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Fall Trends You Will Love!

Despite the warm summer temperatures in Scottsdale your can still incorporate your favorite fall trends for the final months of 2014! We’ll help you find the right tabletop accessories, maybe a warm wood coffee table to add warmth to your family room or modern metallic pieces for some texture and interest atop the mantle piece in the family room. Whatever your favorite fall trend may be, La Maison Interiors will help you find the right luxury furniture to match fabulous fall décor!

4651e95d1309856f8801b4193c84aeabOne of the most popular design trends this fall is versatility, texture and layering. You won’t have to completely renovate a space to achieve this look either! Think throw pillows in gorgeous fabrics, a blanket that gives the illusion we’re experiencing cold weather, adding warmth to the sofa or your favorite leather chair. Mix it up with metallic pieces in your foyer for added visual interest and a touch of glamour. Your holiday guests are guaranteed to adore the combination of different textures, as it appears eclectic yet sophisticated. Don’t be afraid to pair different metals together, but make sure one does not overpower the other. When in doubt about mixing and matching metallic pieces, simply side with the same style to keep with a consistent design element.


The resurgence of traditional design has officially taken over for Fall 2014! Modern and eclectic décor has seen its time for the past few years, but as homeowners are looking for a cozier more approachable look and feel, traditional design has gained popularity. Incorporate a chandelier in the dining room for a timeless look that has just the right amount of glamour mixed in. One rule of thumb to measure for the right size chandelier is to double the width of your dining room in feet, and convert it to inches to find the minimum diameter you will need. This trick is well suited for those of us who fear the dreaded dinky chandelier. Wallpaper might seem outdated and frankly difficult to deal with, but you might be surprised at the countless options your interior design can offer you. Adding wallpaper to your family room, or even in the kitchen as a backsplash, whether it’s in the cabinets or not, a patterns and color does a room wonders!

e6a425095853c4782da20fdd1824f27bRenovating the kitchen is a big project to take on, but if you take it one step at a time you can easily change the entire look and feel over time. Start with your cabinets! Elaborate cabinetry is taking the design world by storm, as we’re seeing all types of colors and unique materials being used to take ordinary kitchen cabinets from boring to beautiful! Creating a glamorous kitchen is a lot of fun! You have tons of choices in terms of hardware, color and countertop material to choose from. Go bold and paint your cabinets a deep jewel tone with a metallic backsplash and matching hardware to create a traditional yet original look and feel. Intricate cabinetry details also make a difference if you want to keep with neutral tones in the kitchen. You can incorporate texture into the kitchen using natural elements such as stone to create a more organic atmosphere. Including elements of nature in the kitchen will give it a fresh update while keeping with traditional elements we all know and love.

8265f6856a9794f2022a3b38b4525902Bringing those natural elements into your home is a really fun and easy way to incorporate fall décor wherever you want. La Maison has the perfect tabletop accessories so you can start mixing and matching as the holiday season approaches. Warm colors work best! Think burnt orange and golden yellow; like the color of fallen leaves and crimson red to bring forth a traditional holiday color palette. Mix metallic pieces into the mix for texture and even a fall themed arrangement as a centerpiece for your dining room table. Lighting is crucial in creating a cozy atmosphere; candles are the easiest way to curate the soft relaxed ambiance you’re looking for! You can change the mood of any space if you incorporate candles, whether it be on the coffee table or neatly tucked away on the kitchen counter candles work anywhere in the home!

No matter what your favorite fall trend is incorporating warm colors, the right lighting and festive decor will change the look and feel of your home. Try these ideas in your home this fall for a fresh update from summertime and purchase the perfect accessories at La Maison Interiors where traditional luxury lives!

5 Ways To Turn Your Bathroom Into A Spa

beautiful modern bathroom in australian mansion

We all need a relaxing space to spend a few minutes and unwind every single day. Outfitting your bathroom to become a luxury spa starts with a serene color palette, and a peaceful ambiance to escape the stress of the day. Your bathroom should be a place of complete and total serenity—from the scent of your candles to the window treatments. La Maison is here to help you create a beautiful bathroom to indulge all your senses.


Soft Lighting
Choose lighting wisely. Pay attention to the wattage when purchasing light bulbs, as lower wattage can make a big difference in the bathroom. Fluorescent lighting is never recommended in the bathroom because of the harsh light –the softer the lighting the more you can create a mood. A great option is to install dimmer lights with various levels of brightness. If you share your bathroom with a spouse or significant other, installing the right vanity for the two of you can make a world of a difference in the morning and at night. Couples ideally share a bathroom space, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise your space! Install a double vanity and experience the wonders of separate space!Make sure your vanity has the right lighting to put on makeup; light dimmers are also a good option here too.

Soap and towelsThe Right to Accessorize
Have fun with accessorizing in your bathroom! This is the time and place to pick your favorite pieces, whether it’s wall art or candles to create the right ambiance or functional items that make your bathroom more convenient. Candles are a great way to create a relaxing and serene atmosphere. Create a candle arrangement for your Jacuzzi area with different heights to give some visual interest to your space. A jewelry dish on your vanity is a great way to keep track of your jewelry and prevent losing your favorite pieces to the drain. We suggest luxury furniture pieces such as a stool or poof for your vanity so you can comfortably sit and get ready in the morning.

iStock_000018000389_LargeWe love color!
Most interior designers will tell you the softer the color the more applicable it is to a smaller space. Choose whichever color you like, but keep in mind color creates mood and ambiance. If you’re going for a completely feminine bathroom, warm colors work best while cool blues and greens lend to both male and female sensibilities. Create a themed bathroom and with color as well. Sandy beige paired with teal blue and cool cucumber make for a perfect beach themed bathroom. Go completely modern and masculine with dark wood cabinets, white countertops and sleek chrome faucets. We love modern interior design and so will you!


The Good Stuff:
What do we mean by the good stuff? All things luxurious! Think plush bathmats, expensive towels with you and your man’s monogram on it, and all the necessary bathtub accessories for the most relaxing hour you’ll spend all day. Creating a bathroom that feels like a spa is all about the experience. From the moment you walk in until you turn the light off every aspect of your bathroom should be luxurious. We love the idea of a steam shower with a built in bench lined with gorgeous tile or real rocks if you want a more organic look and feel. Install a deep soaker bathtub, recessed in the floor for an extremely relaxing bubble bath.

All Things Tech
Some of the newest technology will help you achieve a bit more luxury too! Heated toilet seats with LED lights will guide you late at night, and take away the need for harsh lighting. Choose from endless types of showerheads and faucets ranging from traditional design to absolutely modern and high tech. Imagine the last time you visited a spa, and every towel was warmed to the perfect temperature; a heated towel rack can give you this little slice of luxury at home. For at truly luxurious glass shower, install glass that turns opaque with the switch of a lock for total privacy. Explore high tech options like this and visit our Smart Home blog for more ideas!

Balance Beauty and Functionality In Your Family Room

Curating the perfect space for your family requires know-how in harmony and balance. You want to create a family room that feels comfortable with communal spaces to spend time together while adhering to your personal taste.

2013-10-02_04.37.25__1_Balance is key, no matter what room it is. Keep in mind three types of symmetry when choosing your modern furniture, color and accessories for the family room. Symmetrical spaces appear harmonious and inviting, while still functional and spacious. By choosing like pieces you will achieve a mirrored effect for visual interest. Repetition is key in this scenario. This type of symmetry feels orderly, as all the major pieces in your family room will work off a central axis. Pinpoint the focal point in your family room; this could be the fireplace mantle, television or piece of art, and design in accordance with it to achieve a truly symmetrical space.



Asymmetrical spaces feel more relaxed, yet still inviting and functional. The key to achieving asymmetry is to pay attention to your eye’s natural sense of balance, the weight of objects and furniture in the family room. The focal point of the room is primarily important, but you have more freedom with arrangement as you can play with height and weight to balance each other. Repetition comes into play, but avoid identical pieces. Often asymmetrical family rooms appear more eclectic yet still luxurious as theres more visual interest at every turn of the eye.

radialBe bold with your home and experiment with radial symmetry; less commonly used and rarely executed properly, but if done correctly the result is truly stunning. Think of one focal point that all the other elements of the space work off of. Think round tables, light fixtures and avoid straight clean lines. The more natural curvature found in your space the more successful the design becomes. For instance, place a round coffee table in your family room and carefully arrange a sofa, chair, end table and accessories around the table. Play around with circular shapes, but also think about the arrangement. Your home may have a foyer with a winding staircase that appears off or unbalanced with strict straight lines, but a round table will compliment the staircase curvature. The functionality of a space is very important for balance. Do not dedicate traffic flow areas to one space; creating walkways throughout the space helps guests and your family to move comfortably in and out of the family room. Crowding all of the seating too close together will appear too busy, while too large of a walkway will cause the space to look empty and useless. Color also functions the same way. Too many colors in a symmetrical space will throw off the balance, while an asymmetrical space allows for more choices in color.


The perfect modern furniture for your family room is ultimately up to you, but keep with the rule of repetition to achieve a mirrored effect to keep with symmetrical design rules. If the fireplace is your focal point, choose two accessories that add height such as vases for either side of the mantle. The same goes for end table lamps. You will want two of a kind to achieve a mirrored effect. Asymmetry allows for more freedom in your choice of décor and color choice, while radial design is mainly concerned with form. However you choose to keep balance in your family room is up to you, but designing with a set of rules in place will make it easier to pick and choose the right modern furniture for your family room. At La Maison we want to help you create the perfect family room for your home with luxury pieces no matter what your design taste may be. Visit us at our showroom in Scottsdale for more ideas and inspiration to start curating your dream family room today!

Bring Beige To Life!


Beige is a classic color and often a go-to choice for homeowners, as it’s easy to design around! Introduce a pop of color to your space with fabric, accessories or new luxury furniture. Remember that beige is a “safe” choice, and often goes unnoticed, but it’s time to bring beige to life in your home with fabulous fabrics and luxury furniture that will immediately change your space for the better.

Neutral tones are very popular as transitional design has grown in popularity, but an all beige room doesn’t have to be boring by any means. La Maison Interiors has the sophisticated modern furniture to spice up your space in beautiful prints and vibrant colors! What color is best for your beige space?


Have fun pairing neutral tones with shades of red for added warmth in your space. You can appeal to both masculine and feminine tastes with red, as offers a sense of contemporary luxury. Add a set of red throw pillows or a dramatic print for the walls! It’s an easy way to bring red to your space incrementally.  Take the plunge and reupholster your favorite chair or sofa with a beautiful print, pattern or solid red fabric. Red is a powerful color, and if you feel your taste leans toward a more serene aesthetic softer shades of red work well also.


If red is a bit too much color for your liking then we suggest shades of blue to add a pop of color to your space. Aqua compliments sandy beige rather than sky blue, which lends to a more traditional look and feel. Sea green and turquoise offer a funky yet modern look and feel, as you will find countless shades of blues and greens to pick from. Be careful not to choose a dark green or navy blue, as you want to compliment the undertones of your beige walls. Start small with throw pillows, accessories or wall art if you want to ease the introduction of color into your space.

One of our favorite ways to bring beige to life is through a monochromatic color scheme. Black and white paired with beige is subtle yet sophisticated without appearing too bold. Use black or dark brown-black for the floors, doors and furniture. White offers a clean and crisp look that appeals to modern luxury. Bring this theme to life with a warm chocolate brown instead of stark black to warm up your space. This is also a good opportunity to include red as you can achieve that sense of warmth with a pop of color.beige4

A rule of thumb when introducing color to an all beige space is to stick with the undertones of the existing beige walls or décor. You cannot go wrong with color if you adhere to the cool or warm undertones in your home. By adding red to beige you bring out the warmth found in beiges that are closer to taupe and brown. Blues and greens make the cooler tones in beige walls pop if you want to achieve a more modern aesthetic. This is also a perfect opportunity to achieve a beach house look and feel. Hiring an interior designer will take the guesswork out of which colors are best for your space. Visit La Maison Interiors in Scottsdale for more ideas on color choice, luxury furniture and interior design ideas!