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Fashionable Lighting for Everyone’s Taste


Reinvent the atmosphere in your home with new lighting fixtures, decorative lamp shades or floor lampsfor added height. There are many options to choose from, and you can play with contrasting colors and finishes to add elegance and sophistication to any room.

Playing with pattern and texture is an easy way to implement eye catching pieces to a room. Lamp shades come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes to add a personal touch. If your dining room chairs or living room furniture is a solid fabric, patterned lamp shades are engaging and playful. If you have neutral furniture play with color!


Make sure the color isn’t too bright or neon though as you do not want lamp shades to appear too young or immature. Some shades have embellishments such as beads, rhinestones or tassels for a little something extra. Stick with the design aesthetic set in place, no matter what room you are redecorating, because lighting simply changes the mood of a room. When you contrast lighting with an entire design concept you are entering into dangerous waters.

The form of a lampshade can completely change the atmosphere in a room. You can choose a modern touch or old world fixtures. There are many unique fixtures that appear as artwork instead of traditional lighting fixtures. Pendant lights are a wonderful addition to a kitchen because they hang effortlessly above dining areas or the counter for a minimalistic appearance. Think drama, think eye-catching think extraordinary. Take any space in your home and add drama too it with a chandelier that has a modern touch. Try a double chandelier with exposed light bulbs for an old world touch. Whatever design idea are occurring in a space try to mimic the lines and curves in your choice of lighting. If your dining room table is round, choose a round lampshade, or pendant lighting.


Theme lighting is an emerging aesthetic a lot of homeowners are experimenting with. When choosing luxury furniture that has a central theme to it you can easily transfer that theme to your lamp shades and fixtures. You can also contrast the theme, for instance if you have a rustic or mainly warm colored room with wood furniture add a metal finish floor lamp for a stark contrast that is visually engaging.

If you simply cannot choose between the old and new combine the best of both worlds. Try metal fixtures with contemporary light bulbs or search for clean lines and smooth metal fixtures with exposed ornate light bulbs. Go with a classic floor or reading lamp in a quiet space next to your most prized chair or sofa in the house. When choosing new light fixtures, lamp shades or bulb style make sure you feel comfortable with the brightness. This is very important as too dim can make a room seem somber, where as too bright can appear fluorescent.

Playing with light fixtures and lamp shades can be a fun and exciting way to change the look and feel of any room in your home. Pair your luxury furniture with multiple different options at La Maison Interiors in Scottsdale. We have contemporary lighting for the minimalists, and traditional old world floor lamps, table lamps and chandeliers for those whose home decor is Old World or Mediterranean.

Turn it Out with Turquoise

Traditionally turquoise was a staple in the Southwest interior design scene as accents on rustic furniture, or embellishments on door knobs or handles. Implement turquoise in many ways for 2014, and explore the many hues and shades of this versatile color. Add a pop of turquoise to any room in the form of a decorative pillow, glassware, center piece or re upholster a chair or sofa to bring vibrancy to any room in your home. Stick with dark, richer shades of turquoise. Pale shades of turquoise will dull a space, and appear muted if your furniture is neutral shades or patterns.


blue leather chair

Last year’s color of the year was Emerald. Jewel tones were prevalent this past year, and turquoise is a version of Emerald. The infusion of blue and green together makes for a rich color that attracts the eye and creates a visually interesting room. Choose wall art that plays on turquoise or replace decorative pillows in your living room with turquoise pillows, and the vibrancy of the color will make the space seem brighter. Be brave and paint one wall a rich turquoise and pair it with grey furniture. Grey has cool undertones, and doesn’t feel as stark as white or black upholstery

Turquoise1Turquoise is a perfect color to pair patterns and textures with, as its rich blue undertones mixed with green appear unique and catches anyone’s eye. Re upholster a neutral colored armchair with a turquoise pattern for a statement piece in the living room. Pair a turquoise sofa with animal print pattern or choose to add small additions of turquoise using accessories.

Keep with the same cool undertones as you add more color to a room or go for the complete opposite and make a statement with yellow or coral accessories. Contrasting with turquoise is a perfect way to add a lot of vibrant color to your home this year.

However you choose to implement turquoise in 2014 remember to be daring and bold. Less is always more though, and contrasting colors will make the turquoise pop. Don’t write off turquoise because its traditionally associated with Southwestern interior design. Embrace the vibrancy and versatility of turquoise this year and design. Embrace the vibrancy and versatility of turquoise this year and Visit us at La Maison Interiors for more ideas on how to include turquoise in your home.

Fabric Fashion

We are thrilled to once again welcome TV Host and Designer, Joe Ruggiero, for his Fabric and Fashion presentation on Thursday, February 27th.

Design icon Joe Ruggiero has been a major influence in American design for over
30 years – as TV host, spokesperson, magazine editor, consultant, author and
creator of a hugely successful line of home furnishings, textiles and accessories.

LM13-Fabric_Fashion_Invite-EMAIL 2


Mr. Ruggiero’s multi-media work has created a familiarity with millions of consumers who trust his design sensibilities. He is a credible and in-demand source of design inspiration; a familiar face that consumers trust to guide them through the decorating stages of their lives.

The thread that weaves through each of Joe Ruggiero’s designs is his uncanny ability to combine classic elegance with clean, contemporary style. Over the course of his varied career, Joe has been the recipient of major awards from his peers in interior design and home furnishings manufacturing.

The Fabric & Fashion event at La Maison Interiors showcases Mr. Ruggiero’s fabrics as handbags in a casual runway show to demonstrate the relationship between fabric and fashion.

Following the show, the handbags will be raffled (each with special surprise certificates inside) to raise money for local organization, Florence Crittenton. Mr. Ruggiero’s presentation is entertaining, informative, and oh so fashionable! RSVP’s are a must so reserve your seat at

About Florence Crittenton:

For more than 117 years, Florence Crittenton has helped girls and young women ages 10 to 21 discover their strength and self-worth by providing them the support and resources they need to reach their full potential. The agency offers programs and services for individuals struggling to overcome challenges caused by poverty, abuse, neglect, teen pregnancy, mental/behavioral health issues, homelessness and violence. Florence Crittenton also holds the charter for the state’s first and only public, single gender college preparatory school, the Girls Leadership Academy of Arizona (GLAAZ).

Florence Crittenton brings safety, hope, and opportunity for nearly 1,200 girls and young women annually.

Hair On Hide

Like all design concepts, a little goes a long way.  While animal print has been a style element for many years, we will be seeing more of it as an interior design trend in 2014. Look for animal print and animal hides as upholstery for chairs and sofas.  Even ottomans and occasional tables are being produced with a touch of animal hair, print or hide.


Animal rugs have also been a design element in non-traditional homes over the years and it’s definitely a big trend in 2014 as the style moves from Traditional to Transitional and Contemporary. Choosing animal print can be a fun way to add texture to a room. High-end animal hair prints for chairs and sofas work well with solid colors. Choose bold colors that make a statement and pair it with animal hide or hair. Be careful not to overdo it as adding too much texture against other patterns can seem busy and too eclectic. Creating a sophisticated living or dining room calls for quality. When choosing animal hide or hair make sure it’s quality. Sophistication calls for quality products as elegance comes from well-chosen items and fabric.


Upholster one chair or sofa instead of allthree in your living room. Always keep in mind less is more. Choosing an animal hair rug can be a hit or miss. Make sure the rug is well made, make sure the rug does not contrast with other animal prints or hides in the room and stick with the design elements already there. If you have hardwood floors animal hair rugs are a perfect addition to your living room as the non-traditional measurements make for an interesting centerpiece right below your feet.

The mainstays of this trend are simple, but beware of overdoing it as too many zebra hair pillows paired with hide covered ottomans can quickly become overwhelming, to say the least. Stick with one item, and your living, dining or even bedroom can completely change in its look and feel.


Have fun with animal hide and hair in 2014! Don’t be afraid to try the trend out slowly, and introduce animal hide or hair into your home. Trust your design instincts or contact your interior designer to get a better idea of where to implement animal hide or hair. Scottsdale luxury furniture in animal hair or hide is waiting for you at La Maison Interiors Scottsdale showroom. Change the look of your luxury furniture and try out this trend for 2014