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Window Coverings

Your windows are the most ample supply of natural light in your home. Thoughtfully placed coverings can create rich ambience and soften the intensity of incoming light. Window coverings can also be used to introduce interesting color compositions in whichever room they are placed. Our coverings come in unique designs, styles and colors that, when paired with the proper window design, make for great trend-forward design choices. Figuring out which ones will work best for your interior is the fun part!

Current Window Trends

Before we begin, we should address some of the latests trends.The focus now is on looks that are simple. Ornate rods, “tie-backs” and fussy finials may unnecessarily clutter a room. Simpler options that will convey classic elegance and a clean look are the best option when addressing your windows.

The current trend in hanging curtains has them just barely touching the floor. Traditionally, allowing your draperies to “puddle” on the floor was the accepted look, but this look is no longer in vogue. Keeping your drapery length restricted to a few inches off the floor is always your best bet for timeless appeal.


There is a plethora of colors and designs that make window coverings a sophisticated statement. With the addition of the right window covering, a room can go from flat to dynamic and comforting.

Let’s say you have decided that light drapery and one solid color would be best. Keep in mind that light fabrics is going to keep everything simple and clean but won’t do a lot for retaining heat or shutting out cool. With properly glazed windows however, the lighter weight fabrics have a great contemporary appeal that’s going to afford some sophistication that heavier drapery might not.In order to choose the proper window covering color, you should consult your color wheel. By properly matching your window coverings to your seasonal color scheme, you can better create an appropriate mood for your room.

Now that we have gotten all of the logistics out of the way, lets imagine you have  selected a nice dark red. It’s a great seasonal color that’s going to bring some of that cozy warmth into your room.. You hang up your covering and notice that now, instead of vibrant natural light, there is an undertone of red imbued with it.  On top of that, the heat from the light has been toned down, thanks to the window covering. Now you have fashion and function, and your room looks better because of it. It’s the perfect complement to your room and you can now focus on sitting back and enjoying the comforts of your room.


Another window treatment option is blinds. This is always a good choice because it regulates light and heat control, and is the perfect choice for a simple and clean look. Keep in mind that, when placing blinds, they should be lighter in weight and color. This will ensure a cohesiveness to the room, without giving or taking too much attention to your windows.

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Window coverings are a great opportunity to place additional colors into your interior design and enhance the overall aesthetic of the room. With solid colors, you get the chance to add elements of that color into your room. With coverings that have designs, you get the ability to add additional pattern into your rooms. Choices abound, but you want to make sure that whatever you select, it adheres to the design and function of your room.  At La Maison Interiors, we want your interior design to reflect your personality as much as possible, and we’re here to help you do just that.


La Maison’s Interior Design Guide Fall Furniture Fashion Trends

Now that it is officially Fall, It’s time to start considering some fall fashion trends. The season change is a great opportunity to reinvent the décor of your house, to better suit your fashion sensibilities as it relates to the season. It’s important to remember that furniture is fashion. The two are synonymous and have some overlapping style choices that will best represent your personality.

SInce we are in the fashion aspects of interior design, you should remember that, like fashion, the choices you make in your home can be glamorous, sophisticated and fashion-forward. WIth that having been said, you should also focus on looks that are simple and clean, but defined by their perfectly stated elegance.

 When selecting the décor for your home, approach it as you would if you were purchasing new clothing or accessories.  Color and style are two considerations.


 There is an array of colors to choose from this season.  The “color of the season” is the green, various shades of green and blue is another color trend.  Combined, you’ll get great color options, such as teal, to liven up

your space.  Adding these colors into your décor will add a layer of depth and sophistication.

 Beige has always been a great neutral and continues to be, particularly with the “clean, minimalistic” approach to design adding a layer of depth to a simple and clean aesthetic.  Beige looks great in a variety of textures particularly in organic fabrics and it’s a good neutral wall color.Bergen

 If your husband will allow it, definitely add lace to your bedroom decor  Lace-trimmed pillows and duvets speak to today’s trend.  If it’s too feminine of a touch, consider utilizing lace in a guest bedroom to add a hint of warmth and softness.  Consider a stark contrast such as a dark wood headboard and footboard accessorized in feminine lace bedding.

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 The current trend for walls is textured wallpaper, but we’re not talking your grandmother’s wallpaper!   Think chic, embossed wall paper that looks like works of art. The choices range from damask to glitter to linear to florals, an array of styles to choose from to enhance your decor.

 We suggest you take a look at your new Fall wardrobe and mimic those choices in your home interior.  You may only be in the market for few new pillows this season, but if you understand your personal style you can confidently purchase today’s home interior trends that represent your unique style.  As always, La Maison interiors is here to help you make your rooms come alive and reflect you at your best.


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Dining Room Chairs Placement and Style Guide

Finding the Perfect Dining Room Chairs

Dining room chairs are an important addition to the interior design of any dining room. While they provide seating for guests at a dining room table, they can also compliment the color scheme and over-all décor of the room. Getting the proper chair set can help create a room that is both comfortable, and falls in line with the aesthetic sensibility that you are seeking to create.

To properly pick out the appropriate chair, you first need to ask yourself a few important questions. For instance, what will be the primary use of your dining room table? Or, how do the shape and size of your table impact what type of chair you ought to choose? Do you have casual or formal dinners? You don’t want something that will stain easily—better suited for formal gatherings—for frequent, casual use. Likewise, you don’t want something too casual for elegant dinner parties. Once you have figured out the answers to some of these questions, you can start moving on with selecting the perfect dining room chairs.

For a more traditional choice, solid wood chairs are perfect. With wood chairs, properly stained and crafted to match your table, you’ve made a simple choice that provides your interior design with a classic and traditional appeal.

turnstyleA second option might be to add something upholstered to the mix. While the wood of the chair can be used to match the color of your table, the upholstered elements of the chairs can complement the rest of the décor of your dining room.

For less traditional, more adventurous designs, you might consider printed upholstery options that add contrast and color to the room. These chairs are a great choice that add an additional design element to your dining room without being overbearing in style or tone.

For a more casual dining experience, there is always the option of choosing stools. This option works best when paired with a counter or high table. Although this option is slightly more casual, there are many options to tie this type of furniture into a range of interior design styles.

You should also keep a few measurements handy when selecting chairs for your dining room. When placing your chairs at the table, you want them to be 36” away from the wall, so that your guests can comfortably sit down and get up without feeling squished. You also want to measure the height of your table to ensure your chairs and chair arms slide underneath easily. It’s recommended that your chair arms are no closer than 7” beneath your table. Also remember to leave at least 24” between the chair themselves to allow your guests to sit down without being overcrowded or brushing elbows.

It may seem like there are a lot of steps when picking out the perfect chair for your dining room table, but the end result is well worth the time and attention. After all, interior design is an expression of your personality, and everything you put in your home represents your style and interests. Even so, make sure you have fun while decorating your home. If you do, you can better craft a space that is both comfortable and stylish. As you do, we hope you will keep coming back to the La Maison blog for more helpful tips.


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Perfect Dining Tables: Shapes and Sizes

Dining Tables

Dining tables come in all shapes and sizes. Some are large, some are compact, and some come with a removable leaf so you can have it both ways. A dining table is a symbol of unity. It’s where a family eats their meals together, and discusses their day with each other. Sometimes you might do a holiday craft with your kids, and other times you might sit with them while they do their homework. A dining table is one of those pieces of furniture that is as symbolic as they come, and choosing one to put in your home is always the best part.

 Typically, all of the dining room table options can be broken down into two categories; Square and Round. Each one has its own attributes and can be implemented into an interior design in a positive way. It comes down to understanding what you want your table to be used for, and what would fit best into your interior design.

round dining tables are perfect for nooks and breakfast roomsRound Dining Table: The round dining table has a casual feel to it that can help express communion. There is no ‘heads of the table’ so it makes all who eat or gather at the table feel relaxed and at ease. It’s perfect for having frequent casual gatherings and allows you to convey a very welcoming atmosphere.

 There is also the added benefit of space. A round dining table can fit into more places without much problem. It’s smaller, but if you are looking to have more intimacy in relation to your table time, then being able to put your table in interesting locations can be ideal.

 Although traditionally the round table is smaller than a square table, you can opt to get one with a much larger diameter. If you happen to go with the larger diameter, it may be best to consider a tabletop lazy susan, for convenient dinners.

an elegant dining table with matching chairsSquare/Rectangular Dining Table: These dining tables are the more traditional of the options. You’re more apt to choose a square or rectangular dining table because more rooms have a square or rectangular shape. It’s important to keep in mind that the larger these tables are, the harder it is to reach for food. This makes it difficult for small dinner settings to fully use the space, but is perfect for large dinner parties. It’s important to consider your lifestyle when choosing your perfect table.

 When picking out your dining table it’s important to consider space and measurements.  You’ll want to make sure there is at least twenty-four inches between the table and wall to make sure that your guests or family members aren’t squished. You should also make sure that the minimum width of the table is thirty-six inches or else placing will become difficult.

 Dining tables can do a lot to set the tone of your house. Lifestyle and function all come into play so these are all things to consider when creating your interior design. As always, La Maison is here to help make your choice the perfect one.