rooms in your home, but when it comes to the bedroom our pieces are outstanding and absolutely beautiful. Some of our nightstands have built in reading lights for night owls who enjoy cozying up to their favorite book at the end of the day. Our headboards are luxurious, and come in so many different styles. If the guestroom can fit a sofa or a slipper chair you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how luxurious the space can be. This also gives your guest a place to put on their shoes or relax and read a book. Pincushion headboards are always a best seller and exude a feeling of royalty and indulgence. Make sure to have a mirror either in the bedroom or on the door so your guests don’t have to travel to the bathroom every time they need a mirror. Give your guests the gift of luxury this holiday season with beautiful bedding, plush pillows and linens all from La Maison Interiors! Elegance is key when creating a relaxing environment.  A fluffy comforter coupled with a duvet gives your guests an option for nighttime comfort, as some people prefer heavier bedding while others do not. Another option is adding a desk in your guest room. This can double as a makeup station for women or a place to put electronics such as a laptop if your guests need to access email or Internet

ad874655ff21a9f5ead27d11efa36a43Storage is Key!
Incorporating a dresser in the guestroom offers extra storage, and a space to keep personal items. Our dressers come in various styles and colors to fit your personal taste. There are so many options to choose from at La Maison when it comes to extra storage! If a dresser is simply not going to fit in your guest room opt for a smaller set of drawers or a set of baskets that appear elegant and inviting. Giving guests extra space to store clothing, shoes, dresses or a suit is crucial during the holidays. Make sure extra hangers are readily available, and if need be place a set of drawers in the closet if there is limited space in the bedroom. Stay ahead of your guests and keep them organized with a suitcase stand in the room. If they are only staying for a few nights this is a perfect solution as they can easily access personal items without bending over or sitting on the ground.


The Finishing Touches
The details make all the difference in guest rooms! Make amenities available to your guest either in the bathroom or create a basket of travel goodies! We love this idea for the holidays, as you can leave some lovely smelling soap, candles, cookies and even a coffee mug! The guest room should comfortable and convenient; leave a wicker laundry basket for added elegance. Make it easy for guests to connect to the Wi-Fi by providing the password before they arrive. Include an extra phone charger, a coffee maker station, a personal mirror, and a set of hangers (and not the plastic kind) to make it easy for them to feel comfortable and at home. An alarm clock, television, recent magazines or a couple books for leisurely reading and viewing of favorite shows or movies is always a thoughtful touch for your guests.

Creating a luxury guestroom is really easy when you have La Maison Interiors by your side. Our collection of luxury furniture is perfect for the guest room no matter what interior design style you love! It’s all about the ambiance in a guestroom; take note from your experiences at hotels or relatives home’s and think about what crucial item was missing. Opt for convenience and comfort, and your guests will think they’re staying in a five star hotel. Visit La Maison Interiors in Scottsdale and speak with one of our interior designers for great ideas on designing a gorgeous guestroom

Make Your Space Look Bigger Instantly

We all have one room in our home that is smaller than the rest lacking the ideal atmosphere for interior design. Get optimal solutions that will make any space in your home look larger with a simple change in paint color, lighter fabric options or the addition of a mirror for a more open and spacious feeling. Simple and easy changes can drastically change the way you feel when you enter into your space for a more inviting atmosphere everyone will love. La Maison Interiors will show you how to do it, and why it will be a fun project!

Through The Window
Rustic HomeOne of the easiest ways to make a room appear larger is through the proper placement of draperies. This is often overlooked and causes a serious kink in the overall design of a space. Avoid hanging drapes that are right above the window casement, as this dwarfs any space, big or small. Instead, hang drapes where the wall and ceiling meet or a few inches above the casement if you have a little bit of wiggle room regarding ceiling height. Another easy solution is to coordinate the color of your fabric with wall color. This will make your space appear larger without a doubt! Another idea that works extraordinarily well in bedrooms, nurseries or even a laundry room is to opt for sheer drapes. Avoiding heavy fabrics and dark colors offers a more spacious feeling. Let in as much natural light as possible to open up the space even more. A good tip to incorporate modern design in a small space is to paint the walls and window casements the same color. This technique works the same way as sheer or similar colored drapes; it makes the space look and feel larger.

2013-09-26 05.04.44Picking The Right Pieces
Choosing luxury furniture that fits a small space can be challenging, but with a few easy guidelines picking the right pieces will be easier than ever. Choose luxury furniture that is raised off the ground instead of slouchy, large furniture that takes up visual space. Some of our newest arrivals will be a perfect fit for a small space. Choose luxury furniture that has clean lines. Do not choose a piece that is slouchy or very wide. Your goal is to choose pieces that offer a light, open and inviting atmosphere no matter what space you are redesigning. Also, multifunctional furniture such as a sofa that doubles as a bed or an ottoman repurposed as a coffee table or extra seating is both useful and fashionable. Although you don’t want to choose furniture that’s oversized, a large piece of furniture such as a corner desk in an office or a winged armchair in the family room will often make it look larger. A floor to ceiling bookshelf will add height to the space also. Organization is a critical factor in small spaces, so keep the clutter to a minimum and be choosy about which accessories to include. Mirrors offer a great solution to small spaces since the reflection widens the visual space and offers an open, airy feeling. La Maison has a great collection of luxury mirrors that are perfect for your home.

Choosing The Right Colors
iStock_000019957131_LargeWhen it comes to creating a color palette to make your space appear larger paint the trim, walls and any detailing in one color but similar shades. If you have off white trim and grey walls, choose another shade of white to paint the walls and your space will instantly feel bigger! A unified color palette will make the room appear much larger too. Painting your ceiling a bold and bright color is a risky move, but for anyone who has an eclectic taste this is your golden ticket. It draws your eyes upward making the room appear taller. Group similarly colored accessories together like books, trinkets or even modern art pieces that can be color-coded for an organized appearance. Open up your space with similarly colored luxury furniture to cut down on contrast. Instead of a solid wood coffee or end table opt for a glass table; you might be surprised as to how the transparency of glass tricks the eye into thinking there’s more space in the room.

Interior Design Colors for Spring 2013Placement Is Key
Setting up a small space is a crucial part to the redecorating process. Even if you are not purchasing new furniture, repainting the walls or buying new fabrics rearranging your space could dramatically change the look and feel. By angling furniture rather than placing it against the wall it offers a dramatic effect and uses negative space to your advantage. Large paintings on the wall stand alone vases or any other dramatic accessory should not be left to the wayside as one big piece makes a space feel bigger too.  Avoid clutter at all costs in small space! Place your items carefully and make sure to leave some empty wall space because the more items you try to pack into one space the smaller it will feel. Minimalistic design tendencies work best in small spaces, especially when it comes to placement and style. Although designing a small space in traditional style is just as doable as modern and minimalistic be particular about what items stay and which items have to go. At La Maison, our team of interior designers is more than happy to help you design your space! We have tons of ideas, products and options for a small space. Visit our showroom today and find that piece of luxury furniture you’ve been searching for!