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Bring Out The Glamour Girl In You

When we imagine our dream home, colors, fabric and luxury furniture come to mind. We see beautiful spaces with comfortable seating and plush surroundings. Tailoring your ideas into a workable design trend can be difficult, but we suggest beginning with your color scheme as a starting point. If you are at a loss, we have ideas to create a glamorous and dramatic space, echoing Old Hollywood aesthetics. Think shiny metallic fabric, and ornate luxury furniture with unique character for those noticeable small details.


Creating a dramatic and glamorous look starts with your walls, and ends with your accessories. La Maison Interiors will get you started on great ideas! You want to inject glitz and glamour with the right amount of drama leaving tacky and overly ornate pieces to the wayside.. This can be a challenge, as metallic fabric and finish can appear tasteful or outdated. Balance old Hollywood glamour with modern elements to keep your space updated while infusing drama wherever possible. Begin with color. Dark moody walls paired with bright accent colors do the trick. Implement color to add visual interest to avoid too many light neutral tones. Light pinks mixed with warm gold tones will bring a hint of glamour and femininity to your space.


A monochromatic color palette brings drama forth as its paired with, metallic furniture accents. Don’t shy away from over the top and opulent! Mix daring furniture choices with light pink, lilac or rose colored fabric to infuse glamour into any room in your home. Accessories are every girl’s favorite part of an outfit! Why not tailor your bedroom or loft with girly accessories too? Think shiny, reflective mirrors with a metallic finish! One of our favorite items is a sunburst mirror as it offers the right amount of glitz with a hint of femininity. Make mirrors the focal point of your space by creating a balance between over the top and tasteful. That is your challenge!



Pepper contemporary elements throughout the space, but avoid patterns. Animal print and fur creates an ultra-luxurious and opulent mood, but we suggest infusing this element in small doses. When it comes to luxury furniture, the key to Hollywood glamour is mixing modern clean lines with plush fabrics like velvet and silk. Accompany opulent furniture with impressive rugs that are showy and impressive.



Create a space that makes guests look from piece to piece with awe and wonder as to how you thought to pair those two items together. Don’t be afraid to show off to achieve glamour and glitz in your home. Pay attention to scale when choosing furniture, as you want to keep it small-scale.

Avoid oversized sofas and chairs because infusing femininity wherever possible will bring this style to life. Dainty curves in furniture frames with a metallic finish offer this look and feel. Old Hollywood influence is fun and easy to implement with the right luxury furniture and fabrics you will be on your way to a timeless dream home.




Why Transitional Design Will Make You Happier at Home

transitional4Your home is a sanctuary, a place away from the hustle of busy streets and too many people. Why not design your home with a sense of beauty and grandeur in mind? That is what transitional design can do for your home. Think modern elements with a touch of traditional luxury. Plush fabrics like chenille, velvet and ultra suede are just a few perfect fabric options for a transitional space. Comfortable furniture with warm wood accents and sophisticated clean lines fit for both you and your man make for a simple yet impressive transitional space.


The beauty of transitional style is its versatility. Nearly all aspects transitional design can be altered to fit your personal tastes. Always choose a warm wood accent for furniture and flooring, as this will create a homey look and feel. Mix modern and traditional elements; think furniture with classic wood frames and rounded profiles for a luxurious mood. Lighting, artwork and accessories should be sophisticated and simple with a touch of minimalism. Transitional spaces often lack bright engaging colors,where this style lacks in color leaves you the chance to be creative with your choice of color, accessories and lighting.

transitional5 copyIf you love transitional design, but you have a hard time leaving bold colors and jewel tones at the wayside, we have creative ways to fuse color with transitional style trends. Think about the big picture when choosing a paint color. One accent wall can change a space immediately.Make an impression with saturated colors and jewel toned wall color. 


Fabric is one of the easiest ways to add a dash of color. Whatever you do, think simple, classic luxury. Soft fabrics that emulate ultimate relaxation and comfort are a perfect choice. Add a pop of color using a graphic pattern or print, but make sure to choose an enlarged print, as you will want to steer clear of anything dainty or too feminine

We all love jewel tones, as they bring a feeling of royalty and luxury to a space due to the level of saturation. Steer clear of pure white as you want light neutral shades to be easy on the eyes. A good rule of thumb is to choose color based on a percentage basis; 60% of the color in a space will dominate the room while 30% is a recessive color and 10% represents the accent color of your choice. Be daring and choose a jewel tone color for one wall, preferably the smallest wall to avoid overpowering the other design elements in the space. Pairing a bold colored wall with simple light colored fabric will off set the accent wall, but you will still achieve a minimalist approach.


Achieve transitional style  in your home with new furniture, updated fabric or a pop of color. Balance masculine and feminine sensibilities in terms of scale and size. Chairs and sofas should fit both you and your husband comfortably. Oversized chairs work wonderfully in a bedroom while armchairs in luxurious fabric are perfect for a family room. Furniture that appears too narrow, dainty or fragile often feels too feminine. Avoid metal frames, white wood and anything that appears overly modern. Avoid ornate finishes, metallics and over embellished pieces; instead opt for contemporary furniture with clean lines and warm wood accents,

Keep it simple, timeless and classic for the perfect transitional space.Visit La Maison Interiors in Scottsdale for transitional style inspiration, luxury furniture items and gorgeous fabrics to make your home a little happier this summer.

Pick The Right Fabric For Just the Right Amount of Pizzaz!


Don’t shy away from bold and colorful fabric this year to achieve that WOW factor. Chairs are taking center stage these days. Even if your decor is transitional with cool, muted tones, consider adding that WOW factor to your room, whether it be your Great Room, Living Room, Office, or Bedroom. Upholster a chair in an exciting fabric and add visual interest to any space in your home! Think solid, brightly colored fabrics, geometrics, bright paisleys and florals with pizazz. Large floral prints, updated paisley patterns and bright colors are all the rage this summer. Why not have some fun with them?  We’re seeing a big step away from neutral or muted tones and a twist on traditional patterns and shapes.  Pick a fabric that keeps with your current aesthetic!


We all love a little glamour in our life, but to keep a balance between gaudy and tasteful pair metallic fabric with natural materials like cotton and linen. A touch of shimmer and sheen gives every home a hint of elegance. The key to implementing metallic fabric in your home is with a light hand. The rule, less is more applies in a big way. Always choose a light metallic that catches sunlight easily. This will make the fabric shine and add dimension to a space.

Blue fabric works in almost every room of the home, but we’re seeing modern twists on traditional shades of blue. Navy and Indigo are popping up everywhere! Blue is one of the most soothing colors, but it also remains a traditional color choice. Choose a shade of blue that’s vibrant, has a large print or an accent color to accentuate a space. Too much blue can edge on nautical or even too masculine so mix blue with complimentary colors for a versatile look and feel.


Prints are a fabulous solution if you have an aversion to solid colors. Choose a large print that draws attention and is easy on the eyes. A larger print always appears modern and updated while smaller prints appear outdated. Look for prints that are oversized or zoomed in to give off a partitioned look and feel.


Don’t be fooled between a pattern and a print, as they are two different types of fabrics that create different moods. Patterns repeat and often add continuity to a room, where as prints are more versatile as they often include a wide range of color choices. We’re seeing unexpected color combinations and unusual prints that add visual interest when mixed with the right elements.


Enlarged renditions of paisley and other recognizable patterns appear contemporary versus outdated making them a perfect addition to a traditional home that has touch of modern sensibilities.

Fabric often defines our mood while we sit in the family room or bedroom, which makes it one of the most important design choices you make. Don’t shy away from color, and implement a touch of metallic wherever possible. The sheen from natural light will make it stand out immediately. Visit La Maison Interiors for more luxury furniture fabric choices fit for 2014!

Select Just The Right Chair For Your Home

chair1 chair2While there are a myriad of styles to choose from, it’s often difficult to decide what type of luxury furniture chair fits a space. Your interior designer will offer expertise while selecting a new chair for your home, and La Maison Interiors is here to offer you the rules of thumb when choosing the right chair for any space in your home.

The scale of the chair must complement the size of the room. If the room is large with high ceilings, you’ll want chairs of significant stature. Chairs should always compliment the space as you want to accentuate existing architectural elements. While you don’t want your chairs to dwarf the other furnishings in the room, neither do you want your chairs “lost” among larger furnishings.

Comfort is an obvious rule of thumb. Style and design are important, and comfort is equally important if you plan on spending a lot of time in this chair. Think about who will be seated in the chairs, and make a purchase with that in mind. Will you be hosting dinner parties? If the chairs are predominantly for guests, comfort becomes less of an issue. Will the chairs serve an informal or formal purpose? How much time will you be sitting in the chair? If you will be watching television for hours in the chairs, then by all means–comfort is very important! If these chairs are for you and your husband consider his height when choosing the right chair for your space.



Style is important, as you want to compliment the existing aesthetic of your home. If your home is modern stick with clean and sleek lines. Opt for armless chairs if you’re going with a contemporary design, and vice versa if your style is more ornate and traditional. Mix and match chairs if your home leans towards an eclectic aesthetic or add a pop of color if the rest of the room is a neutral base.

Next week, we’ll be talking about fabric and color choice! We’ll be talking about our favorite of the summer! A perfect opportunity to reupholster the luxury furniture in your home. We’ll show you how to incorporate fresh and vibrant colors into your home!