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Recliners Are Making a Comback

For years now, many homes havPLR_5516_FM10__2_e had recliners, typically reserved for the man of the house. Sometimes these chairs can be a bit outdated, making them an eye sore to an otherwise perfectly executed room setting. We understand these sentiments, but recliners can be a practical, comfortable and a stylish choice to boost the overall appeal of design elements. Settling for your grandfather’s recliner won’t add any style to your space, come see our options for sleek recliners in the Phoenix area.The overall appearance of a recliner cannot be ignored, and it’s important to understand how to incorporate a recliner within the decor of the room. Don’t limit yourself to properly accessorizing a space. Adding a recliner can create a comfortable space to relax with the potential to become a room to entertain friends or watch a movie with family. Begin to imagine where you’ll want to place your newest recliner knowing it will look great in any room of your house.


With many contemporary styles to choose from, the recliner is quickly becoming a modern addition with more stylish and contemporary options making a mark in traditional design. Remember, recliners are a deceptive furnishing. At first glance, they typically look like chairs or parts of a sofa. Keeping this in mind quickly helps you realize how diverse the recliner placement can actually be.

Traditionally, recliners have always been leather, but this harkens back to the stigma of your grandfather’s recliners. This isn’t to say that leather is out, but it also means that upholstered, and fabric recliners are in, giving you a variety of style options to choose from. You can have a specific look with a proper leather recliner, or you can think outside the box and really experiment with your textures. This is the beauty of taking a traditional option and adding a modern feel to it.


And speaking of contemporary, we really do have to mention some of the more modern features that are currently trending in recliners. The main trend that’s circulating is the ease in recliner function. Once operated by a lever, recliners are seeing an increase in motorized functions. This is a great feature since it allows your reclining motions to be controlled and moderated for ease of use. It also helps create a more sleek design that doesn’t have a bulky lever hanging off the side of your chair.

With all of these classic meets contemporary features, it’s not hard to discover why the recliner has been able to stand the test of time. With its classic feel and ability to lend itself to modern trends, the recliner is a furniture staple that is both functional and timeless. The only thing left for you to do, is find the perfect choice. Like always La Maison interiors is your source for design advice and furnishings selection.

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Leather Furnishings Never Go Out of Style

Leathercraft_wing_chairHere’s something that can make your house decorating a little easier. It’s a simple fact. It’s true and, as far as we’re concerned, it has and always will be. It’s seven simple words that create a simple sentence, and carries a lot of meaning and relief. Are you ready? Well, here it comes: Leather Furnishings Never Go Out Of Style.

Leather furnishings are a timeless classic. They can implement either a rustic design element to your space or a sleek, contemporary design element depending upon how they are implemented.

Leather introduces Old World stylistic qualities like ornate carved legs, an embossed leather chair oreven fringe leather trim. Leather has a traditional appeal, but is a material that can be used in a variety of ways, giving it timeless design qualities that can beautify its classic appeal.  When it comes to modern leather furnishings think sofas with stainless steel legs, sleek sofas and chairs, and very little or no ornamentation.

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Never stress about finding a choice in leather furniture that appeals to your design tastes. Practically every style of furniture can be found with a leather composition. Sofas, chairs, and upholstered headboards, all have leather applications that will give your décor the simple, modern and sleek look that is so synonymous with leather furniture.

And that’s not just by chance. You see, leather sofas and chairs are well known for their detailing. Through the implementation of grommets, specialty stitching (think baseball stitching, but without all the dirt and horseplay) and fringe, there are numerous combinations of colors, tones, and patterns that can make a well crafted piece of leather furniture shine.

Placement & Upkeep


Leather can be cooler than fabric, both in temperature and in appeal. It’s all about placement. You want to keep it out of direct sunlight to prevent visible cracks or color fading. However, a bit of “wear and tear”  does create a natural beauty, a patina, that only leather furnishings can portray.

Having leather furniture also means a different kind of care to maintain its quality and appearance in your space. In most cases, leather can be easily maintained in comparison to a suede or fabric piece of furniture. The process is different than standard upholstery, and regular care is required to prevent wear and cracks from appearing.

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Leather furnishings are one of those simple yet elegant design choices that bring a timeless and custom feel to any décor choices you make. It all depends on your style, and how you want your house to best represent you. As always, La Maison Interiors is here to help you make that perfect purchase to best design to your personal tastes


Turn Negative Space Into Your Favorite Space

When designing your home’s interior, proper placement of furniture is crucial in defining décor specific to your tastes. Finding the right piece of furniture, and the proper place for it is the key to a successful look. When the perfect balance is achieved, you’ll be able to brandish your flair for design, while showcasing the beauty of your home in a way that is both functional and organic.

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Occasional tables are a creative way to thread the beauty of your design concept through your furnishings. One of the more neglected pieces of your home’s collection is the occasional side table. It adds character to a room bringing it together to shape the room’s personality. Likewise, side tables add interest to neglected areas and awkward corners between larger pieces. The occasional side table must have a purpose in a room. Remind yourself of its function and keep in mind what the table will be used for before adding an occasional side table. For instance, if you and your guests often use a side table for placing drinks, you’ll want to choose a table of appropriate height and size leaving enough space for coasters and glasses with a level top. Alternatively, if your table functions more as a design focal point, try experimenting with colors, dimensions and materials to provide more sensory interest. You’ll see some incredibly successful pairing of chairs and occasional tables in contrasting colors and styles.


Another common application for the occasional table is the entryway. Day-to-day it may serve as a place for “leaving the house” item storage (keys, dog leashes, etc.). During special times of the year it may serve as the perfect place for a guestbook or a space for a seasonal flower arrangement, giving your home the welcoming feeling to guests that many homeowners struggle to master. Try placing your entryway occasional table in front of a mirror or hanging artwork above it to complete the look.


Hosting a party in your cozy living room of grand foyer calls for an occasional table for party guests to rest drinks on during casual conversation. Filling negative space with attractive hallway tables, a small table with a chair contrasting in a color or pattern will add character to a once bland space

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Implementing various texture such as wood, glass or mosaic table tops will improve the appearance and feel of a space adding to the design elements or contrasting an existing theme. Be careful not to over accessorize a simple cocktail table and keep in mind, functionality is the key when choosing the right occasional table for your space. Visit our showroom in Scottsdale for more design inspiration!

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