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Why A Desk Changes Everything at Home

In this day and age, Americans work on average 50 or more hours a week hypnotized in front of computer screens, running around meeting clients or on phone calls from morning to night. Daytime hours roll into the evening often preventing most people from leaving work before 6 p.m. Using interior design to improve the quality of our lives is so much more relevant now, as the lines between home and work blur.  An at home work station complete with the perfect desk is a must have in the modern home.

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Make It Work At Home 
Most people dread bringing work home, mostly because they know the only place to actually do work is on the sofa, at the kitchen table or maybe in bed. Most of time, people work from their laptop or iPad and forget about the importance of sitting at a desk to stay productive and organized out of the office. Keeping work out of the bedroom and the dining room is important to living a balanced lifestyle.  Setting up a space dedicated to work is a significant improvement from working in front of the television while also trying to spend time with family, and will significantly improve the way you work at home.

In terms of interior design, a desk is still a relevant piece of furniture, and despite our best efforts not to blur the line between home and work it’s important to dedicate a space just for work. Modernized desks provide homeowners with high-tech solutions and at home comfort. Drawers to hold office supplies are no longer needed, as desks are sleek and modern in both design and functionality. Luxury desks come in a variety of styles, made of a myriad of materials and perfect for any interior design style. At La Maison, we have an extensive collection of desks that will look fabulous in your luxury Scottsdale home! From minimalist and modern to traditional rustic and old world style we have what you’re looking for.

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Where to place it and why?
Finding the perfect location for a desk in your home can be the toughest part of the entire process.  The most common place to put a desk is an office or study, allowing for the most creative freedom. Another common area is near the kitchen, as this allows for interaction with family and most importantly dinnertime. Consider placing a desk in your bedroom if the master is large enough. Decide what you will use the desk for, and if you need more or less privacy. If you plan on using the desk for family scheduling carve out a space off the kitchen. This works wonderfully in open concept floor plans, as everyone can easily access what they need. Consider putting a desk towards the front of the house for added privacy, or if you have a dedicated office/study area that does not have a purpose in your home yet, take advantage!

_MG_1411How about the look?
There are so many different styles to choose from, where do you start? Take a look at the existing design elements in your home first, and build off of it for a cohesive look and feel. Modern desks have straight lines, likely no hardware or drawers and offer built in technology solutions. You don’t get to choose your desk at work, but at home it’s all about personal preference. Your desk at home should embody personal style, fit your storage needs and provide a large enough workspace to where you can be efficient and stay organized. Modern design isn’t your only option as La Maison Interiors has traditional pieces you will love! Our traditional style desks are timeless and luxurious, and some of our newest arrivals for winter are desks made of exotic wood with hand carving that adds such character.  If you adore rustic old world styles we have gorgeous one of a kind pieces on our showroom floor.

The Fit
There are a few essential points to remember when looking for a desk. Think about the size of the space first, and if you need a small or large desk. Next, consider the height of the desk. If you plan on sitting down at your desk most of the time, be sure to select the appropriate comfortable chair.  Do you have enough legroom? Can you comfortably hover over the desk or is it too high? Also consider the technology you will be using at your desk. Will you spend most of your time working between two computer screens or will you be sketching, drawing or writing? Make sure the desk is large enough to support your work needs as well as fit your personal style.

Shopping for a desk might seem like a second thought, but even if you don’t bring work home staying organized and on top of daily tasks either for you or an entire family is much easier when everything is centralized in a general area. Desks provide a beautiful addition to any room of your home, as they are multi-functional, but designed beautifully. Just because a piece of furniture is functional does not mean it lacks beauty and elegance. At La Maison, our collection of contemporary, traditional and modern furniture is waiting for you. We have the perfect desk for your home!



Classic Design Never Goes Out of Style

When we think of classic interior design gorgeous woodwork, original flooring, huge windows and doors with high ceilings come to mind. We think of stained glass lamps and rich colors with decorative luxury furniture and simple yet elegant color schemes. Classical style stems from design focused on grandeur based upon order and balance to create perfect symmetry. What characterizes a classically designed space is the architectural focal point like a staircase or a coffered ceiling that offers character without the accompaniment of too much décor. When we think of classic design we think of a space that is always in, and never out.

Color, fabric and style are a big part of classic design. There are a myriad of styles that fall into classic design as we’re seeing a blend of past centuries influence in contemporary classical design. Furniture acts as the “art” in classic interior design rather than blending into the space’s architecture, as it seems to do in modern minimalist design.  In terms of color earthy colors like blue, brown, yellow, green and monochromatic color palettes offer a soft and inviting atmosphere without feeling too relaxed. Fabric should be elegant yet understated; use linen, cotton and other durable materials to exude a classic “no fuss” look and feel. We have a wide variety of fabric selections at La Maison, and our designers are happy to guide you in the right direction when it comes to patterns and prints. Infuse a touch of luxury into your space with velvet, silk or taffeta accents for a softer more feminine aesthetic. Patterned fabrics should be kept understated just like fabric type and color like a large striped motif or a leaf plant motif that echoes classical style. Introducing texture to your space keeps it versatile and engaging to the eye, but the subtle changes make a world of a difference.

Choose furniture that is sophisticated and timeless, and avoid anything “trendy” or over the top. Classic design is all about understated elegance, and when it comes to decorating your color palette should be toned down with soft and functional fabrics. Refined beauty is characterized by pieces that conceal the decorative details until you are up close and personal. It’s also important to stay focused on tying the room together with complimentary elements. Furniture that has natural curves ultimately feels more inviting and elegant. In the family room, choose armchairs with rolled arms or tufted details. These are the tiny refinements that take your space from modern to classic. It’s all in the details, especially when it comes to furniture. Look for fluted or scrolled furniture legs that add character without appearing too over the top. Another great way to incorporate classic design in your space is to include something antique and original, as you want to echo the great classical decades of the 20th century.

The architecture in your home is just as important as the furniture in your home. If you want to include classic elements but are not sure how to achieve that molding, baseboards and framing solutions infuse a traditional look and feel to your home. Crown moldings are gorgeous and should be celebrated so to emphasize them choose a pure white paint versus off-white. Wainscoting elements are not found in every home, but if you have it use it your advantage. We love the idea of adding rope molding to the wainscoting for an extra detail too! Framing a doorway, fireplace or even your kitchen cabinets makes a world of difference and adds the subtle elegance characterized by classical design elements.

Classic design is glamorous when executed correctly, and at La Maison, our team of interior designers is more than happy to help you create an elegant space with a feeling of grandeur. By focusing on symmetry in your space, you can achieve a classic design. We have contemporary and traditional luxury furniture styles waiting for you at La Maison Interiors in Scottsdale!

Local Latin American Artisans Design Luxury Furniture

carved bedWhen you’re looking for a truly unique piece of furniture, nothing surpasses a handcrafted piece directly from the artisan’s hands. La Maison Interiors supports the many local artisans in Latin America who produce truly special pieces with a deep connection to their culture. The numerous countries that make up Latin America support a very active shopping culture for tourists. Take one step into Mexico City and you will find large modernized shopping malls but the hidden gems are located in outlying villages and cities in Central and South America. Artisans who are 3rd and 4th generation craft elaborate handmade furnishings with intricate carvings and an impeccable attention to detail available to tourists and in La Maison Interiors in Scottsdale! The lasting impression of Spanish and French settlers characterizes the mixture between various furniture styles we see in Mexico and South American countries today.

Lamaison chestThe spirit of ancient civilizations carries on in Mexican culture and in the hearts of its citizens despite being overthrown by Spanish settlers, their allegiance is impressive. As they fight poverty and overpopulation, Mexico is a mix between wide expanses of desert, mountain ranges and gorgeous white sand beaches met by crystal clear water. Natives to Mexico, and South America all have a special connection to the land and its natural materials. In making every piece, artisans take the time to create unique items embodying their personal style. One of the reasons we love authentic artisan furniture are the imperfections in the appearance, texture size or finish, as it varies from one piece to another. Each artisan has a unique talent or style seen in the numerous pieces we have on our showroom floor all decorated with intricately hand carved details.

photo (34)Hand-made artisan pieces embody an old world and rustic aesthetic; crafted using walnut, cherry and pine, all of which have warm tones that are inviting and appealing. Artisan furniture design is almost always left with its natural wood imperfections intact, and are built to last, another factor you should consider when shopping around for your next luxury furniture purchase. Artisans use 100% wood with no laminates or veneers to disrupt the natural appearance of the wood. We love the value of handcrafted furnishings, as you will find there is a story behind nearly every piece. Every piece echoes the organic forms found in nature or serve another purpose such as a comment on an environmental issue such as the disappearing forests in Nicaragua. Sustainability is a running theme among Central and South American artisans whose connection to their culture and country runs very deep.

Living in the Southwest region of the United States leaves its residents in direct connection with a culture heavily influenced by Central and South America. Spanish style colonial houses populate most of Tucson and Phoenix and its outlying cities; terra cotta flooring, red roofs stand out against white stucco walls with colorful tile accents painted in bold blues, greens, yellows and reds characterizing the remarkable and unique southwest style. The intricate carvings and details found in artisan furniture is one of a kind, altering the look and feel of any space in your home. if you’ve already began decorating your home in southwest style paint colors, fabrics and accessories visit La Maison Interiors and see what we have to offer! We have a wide collection of handcrafted pieces directly from Central and South America embodying true styles of southwest luxury furniture.