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Winter Luxury Furniture New Arrivals!

LMI New Arrivals chair Oct. 2014It’s that time of year again at La Maison when we receive all new arrivals for winter, and our showroom floor is full of brand new luxury furniture we know you will absolutely adore! As warm summer weather starts to fade into fabulous fall temperatures we invite you to check out all new arrivals at La Maison Interiors in Scottsdale. All of the new luxury furniture features new design trends in a range of styles from traditional and transitional to modern and so much more!

LMI New arrivals Ikat chair Oct. 2014Featured in new arrivals this month are fresh, sleek and modern armchairs featuring popular geometric patterns and modern black and white fabrics you will love! These new armchair arrivals are a perfect addition to your luxury Scottsdale home. Try a casual armchair for a more relaxed look and feel in your family room in a gorgeous white fabric with an off-white diamond pattern fit for a contemporary interior design style. Another beautifully designed armchair features dark wood accents with an abstract black and white design. Come into our showroom today, and check out the latest arrivals so you can take one home today

The latest in fabric choices are available at La Maison Interiors! We love neutrals like grey, off white and all shades of beige, easy to accessorize with a pop of color in a throw pillow or cozy blanket for the fall.  Check out new dining room chairs upholstered in neutral fabrics and cherry wood accents; these chairs are easily dressed up, but also double as contemporary everyday dining room chairs for your home.

LMI New Arrivals sofa Oct. 2014Keep your contemporary living room up to date with a sectional that just arrived in our showroom. The fabric is luxurious and the sofa is spacious, perfect for the family room to accommodate a large family or many guests. We’re featuring the sectional with satin throw pillows in modern patterns.  This sectional is more than a simple sofa, it will completely change the way your family room appears.  With rounded arms and simple pleated detail it exudes a classic contemporary look and feel. Accessorize your family room with beautiful table pieces ranging from organic natural pieces to sculpted glass in colorful patterns and schemes!LMI New Arrivals Phillips Collections organic table

We also have very special tables we are dying to share with all of you! Exotic wood side tables and sofa tables have arrived! The intricacy of their design appears curated but the way they look accompanied by contemporary pieces make for a beautiful setting. We can’t wait to show you all of the fabulous furnishings we have in store for you! Visit us in Scottsdale and give your home a fresh update today!


Create A Luxury Guestroom For The Holidays

There are so many different ways to create a relaxing and inviting guestroom, especially with La Maison Interiors by your side our collection of modern furniture is fit to impress the in-laws, friends and family with a brand new look and feel.You might be wondering where to start, or if you have to completely remodel the space, but with these tips you can create a gorgeous space with updates to fabric, furniture and accessories.

Start with an evaluation of your current space. What will it be used for the most, and do you have the right elements present already? Most of the time, guestrooms serve as a space for sleeping; with small touches of elegance you instantly change your guest’s experience. Focus on keeping fresh and simple elements at the forefront of your design choices. Cater to the ambiance with flowers, candles, fresh towels and travel essentials available for a comfortable stay. We love the idea of creating a flower arrangement because it brings the outdoors inside and adds a pop of color no matter what type of design style you choose.  Also, small items like shampoo and conditioner, luxury soaps and room freshening scents make your guests feel at home.

photo 2 (2)

Comfort is a priority. Choose plush fabrics, pillows that are both firm and soft to fit your guest’s needs and easy to access items such as extra towels, wall outlets and storage. Think about what your ideal needs are when you travel to achieve a perfectly designed guest room at home. The more comfortable a guest room is the happier they will be during their stay. Most families are lucky enough to have extra space in luxury Scottsdale homes to house in-laws, friends and family, but providing added convenience is a win for both you and your guests. La Maison has fabulous mattresses and luxurious bedding in various fabric choices, colors and patterns. Choose a set of luxury sheets and pair it with a fluffy comforter; this emulates a posh resort or spa adding to the idea of a getaway guest room. Duvet covers are also a great alternative! Putting the small touches in place is key. Take a hint from five-star hotels and resorts that provide glasses for water, teacups and an assortment of flavors or coffee for early risers. Stocking the room with essentials is not only a really nice gesture, but it can save your guests a trip to the supermarket.

Setting up the guest room for accessibility and comfort is going to give your guests a one of a kind experience. Providing the right items calls for going the extra mile, but in turn you provide a blissful holiday stay. Leave current magazines or a brand new bestseller to read at night; extra towels, and serene smelling candles makes for a relaxing atmosphere. It might seem like an afterthought, but including a small clock somewhere in the room gives your guests a sense of time without having to track down their cell phone constantly. Include a laundry basket in the closet for used towels and clothes to make them feel at home; this also keeps your guests organized, always a plus when staying at a relative’s house. Depending on who will be using your guest room, a jewelry dish or tray on the dresser or nightstand for personal items is a nice touch, as are extra drawers and hangers in the closet. Create a guest room a place that feels like home with easy changes.

Glam1Include the perfect luxury furniture! At La Maison Interiors we have a myriad of pieces perfect for outfitting a guestroom. We will also help you find fabric that is soft, plush and luxurious! Our team of designers will guide you in choosing the right thread count, color palettes and furniture such as a mirror, dresser and nightstand to complete the space.  Lighting is an important component to any guest room, as you want to give guests the option to stay up late; also, ensure one light switch connects to a light source for added convenience. We have a fantastic selection of lamps at our showroom. Choosing the right lampshade to fit the aesthetic of your space will pull it together nicely. If the room lends toward a minimalist look and feel choose brass or gold hardware with a simple and elegant shade. If the space is more rustic, country or eclectic a lampshade with a pop of color or pattern is your go-to choice. Control the amount of morning light that spills into the room by including shades that block out the sunlight. On vacation, it’s nice to have the option of a completely dark room if your guest enjoys sleeping in. Smart shades are available with a remote control to pull blinds down and raise them up in the evening with the push of a button.

The key to a perfectly designed guest room is all about personal touches. Hanging a mirror near an outlet makes it easier for your sister, mother or maybe your mother-in-law to get ready in the morning.  If your guests love an early morning coffee leave a mug in their room and make the coffee the night before. Do your best to impose convenience within the space, and you’ve got a successfully designed guest room, perfect for the holidays or over night guests!

Is Your Furniture Arranged The Right Way?

​There’s no right or wrong way to arrange furniture in your home, but we believe setting up a space where all the pieces fit together like a completed puzzle makes for a more successful room. Whether you’re starting with a blank canvas or you already have furniture set up in place, there’s always room for improvements. La Maison’s interior designers suggest thinking about your space in a way that allows for good traffic flow, and also contrast between furniture styles. Adding visual interest to a space through luxury furniture styles that do not match is one way to achieve a harmonious look and feel. Most importantly, prioritizing your choices will make the process a lot easier. By understanding the best placement for the gorgeous mirror you picked up or an oversized vase you just can’t seem to place will give you peace of mind and pull any space together nicely.

awesome-round-swivel-chairs-for-living-room-with-unique-rattan-coffee-table-giant-pillows-and-top-ceiling-curtainFirst, consider function. This always comes before form in design, and is the most important facet of rearranging furniture; especially in spaces you use often. The family room is a perfect example of this, as you want to figure out how many people are using it at one time. If you have a large family, consider angling armchairs or adding a bench for more seating.  Mixing and match furniture styles too! This can be a really great way to give the space more breathing room. Round furniture is a great option if you want to create a space completely focused on conversation, where as luxury furniture that is primarily linear goes well with a round coffee table to offset hard lines. This allows for versatility while still leaving room to navigate between each piece. Try your best to push the furniture together so everyone can sit close and talk comfortably. Think about the focal point of the space too. Is it the custom fireplace in your luxury home or a collection of fine art on the wall? Most interior designers will tell you to avoid placing a television as the focal point in your family room as it detracts from social interactions, but in this day in age its hard to avoid it when you have a family of young children or even if you live with roommates.

ba3163fc2a438dfea37f240b44453e85Think about draperies and if they are doing a disservice to your space currently. Do they make the room appear taller? Do your windows appear dwarfed because of under utilization of space? If your home has a lot of windows then this tip is very important to remember! The sky’s the limit! Even if you do not have floor to ceiling windows give the allusion that you do. By hanging curtain rods where the wall and ceiling meet, the room appears taller. Don’t make draperies an afterthought; even choosing a white sheer fabric that seems to blend with your walls will stand out if you hang them the right way. They are just as important as any other accessory in your home and will make more a statement if hung correctly. Make sure to hang curtains 1 to 2 feet beyond the end of the casement to give the illusion of wider windows also. Give any space in your home a serious update with draperies that give your existing luxury furniture extra oomph. If you really love neutral colors try adding a patterned valance atop your windows. This look is very sophisticated and the interior designers at La Maison Interiors can help you decide what fabric will work best!

tallwindowtreatmentsAnother way to think about arranging items in your home is by size. The largest furniture should be placed first so to surround it with the other smaller items. In the living room, chairs and sofas should be no more than 8 feet apart; a good way to understand if you’re following this rule is to measure the two pieces farthest away from each other to see if your arrangement could be better. Pair a leather couch with a textured fabric ottoman instead of a coffee table for added texture in your space. We love the way textures can easily pair together to add versatility and a pop of color. Of course, symmetry comes into play when trying to create a harmonious vibe in your home. The more symmetrical a room is the more formal it feels while asymmetrical set ups feel slightly more casual and eclectic. This is totally up to you! Also, think about how many people are traveling through the room. The family room gets a lot of traffic, and arranging the seating area so the pathway is on the outside rather than through the middle is the best solution to achieve harmonious arrangement.


La Maison Interiors in Scottsdale has a large collection of luxury furniture in so many different styles you won’t be hard pressed to find pieces that contrast each other. Modern furniture with linear lines goes perfectly with a round side table. This gives the space a softer look and feel while also allowing for added walking space since you will be able to move around those two pieces easily. Place end tables within comfortable reach of each seat or sofa. A good rule of thumb is to place a coffee table no more than 18 inches from the sofa for ease of use. Also, placing furniture too far apart will leave the space feeling disconnected. Even if your personal style is to put different pieces together for an eclectic look and feel, having a cohesive furniture arrangement is important. We suggest working with an interior designer at La Maison to help you plan how to re arrange your space. Give yourself a break before moving pieces around and create a plan on paper with scaled down examples of your furniture. This is a great way to see how to use your space the right way. If you’re starting from scratch our team of amazing designers will help you figure out what pieces will fit the best in your home from the many collections of luxury furniture at our showroom in Scottsdale. Visit us today to see what we in store for your luxury home!

Create A Tropical Oasis With Luxury Furniture and Fabrics

We love living in Scottsdale because, let’s face it the weather is impeccable 9 months out of the year with constant sunshine, all we need is a beach. Since we can’t necessarily move the ocean any closer, we have great ideas to create a tropical paradise in your backyard. With the weather slowly cooling off, we did our research on some of the most tropical places in the world to give you great tips on transforming desert landscape into a tropical oasis this fall.

iStock_000016208810_LargeSit Back and Relax

Comfort is crucial in a tropical oasis. No world-renowned spa or beach resort would be caught dead without luxury furniture. Our advice, don’t skimp on this portion of the project! Choose outdoor fabrics that are water-repellent and mildew resistant to maintain breathability no matter the weather. The newest in outdoor fabric technology gives you peace of mind for easy maintenance allowing moisture to escape reducing the chance of unwanted odors with unbeatable durability. In Scottsdale, it can be dusty and the easier cushions and pillows are to maintain the happier you will be. At La Maison Interiors our collection of luxury furniture and outdoor fabrics will wow you! Find the perfect set for your outdoor oasis in our Scottsdale showroom.


Tropical Sound Effects

Water is key when designing a tropical getaway in your backyard. Leaving a space for an elaborate water feature, or even installing a waterfall that leads into the pool offers a dramatic effect to the eye, and a soothing sound to the ears. Focus on what your backyard already has, such as a pool or pond, and build from there. If you do not have anything of the sort starting from scratch is still a lot of fun. We love the idea of building a water feature that spans around your backyard with a pathway alongside and a small seating area tucked away for a private and tranquil space to read and relax. Imagine your last trip to the beach, and how peaceful it felt to be near the coastline; well you can easily achieve this in your backyard with a little bit of planning and a lot of fun!


It’s All in The Details


Architectural details are a must! With a myriad of options you can get really creative with this. We love the idea of a footbridge that takes you from one area of the backyard to another. This can give the space a sense of purpose for leisure activities such as relaxing in a hammock, taking a much needed soak in an outdoor spa or a tree house getaway for the kids so you can relax while they play. We love the way stone walkways feel beneath bare feet over brick or concrete, and there’s no upkeep needed as more wear and tear produces a more authentic look. Surround a pathway with greenery for added privacy to achieve a truly tropical look and feel. During chilly winter nights keep warm with a fire pit area, a perfect solution for extra light and a place to spend time with family and friends. 

iStock_000038982134_LargeCater to Ambiance

Avoid harsh lighting in your backyard, especially on a breezy fall night you want to design a space that adds a touch of romance. We love candles cleverly hidden from view that offer extra light and add to the space’s relaxed atmosphere. Candles add a certain twinkle and shine we absolutely love, and this is a good tip for any space in your home to change up the ambiance. Invest in battery-operated candles for an authentic look and feel that won’t melt in the warm Arizona sun. Include lamps and lighting in your backyard for a tropical ambiance! There are countless designs to choose from for another great way to accessorize the space. Include a rug with durable fabric and an eye-popping print or pattern to frame a sitting area. This is a great way to add warmth too, as you can enjoy a soft surface beneath your feet. It’s also important to create a space that feels private to combat road noise, neighbors and children. We love the idea of framing a seating area with shrubs or a bamboo fence for a secluded and relaxed atmosphere.

Greenery Galore

Planting trees, shrubs and flowers is almost as fun as picking them out at your local nursery, and since most Scottsdale homes already have palm trees, creating a tropical getaway is even easier. Don’t be afraid to have too much green as it has a calming effect on the eyes and generates cool airflow and more oxygen. The key here is varying shades of green for a versatile landscape that appears natural and gorgeous. While choosing what you want, think about how much time you want to spend tending this potential forest because there are multiple trees and shrubs that require almost no attention at all. The next step is adding color to your garden, and this is where the real fun begins as once you inject color into the backyard the green will pop! Think lots of flowers, even cacti that bloom in the spring will add a special Southwestern touch to the landscape.

68690a81ce63169f00ccccd99c8193e6What about food?

You thought we forgot the most satisfying part of going on vacation? Think again. We love the idea of outdoor kitchens with high-tech appliances, fancy grills that will excite even the worst cook and the perfect wine cooler. Design and set up is your priority here, as you want to create a space that has enough seating for friends and family and counter space for serving. Adding an umbrella offers shade from the hot Arizona sun and a pop of color to keep with the tropical oasis theme. Steer clear of cheesy tropical/Hawaiian prints, as you want your space to be sophisticated and luxurious.

Our team of designers is here to guide you in luxury furniture choices, and décor for your outdoor tropical oasis. Stop in at La Maison Interiors in Scottsdale today to see amazing options you will absolutely love!​

Fall Color Schemes We Adore!

Finding the perfect color scheme is a tough job. We search for colors that demonstrate our mood, and how we feel about our homes. We often pull inspiration from what offers us solace when the going gets tough. An orange that exudes the softness of a sweet potato or a yellow that has a touch of golden hues for added warmth or a blue that feels like we’re digging our toes into a sandy beach against the water give us the confidence we need to use color the right way. The biggest trend right now is neutrals—maybe you think this palette is boring but there’s so much versatility when you start with a base like taupe, buff or sand. Choose to go warm with your accent colors for a truly fall weather look and feel or the opposite with cool colors that still feel bold and bright. We’ve got gorgeous color schemes you will love!

Orange InteriorStarting with a neutral base automatically gives you the versatility you need in any space. Try a cool off white tone combined with a soft pale yellow hue and a gorgeous coppery orange. This color combination will introduce the perfect fall tones that are easy to curate with a little paint and new fabric. You will absolutely love the way copper orange compliments the pale yellow; it feels modern and sophisticated with the right amount of warmth for the holiday season. We suggest using the coppery orange for the walls if you want to go bold and accent with the lighter tones in pillows, blankets and modern furniture. If you already have off white walls then use the coppery orange and pale yellow accents such as fabric, window treatments or table accessories. We always tell our clients, when in doubt accessorize. La Maison Interiors has great pieces that will bring out the personality in your luxury home for fall!

Comfortable chairs with autumn decorations

Do you love green and simply cannot live without it in your home? Try this color combination in the kitchen! Start with a neutral base that has a pink undertone instead of grey to bring a sense of warmth to the space, and pair it with a sage green you might imagine finding while on a hike. Use a golden yellow that has a warm brown undertone to bring that earthy inviting atmosphere to your space. This color combination speaks to both masculine and feminine sensibilities and really works for the kitchen as it’s really up to how you want to use each color. The green is great for elaborate kitchen cabinets, a popular trend for 2014 kitchen upgrades, and the warm yellow speaks to traditional fall décor we all know and love. This color scheme is a bit more rustic than modern so you can easily incorporate a southwest vibe in your home.


Gray is a very popular color choice for homeowners in 2014 as it’s versatile, more engaging than your basic beige tones and allows for décor change throughout the seasons. If you love neutrals this color scheme is right up your alley. Off-white green induces balance and energy when paired with a yellow-tinged green that enhances the bold charcoal gray for a sophisticated neutral color scheme. We love this combination for a den or family room. Use the gray for the walls, and don’t hesitate just because it’s a bit darker than your usual color choice! Going dark is a bold move but you can easily brighten the space up with off white green accents.

Luxury Hotel Bedroom furnished in grey and blue with wood fittingsThe never fail color combination of blue and brown feels fresh and fun with an injection of pure white. This gives a sense of light and balance to a space especially if you’re trying to meet in the middle with someone on design tastes. A darker pebble brown mixed with a blue-gray-green tone feels classic while the inclusion of pure white adds just a touch of modern elegance. This color palette is perfect for the master bedroom or bathroom since you will you have so much fun looking for complimentary accessories and luxury furniture.

However you want to update your home for the fall, our team of interior designers is always willing to shed light on the latest trends. Visit our showroom in Scottsdale for more inspiration and guidance from the experts at La Maison Interiors.