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Treat Your Windows To a Luxury Makeover

When you design a room in your home, your window treatments are just as important as the paint color on the walls. When you leave the windows bare you take away the focal point of the space, and instantly detract from the overall look and feel of a room. Deciding how you would like window treatments to function in your space is the first order of business. Will they be more functional rather than decorative? Will you choose the smart tech option for automatic blinds and a minimalist look? No matter what your design preferences our interior designers at La Maison have great ideas to outfit any room in your home with window treatments fit for 2014.

bambooshadesThe easy way out is to install simple shades that block the sunlight and keep a space cool from the warm Arizona sunshine during the day. This doesn’t call for much creativity, but it’s the most functional and quick solution if you simply want to cool down your space. Choose shades that let in diffused light so you can easily see what’s going on outside of your home with some added privacy. There are so many different types of shade materials to choose from, but the most popular choice this year has been bamboo for its eco-friendly renewable qualities. Usually shades are simply a background to window treatments, as you want to choose fabric that is eye-catching yet coincides with your preferences. If you already have shades then there’s no need to take them down as layering window treatments is in this year! 

sheercurtains Neutral colors are always a go-to choice since you can easily outfit the space with eye-popping fabrics in throw pillows and upholstery. Whites and off whites always offer a clean and crisp look to any space in your home; whether its an indoor-outdoor space or your bedroom. The best part about accessorizing windows is you won’t have to worry about wear and tear, as you don’t use curtains or drapes like we do sofas and chairs. Just like an off white wing chair, neutral window treatments are timeless and come in so many different styles that you might have a hard time choosing once you arrive at the fabric store. Let your interior designer know the feeling you want to achieve. By pinpointing how you want a space to feel your designer can easily curate it for you.

Just like bamboo shades are all the rage this year, so are naturally woven fabrics for your windows! Think lots of texture and character to create a  “down to earth” ambiance. If the natural style isn’t your cup of tea choose a fabric that has a touch of glamour yet exudes a simple aesthetic. Since eco-friendly materials are really making a comeback in interior design this is a perfect opportunity to try it out. Some fabrics we really enjoy are trendy woven styles that come in multiple colors. Outfit your luxury Scottsdale home with naturally woven silk for truly elegant appearance. This doesn’t exactly scream recyclable, but it definitely appears extravagant and airy. This idea is perfect for the family room if you’re going for a natural aesthetic.

valancedraperyThis year, less is more. Go for a fabric that let in lots of light! The issue here in Arizona is we need protection from the heat for more than 6 months out of the year. Outfit your windows with shutters for a classic plantation style that adds elegance while keeping with the functionality you need. If neutrals aren’t your favorite, then go bold with lots of color! Elegance does not mean lack of color by any means, especially in the dining room where dark colors such as claret, navy blue and forest green exude a bold and beautiful look. Always remember, window treatments act as a focal point for any space. No matter the type of fabric, color or size of the window itself draw attention to your windows and the room will instantly feel different.

At La Maison Interiors, we have so many different fabrics, styles and a myriad of shade options in our showroom for your luxury home. Our team of talented interior designers will guide you to the right fabric choice, answer your questions and find the best fit for you! Come and see us today for more ideas on window treatments you will absolutely love! 

Why Live Without Luxury In The Kitchen?

Remodeling the kitchen is a fun project, but it’s a tough endeavor to tackle if you don’t know where to begin. There are a multitude of trends, but the kitchen is one room in the home that doesn’t call for trends of the moment. Designing a kitchen that fits your taste is easier than you think with La Maison Interiors by your side. Our collection of modern and luxury furniture will give you inspiration to decide what design direction you want to take and our experienced designer will guide you through the entire process.

iStock_000032165096_LargeOne trend we do love, that can be applied to nearly any kitchen, is open concept shelving. This is a really unique and modern take on cabinetry, as you essentially remove the need for hardware all together. Wouldn’t you like to show off your beautiful cookware instead of hiding it behind cabinet doors? If you’re too attached to the cabinetry in your kitchen then a back splash can refresh the space. Tiled back splash is a great way to transform your kitchen and add a pop of color or visual interest to the space. There are so many different choices too! Luxury back splash tiles come in all shapes, sizes, textures and colors to fit your personal tastes.

Pot and vegetables in modern kitchen with induction stoveWhether you have a family of four, or you live on your own high-end appliances can drastically change the look and feel of the kitchen. Standard refrigerators are often distracting and jut out from the wall leaving less space in the kitchen. Built-in refrigerators are a wonderful option, and if you really enjoy your cabinets then this solution is perfect for you. Another wonderful addition is an induction cook top with precise temperature control, smart technology that automatically turns off when you remove a pan or pot from the stove top and two separate cooking zones so you can prepare meals faster and with less effort. Install a super quiet dishwasher with energy saving capability so you won’t spend so much on electricity every time you start a cycle. It’s also a great option if you use the dishwasher often and hate the wish-wash sound it produces.

Modern kitchen interiorNoting key components to consider before choosing a countertop for the kitchen is very important. Choose the material you like the most; the color scheme you’re working with will help you decide what direction to take. The most common choice in counter top material is granite. Available in numerous options, the best part is no two pieces are identical. If you and your partner both love black granite rest assured the small details will stand out. Depending on your preferences, granite is sold in two finishes—polished for a shiny look and honing for a soft and matte finish. If you’re willing to wait for one of a kind granite imported from another country your kitchen will instantly have a luxurious and expensive counter top. If granite is a little too extravagant for you, or you prefer a more modern and minimalist aesthetic natural stone like marble, limestone or soapstone will fit the bill. The only difference is the care and maintenance that comes along with natural materials. Stone requires more upkeep but for its natural look and feel it’s well worth the extra work. A lot of homeowners are searching for something more original and rare—we suggest concrete counter tops as you can completely customize it with pigments to add extra flair. Just like granite, concrete comes in different finishes too! One popular trend we’re seeing is exotic wooden counter tops. Usually, wood is reserved for cabinets and cutting boards but more and more homeowners love this luxury trend as it brings a sense of warmth and coziness to the kitchen.

kitchen condominium exclusiveFlooring is also a fun way to totally transform your kitchen! Although this is a more daring endeavor, as you won’t be able to use the kitchen for a period of time, the results will be dazzling. We love the idea of using eco-friendly materials like bamboo, available in multiple finishes, to fit even the most rare requests. If you love Mediterranean style then Saltillo tile is a perfect choice for your kitchen. It looks rustic and warm for a truly inviting appearance. For the men who really want something bold and daring we suggest black leather—despite its usual use for furniture it’s a perfect alternative to standard wood or tile as its cushy yet durable like laminate. We also love porcelain and travertine, as it has a subtle sense of luxury, but it’s easy upkeep and maintenance. Both materials generate that modern aesthetic you could be searching for! The ultimate in luxury flooring is marble, as it exudes a timeless feeling of extravagance and old world beauty—it’s also complimentary with other materials.

Whether you want to do a small-scale renovation and expose what’s inside of your cabinets or completely overhaul the space La Maison Interiors has wonderful ideas to get you started. The kitchen is not only a place for appliances and gorgeous flooring either. Visit us in Scottsdale and shop for luxury furniture such as bar stools and chests for storage and seating. Not sure where to begin?  Consult with a designer.  Our collections range from modern to traditional, and we’re positive you will find the perfect luxury furniture piece for your home at La Maison Interiors in Scottsdale.

Design The Ultimate Man Cave

Creating a space that’s solely your own is likely the most rewarding redecoration project, but where do you start? Coming home from work everyday without a comfortable chair to fall into is certainly a disappointment. As husbands and fathers you deserve a space that is purely your own. La Maison Interiors is here to give you ideas on how to curate the perfect ‘man cave’ that you’ll never want to leave.

iStock_000002478384_LargeWhat are you most passionate about? Knowing what you love to do is the most important factor when creating a man cave, as you want to choose a space that fits your passions. Do you love to work on cars or carpentry projects on your days off? The garage is your sanctuary. If you prefer entertaining with your friends and family, watching sports and cooking on the weekends then consider an indoor-outdoor space. This is a perfect solution for Scottsdale luxury homes since we are blessed with great weather year round. Another possibility is redesigning your office or basement as a larger secondary entertainment space with added privacy. Picking the right space is crucial to get the most out of your ideas.

Home Theatre RoomChoose a focal point. It could be a flat screen television, a display of collector’s items, a bar and grill, a personalized exercise space, your workbench or a trophy case to show off your proudest moments. Whatever it is, you want to emphasize your passions. Once you’ve decided the purpose of the space you can move onto the logistics such as the amount of square footage you’re working with so you can properly allocate for all the amenities you want! There are so many options when it comes to curating a perfect man cave—here are some ideas we love!

iStock_000021807968_LargeThe fun part about redecorating or simply creating a space from scratch is letting the ideas flow! A man cave is all about your personal preferences and letting your passions show. A good place to start is with a theme or a color palette that exudes your personal tastes. Working with a theme is a lot of fun and allows you to decorate with memorabilia you might have collected over the years. Making a space your own starts with what you love! Do not forget to include the necessary items you cannot live without. This might be a flat screen television surrounded my smaller screens –create an at home sports bar if you’d like! This idea is perfect for a basement as you can install a full service bar, perfect for entertaining your friends on game day. Another great option is to completely renovate your garage! This is often a go-to solution, with easy upkeep and maintenance. There are countless organization and storage options for your tools and also flooring options that give a sense of luxury to the garage. You don’t have to say goodbye to state of the art technology, as you can easily install a full-fledged entertainment area! Transform your garage into a sanctuary with all the added comforts of your family room, and be happy you took the plunge.

iStock_000010912903_LargeWhat about added extras that really make the space your own? Choose furniture that is the pinnacle of comfort and convenience such as a movie theater seats or recliners with customized cup holders of your favorite sports team or brand. Seating should be comfortable yet functional! Display your most used tools out in the garage on a magnetized panel for easy access and organization, and include a Craftsman tool box that will keep your smaller nails, bolts and screws organized. Some really unique ideas that require a bit of creativity are foster a level of comfort and luxury all at once. Install a wall mounted beer bottle opener, a coffee table with a built in cooler so you don’t have to keep getting up for your next drink or a Smart TV that supports voice recognition when the remote goes missing. If you live with a girlfriend or a wife then you can designate the space your own with a customized sign or funny message to let her know she’s entering your space. Equip your indoor-outdoor space with a state of the art grill, refrigerator and wine cooler to keep drinks chilled on hot days in Scottsdale.

The best part of designing a space to call your own is you have the freedom to design it! Include all of your must haves and leave add-ons to end to include everything you absolutely want! Keep comfort and convenience in mind, as you will want to spend your free time doing what you love most. If you are outfitting the garage make sure there’s a comfortable chair you can relax in after a few hours of building or working on your car. Designing an entertainment space? Think about seating and access to food and drink to make it easy on your guests to help themselves. However you decide to design your man cave keep your favorites in mind to get the most out of your space. At La Maison Interiors, our designers are experts in curating spaces specific to individual preference and taste. We’re positive you will find the perfect luxury furniture to include in your space!

Why Does Wallpaper Make Such A Statement?

​When your interior designer brings wallpaper into the conversation your mind immediately jumps to outdated prints and colors that just don’t quite fit with your vision of a luxury home in Scottsdale. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Wallpaper is making a comeback this year with new emerging technology generating prints and patterns ranging from timeless and traditional to bold and graphic. Wallpaper can define a room’s style and transform the atmosphere by simply adding color, texture or pattern to your walls. Don’t write off wallpaper just yet, as interior designers love the new age of wallpaper.

iStock_000002841840_LargeSet the Mood
​Wallpaper does something paint cannot. It brings texture to one-dimensional walls generating a sense of luxury and visual interest. Prints or patterns can significantly change the look and feel of a room even if you decide on a monochromatic color scheme your walls will instantly jump out at you, rather than reside in the background. You may be looking for that ”wow” factor paint simply cannot produce. Take a look at any room of your home that just doesn’t speak to the level of luxury you’re looking for; you can’t add more fabric and you’ve already chosen the right furniture–what’s left? Wallpaper will bring you the “wow” factor you’re looking for! It’s produced in countless styles, patterns and prints to outfit nearly any style! Wallpaper gives your space the boost it needs without drowning out existing elements of your space.

staircaseCurate Comfort 
Wallpaper changes the size of a space by either elongating low ceilings or shrinking a very large space for added coziness. Most overlook this and skip straight to paint color. Maybe your foyer has vaulted ceilings with a crown molding that slices the space in half horizontally. This might seem like a big problem to tackle, but consider wallpaper that directs the visual interest to the bottom half of the room so your eyes are drawn to it. This will give the space a more dramatic appearance without detracting from existing architectural elements, to achieve a homey look and feel.

What if you have the opposite problem and the space is simply too small? If you cannot renovate it to create more square footage, wallpaper can make a huge difference! Since your eyes will follow the flow of a print or pattern try vertical striped wallpaper to significantly lengthen low ceilings, and create the illusion of height. Opt for lighter colors though to avoid making the room feel even smaller.

iStock_000025754853_LargeBold & Daring Wins!
Have you ever seen wallpaper and thought–I could never have that in my home! Have you ever followed that question up with why not? As wallpaper makes a striking comeback in 2014 we’re seeing elaborate prints and dramatic color schemes that completely alter a room’s look and feel. Although this may be a step away from your comfort zone you will be pleasantly surprised to see what lively and playful prints can do in your home! Bold wallpaper dramatically changes a space by adding just the right amount of visual interest. Where’s the best place to go bold? The powder room or even a laundry room is the perfect space to try out daring wallpaper prints. Make a statement with wallpaper but understand what kind of statement you want to make. Soft lines add a soothing and elegant touch, while geometrics lend to a more modern look and feel. Whether you want to achieve high energy or subtle elegance wallpaper will change the way your space feels instantly.


Technology Makes it Easy
The newest advancements in technology jump-started the wallpaper comeback, as it’s easier than ever to digitally print various patterns, prints and textures with the click of a button. Previously popular floral and vertical stripes dominated most manufacturer inventories, but now designers are finding inspiration to create fresh updated prints and patterns every single day. You may be hesitant to give wallpaper a try because it’s stigma falls in the outdated, overused category, but there’s nothing better than seeing a print or pattern on the city street corner and bringing it to your interior designer to create a one of a kind wallpaper print. Hand drawn wallpaper prints are very popular right now and align with a sense of luxury and originality homeowners search for. 

Know what you like, to find what you love!
The key to any interior design decision is to choose 
the print you adore over a trend because you want to fall in love with your walls every day. You can never go wrong with traditional, classic choices such as vertical stripes or a modern floral print. There are so many textures and patterns to choose from, but that’s half the fun! Are you wondering how to go about choosing the right wallpaper for your home? Here are 3 easy ways to decide where to look first! Decide on your design concept first–modern or traditional? Eclectic or classic? Once you’ve narrowed that down decide on what the room needs; is it too small or too large? Do you want to notice the walls or let them work the magic as the background? Then, decide if you want to work off existing elements in your space or start fresh! If you simply want to update the walls, work off of the furniture and fabrics you have already; if not, begin with the wallpaper of your choice and choose secondary pieces like furniture and fabric to complete the space.

Before jumping straight to paint chips, think about the different ways a room can stand out with another medium. Wallpaper was very popular before the modern design takeover, and has seemingly lost its luster among homeowners. Despite its previous uses, wallpaper has made a comeback as interior designers look to surprise clients with fresh ideas to add that extra touch of interest. La Maison Interiors should be your first stop when picking out the right luxury furniture for your home to give your new wallpaper a touch of elegance and grandeur. Visit our showroom in Scottsdale for more interior design ideas you’re bound to fall in love with this season!