Luxurious Master Bedroom Updates


The most important room in the home is the bedroom. Decorating the master bedroom to fit your personal style is a must.  We spend more time relaxing in the master bedroom than any other room in the home.  Adding comfortable pillows, plush fabrics and a luxurious headboard will instantly change your space for the better. Color is key too! Don’t go too bold with jewel tones, rather stick to softer hues that fit both a masculine and feminine feeling. Creating the perfect master bedroom is easy to do over the weekend, and we’ll show you how to do it.

We love to begin with color. Choose a palette that fits your personal style, and keep in mind the size and shape of your master bedroom. Larger spaces tend to feel airy and open, and using cooler colors can make the space feel less intimate and cozy. Do you want the space to feel more modern and clean or cozy and comfortable? Warmer colors tend to feel more feminine, yet also exude a romantic mood. Take advantage of various shades of grey for a soothing contemporary aesthetic. Using the right grey, whether it has warm or cool undertones is always a good choice for a master bedroom as it lends to both masculine and feminine aesthetics. bed3

Another easy way to incorporate color without repainting the walls is with a luxury area rug. Also, the human eye groups luxury furniture together when it sits atop an area rug. If you have a larger master bedroom, and want to add visual interest to your space create a cozy look and feel with a separate sitting area. When relaxation is on your mind, but going to bed is not a reading chair is a perfect segway. Make sure to shop for a luxurious ottoman to rest your feet on that is both soft and comfortable. Make sure to purchase the right sized rug for the space, b by taking measurements to better understand the dimensions of your space. Interior design rules say furniture should sit on the perimeter of the rug to make the space feel larger.

AFullSizeRendert La Maison Interiors, our collection of headboards range from classic traditional to modern and contemporary. Incorporating a headboard into the master bedroom adds height to the space, and also gives an extra touch of design. Fine lines, curves and gorgeous wood finished luxury furniture pieces add visual interest to the space. Also, choosing a comfortable headboard to which you can rest your head against at night to watch television or read your favorite book offers that sumptuousness feeling we all seek when designing the perfect master bedroom.

However you choose to update the master bedroom, La Maison Interiors in Scottsdale has gorgeous pieces you don’t want to pass up on. Find an interior designer to help you make the harder decisions when it comes to color, fabric and arrangement. We love to help our customers find the perfect luxury furniture that fits your personal style and taste.

Luxury Furniture New Arrivals!

Placing new items on the showroom floor is almost as exciting as seeing our customers fall in love with brand new arrivals! Shop Scottsdale’s premier interior design luxury furniture for fabulous finds you don’t want to miss out on. Looking to update your family room, we have exactly what you’re looking for. Find new ways to spruce up the master bedroom with an elegant headboard or plush fabrics you can’t resist. There’s nothing better than finding exactly what you want and need for a lovely Scottsdale home. We always have new items arriving continually working with manufacturers and artisans from around the world to bring the finest to La Maison Interiors.


It’s getting warm way too fast, and that means moving dinner parties and social hour inside. If you aren’t sure how to plan the perfect dinner party, that’s another story. We suggest a cocktail table for your formal living room. they are truly “works of art” and infuse a sense of intimacy at a small party, or designate it as the hors d’oeuvres area to direct guests between rooms in your home. The perfect party keeps guests moving so to split up the crowd. Find various, shapes, sizes and styles in our Scottsdale showroom! From dark oak to light modern wood finish, we have the perfect piece for your home.



A luxury cocktail table makes a statement, and adding contemporary wing chairs will give the space a cozy look and feel. Not only comfortable, but stylish and modern these chairs are perfect for a casual office or even a the living room. Dress them up with two bolster pillows in a bright print for some springtime charm. Even without an accompanying cocktail table The Wing Chair is great all on its own with straight lines that speak to a slightly formal feel that brings a sense of luxury to the home.

The master bedroom is where we find tranquility and peace.  We spend nearly one-third of our lifetime sleeping, why not do it in style?  Tufted or upholstered headboards come in endless styles, colors, fabrics and standard bed sizes at La Maison, and we’re confident our new arrivals will send you swimming in your purse for the checkbook. A new headboard is not complete without luxurious modern grey bedding and floral pillows to infuse a soft and inviting feel to the master bedroom.IMG_4351

We would love to see you this weekend! Shop the brand new luxury furniture arrivals for a final springtime shopping spree! Choose from fabulous floral prints and stylish cocktail tables for your next party. La Maison Interiors works with a multitude of manufacturers and artisans to find the beautiful pieces perfect for your Scottsdale home!

Interior Design Ideas: The Powder Room


Even the smallest room in your home deserves updating every now and then. Our team of interior designers have simple tips to follow to make your powder room look and feel larger instantly. Color is your best friend, and using it to your advantage will have a big impact on even a small space. The powder room is likely the smallest space in your home, besides a closet or storage space. The difference is guests and family members actively use this space. Ideally, enjoying the ambiance of a powder room sets the tone for the remainder of your home. This is a perfect opportunity to take a chance with design. We suggest a bold and daring shade such as deep blue or purple. We say, take a leap of faith with a color palette and you won’t regret it. There are many ways to tone down a rich bold shade with the right accessories.

Forget old and tired sand, beige and off-white for color and opt for something a little more drastic. Bold hues like navy, chocolate brown, rich maroon and even black works wonderfully. The reason these darker hues work is because small spaces offer something larger spaces do not, which is creative freedom. Too much of a bold color can be overwhelming and often makes a space feel smaller. As any interior designer would say, the key to a perfect space is lighting. Add the right fixtures and the entire space will change instantly.

red walls striped countertop

Ideally, you want to add visual interest in a small way to the powder room. Replacing the bathroom countertop in a unique material such as refinished concrete or imported granite with accent flecks to compliment a color palette changes a space for the better. Tile backsplash as an art related project rather than a functional addition can be very successful. Updated fixtures that fit your personal style add ambiance to a powder room. Pendant lighting or a simple yet modern chandelier will give the space some height as well.  If there is a small window in the powder room use it to your advantage and shop luxury fabrics at La Maison! Our collection of fabrics range from modern, geometric and modular to floral and fabulous.

luxury mirror bathroomPick your favorite piece of art that is both intriguing and colorful! One or two pieces of art makes the space feel hospitable and welcoming. Choose a mirror you love! It should reflect your personal style and the look and feel of the space. We love mirrors that have embellishments or utilize a beautiful finish for extra sparkle.  Offer your best soaps and luxurious hand towels. Since powder rooms are mainly used by guests it’s important to add personal touches that make guests feel as if they’ve stepped into a hotel bathroom. Gold, brass and brushed nickel appear soft and welcoming while also adding warmth to the space. Soft and plush bath rugs give the appearance of luxury while also maintaining the color palette of your choice. Whether you’re ready to completely remodel the powder room, or upgrade the color scheme, La Maison Interiors in Scottsdale is here to guide you on your journey to a stylish powder room

Simple & Stylish: Infuse Modern Interior Design

Give your home the perfect touch of modern interior design with a touch of drama with geometric patterns prints, accessories and luxury decor.  Modular shapes, polygons and circles are classic and contemporary and appeal to a modern sense of design. There are so many avenues to walk when it comes to modern and modular design; wallpaper one wall in the kitchen for a stylish accent wall, replace tableware and decor accessories in bright vibrant hues in the entryway  or opt for chevron and vertical stripes, triangles or small pyramids as a wall design. Our team is here to help you blend your home’s design with the right accents pieces to turn your space into a modular masterpiece.

An impressive pillow with grey and yellow variationsWhen it comes to the kitchen, opt for a more dramatic effect with your backsplash! Use triangles, vertical stripes or horizontal tiles with an eye catching color palette to infuse shapes without going overboard. The best way add a dramatic effect is with bright colors. Don’t shy away from primary colors in the kitchen as it adds a cheerful aesthetic to a larger space. Especially if your kitchen is mainly white this is a perfect way to create a modular masterpiece. Include draperies that have ovals or or circles for a sophisticated inviting look and feel.

apple_vaseWe suggest gorgeous table and luxury decor accessories for the living room or home office. The hard edges of polygonal shapes suggest focus and hard work to keep you engaged despite being in the comfort of your own home. Bright colors add drama and grab guests attention in the family room; avoid muted or pastel as they appear flat rather than vibrant . Adding a centerpiece that uses forms from nature such as leaves, trees and organic lines appear softer to the eye. Adding a touch of drama to your coffee table is a perfect way to draw the eye into the center of the room. Choose a statement piece; when pairing items together ensure you arrange accessories in odd numbered groups to achieve a perfect balance. Organic forms and patterns are unique and eye catching to blend simplicity with versatility.
photo (37)Mixing polygonal shapes in the family room to arouse a stylish and contemporary feel that’s welcoming and warm. Small instances of bright primary colors can appear overly modern and might not work in everyone’s space. Make sure pieces make a statement so not to get lost in the space. However you choose to infuse brilliant modular shapes in your home, La Maison Interiors is here for you! Located in Scottsdale AZ we’re the largest provider of modern furniture for your luxury home. 


Why Don’t You Have a Reading Chair?

No matter what style of reading you prefer, may it be on a tablet or a classic paperback book, a reading corner provides ultimate relaxation. Your living room, office space or master bedroom is the perfect spot for a lovely arm chair, small side table, floor lamp and ottoman to escape the day’s stress. No matter what you read, everyone needs some R&R right at home.

FullSizeRenderThe living room is always a classic choice for a reading corner. Start with fabric to decide how you want to upholster your luxury furniture arm chair from La Maison Interiors. Our selection of plush and elegant armchairs and chaises will have you stuck at our showroom! We suggest including a bolster pillow for lumbar support in a solid fabric if your chair or chaise is a pattern or print. Include an ottoman that is comfortable and no wider than the chair/chaise to keep a balance between each piece. Shop the many luxury furniture pieces in our showroom, and try them out while you’re here. The perfect spot for a reading chair is closest to a fireplace (if you have one) or across from the established seating area. Create a space within the living room that feels separate, but still compliments the existing luxury furniture.

chair3In the master bedroom, we highly suggest a chaise longue. This is the best option for total relaxation. A chaise longue offers what armchairs do not, a spot for tired feet.  Include a bolster pillow here too, and a softer throw pillow to cozy up alongside at night. Not only does a chaise offer ultimate comfort, but it appears elegant and gorgeous alongside a king size bed. Place it in the corner of the room across from your bed to balance the space for an elegant look and feel. Include a blanket that adds texture to the chaise, and to keep warm at night despite the warm weather in Scottsdale there is nothing better than curling up with a soft blanket at night.  Make sure all fabrics chosen are plush, elegant and fit the existing aesthetic in your master bedroom.

Another perfect spot for a reading chair is in your home office. Although most homeowners associate a home office with after hours work, it could also be the most private place in your home. If your office is completely dedicated to you this is your golden ticket. Place an armchair on the other side of the room, across from the desk or behind it, to carve out a space within a space. Include an ottoman of course and a small end table to finish off the look. A floor lamp or desk lamp is key here so not to use overhead lighting late at night.chair1

Lighting is very important when it comes to curating the perfect reading corner. Choose a floor lamp that is adjustable in height and offers varied levels of dimming. You want to be able to see what you are reading at night, without it feeling to bright or fluorescent. Your eyes need rest, and a lamp that shines too much can be distracting. The many lovely floor lamps available at La Maison will surely have you walking out with a brand new piece that same day. The ottoman is key to finding ultimate relaxation in your space! Choose an ottoman that compliments your armchair’s fabric, and that feels comfortable to you. If you would like it to serve as a second table avoid pieces with a lot of bounce as you want to have a solid foundation for late night snacks and a drink. End tables are add dimension to a reading corner and add to the overall functionality of the space!

You have a collection of talented interior designers to guide you to the perfect luxury furniture piece at La Maison Interiors! Visit our showroom in Scottsdale and start shopping for modern furniture perfect for your home!

Have Fun With Florals at Home

We’re all about decorating with floral prints this season. From the many vibrant, fresh and modern renditions of classic prints seen in the past this year is a departure from the norm. Avoid washed out tones and dense patterns, and opt for freeform designs that offer a modern look and feel. When implemented correctly, it can have a profoundly positive effect on your home. We’re looking at the many ways to incorporate floral patterns at home from fabrics to centerpieces to wallpaper you won’t find a better source on how-to decorate with florals than from La Maison Interiors. 

floral pillowThe beauty of this print is the visual stimulation it provides. There are a variety of fresh, modern and appealing options to choose from! It’s best to go bold or pepper your space with it. Using floral excessively overpowers a space thus feeling old and tired. Contrary to most homeowner’s thinking, there are multiple materials available now.  Embroidered silk is a popular choice in luxury Scottsdale homes as it offers a clean aesthetic with a touch of femininity. Blue floral prints are popular as we don’t often find blue flowers in nature. Blue is also a cool, contemporary and gender neutral color. 

Knowing where to use this print can make or break a space. Using it sparingly, but strategically. Create a wow factor in the entryway of your home with one accent wall in gorgeous floral print wallpaper. Choose a wallpaper that is both visually stimulating and fitting to your personal style. Avoid dense floral prints as this can appear too busy and distracting! La Maison Interiors hosts a variety of contemporary styles to incorporate at home for a fresh look and feel. Incorporating this print in your home is a lot easier than you might think with the assistance of one of the top interior design teams in Scottsdale.

Century chaiseColor is everything! Avoid muted tones and shades at all costs! Even if you love pale pinks, blues and greens there are better ways to include these colors without overpowering a space with washed out tones. We suggest finding a fabric that uses pale tones as an accent color against a vibrant hue. By pairing two contrasting colors together you achieve a balanced look and feel. Most of the time, homeowners think to use floral in the kitchen and bedroom; although this is correct peppering the space with a statement chair and ottoman or gorgeous draperies as the focal point in the kitchen is the best way to go about it.

iStock_000039957226_LargeFloral works wonderfully with a neutral base. It brightens up a space instantly without feeling too feminine or outdated. Look for prints that are multi faceted to avoid monotony. A great way to do this is through geometric accents that frame the print. Do not let the fabric you choose sit in the background! Make it a focal point and it will be visually stunning; free form contemporary prints are very popular as they offer a clean departure from outdated, dense floral prints seen as youthful or child like. Custom solutions such as handpainted floral wallpaper is popular among homeowners. If you have a favorite antique fabric you want to recreate in your space this is the option for you.

However you want to incorporate floral, do it with care. Floral print is tricky and can look all wrong if not curated to perfection. Come into La Maison Interiors and work with a premier interior designer who will help you find the perfect floral print for your luxury Scottsdale home.

It’s Tax Time! Desk Specials at La Maison Interiors!

TAX TIME We’ll pay the sales tax!
Let us help make tax time a little more enjoyable and efficient. Purchase a desk between now and April 15th and we’ll pay the sales tax! (discount equal to the amount of sales tax)

Designing the perfect office space, even if its in the  master bedroom suite a desk at home increases productivity and offers an extra space for electronics. At the end of the day the last item on your list is to go back to work, but staying organized is key. Most homeowners enjoy having a desk at home because separating your work space from your personal space is key to a balanced lifestyle.

Desk 10Choose a desk in any room of your home is both useful and adds a sense of style to your home. In the kitchen, use a desk to organize your family! A desk in the kitchen also serves as a place to leave work items. It creates a separate space for you to decompress after arriving home to spend quality time with your family. Choose a desk with the existing design elements in your kitchen for a cohesive look and feel. Consider mixing materials to offer a modern appeal that’s also very stylish and trending. In the living room, a desk adds dimension against a sofa and arm chair. Living room luxury furniture has a softer appeal with throw pillows and blankets decorating the space a desk contrasts these elements in a modern yet professional sense.

Desk 3The most obvious place to incorporate a desk is in your home office. La Maison Interiors houses a multitude of luxury furniture to choose from in all kinds of styles. Whether you’re searching for a more traditional desk in a gorgeous warm wood finish or an item more modern that utilizes mixed materials we have options for you! When designing a home a office, think about how much space is available to you. Do you plan to work out of this office or simply use it to stay organized after work hours? We mention this because a desk should be functional yet stylish. If you require extra storage, but don’t want to sacrifice the look and feel for added drawer space we suggest purchasing baskets or installing shelves, or a filing system, to keep track of important documents and work related items.

Desk 7We have so many styles of desks you are sure to find a piece you absolutely adore! We suggest pairing a desk with a brand new chair that speaks to your personality. Every gorgeous desk purchase should be accompanied by a similar chair purchase! Shop feminine styles or go more masculine for that special man in your life with a classic dark wood desk paired with a leather arm chair subtly embellished with studs. Go bold and make the desk a focal point in your home office with a completely contemporary design that steers away from traditional wood or metal and echoes a stone-granite like appearance. Not only does this add grandeur to your home office, the natural curves are a really nice touch instead of harsh clean lines.

The choice you make for your desk should be both functional and stylish! Factor in personal needs such as storage, desk space, height (make sure to sit down at the desk before purchasing) and of course the overall aesthetic. Visit our showroom in Scottsdale and find luxury furniture desks you will love! Our team of interior designers will help you find the perfect piece that suits your style and space.

Mix Match & Design Dream Kitchen Ideas

It’s nearly Spring time! Your kitchen windows open up again with loads of Arizona sunlight and warm weather. The gloomy skies fade away, and so should an old and tired kitchen design. We have fabulous ideas to give your space a makeover. We’re talking gorgeous fabrics, exquisite countertop materials and accessories to instantly bring a personal touch to the kitchen

The family recipe for a delicious dinner or dessert calls for exact ingredients and measurements, but what happens when you want to stray from the standard? Just like a chef, breaking away from the original family recipe could bring about a new and improved meal. We feel the same way about designing the kitchen to fit your personal style. Following the trends calls for mixing and matching materials. As the modern design era emerges, we’re seeing an influx of homeowners straying from the norm.

Wooden table on kitchen bench backgroundIf you want to completely redesign the look and feel of your kitchen start with a new counter top. The key here is to stick with the same color families; use tones that are either cool or warm. Mixing both warm and cool tones appears scattered fostering poor aesthetics. Also make sure the contrast is strong enough to appear intentional. If you want to utilize marble or granite contrast it with quartz for a subtle elegant look. White is the safest choice here since it acts a base, and appears modern and minimalistic. Do not try to incorporate too many materials to keep the look streamlined. One of our favorite trends is matching stone counters with butcher block. Butcher block appears modern and clean but also has the most functionality. We suggest a stone or granite closer to the sink and leaving the block theme for all other countertop surfaces.

Lighting1Lighting is another easy way to mix and match materials in your luxury kitchen. This year, warm metals trump the more sought after choice of chrome hardware. Try bronze, copper, brush nickel or gold instead! Copper is one of the more popular materials in 2015 kitchen interior design trends, but if you want a more subtle look brush nickel or gold is your go-to. Pendant lighting above an island will add drama to the kitchen and at La Maison Interiors we have a variety of beautiful lighting options sure to revamp your kitchen this year. Remember to create a sense of harmony though, as you can go crazy mixing metals, but without a central focus or design aesthetic you might miss the bill. If you love neutral colors stick to lighter tones. The most popular trio is wood, glass and metal. Both elegant and simple but interesting to the eye.

Italian dining tableAt La Maison, we have gorgeous dining room chairs you will love! We suggest experimenting with mixing and matching your chairs. This does take some planning and thought, but our talented interior designers are more than happy to meet with you and offer guidelines to choosing the perfect luxury furniture dining room chairs for your home. The easiest way to do this is through purchasing the same chair in different colors or wood finish. Keep a consistency no matter what; the same shape, material and style will help to bring this look to fruition. A burst of color is always acceptable in the kitchen especially if you have a neutral color base to start with; the fun comes in when you want to contrast these chairs. Take advantage of the many luxury furniture options at La Maison Interiors today! If color just is not your thing, stick with neutrals by choosing chairs that are black, white and wood. Go simple with this to avoid overloading on design elements. Another fun way to add interest is by mixing seat cover fabrics. Again, stick with a theme to create harmony, but don’t be afraid to mix stripes with a print if the color palettes match up.

Whether you’re looking to incorporate new materials in the kitchen, fabulous lighting options or luxury dining room chairs, La Maison Interiors is here to help! Visit our showroom today for more great ideas from our interior designers!

Vintage Trends You Should Try


La Maison interiors in Scottsdale specializes in luxury furniture, fabrics and accessories to make your home as beautiful and elegant as possible. We love new trends and incorporating different styles in the most unexpected places. This week, we’re talking about vintage bathroom trends.

Let’s start with color. Rich tones and bold shades are the way to go. Avoid washed out muted colors for the walls. Setting the tone with paint color is very easy, and homeowners often forget that a burst of a bold hue or shade can drastically change a space, especially a small one. Traditionally, bathrooms are not that large, but in modern homes we’re seeing much larger bathrooms, master en suites equipped with state of technology and expansive closets that seem to go on forever. Incorporating a certain style and charm is key here. Even if you space is large trying a vintage trend will make it feel cozier.


If you have an en suite we suggest incorporating a beautiful slipper chair or sofa as a dressing area. A lot of women love to centralize their morning routine in order to stay organized and move quickly in the morning. Also, it doesn’t hurt to feel like a queen while slipping your heels on for the day. Look for pieces with natural curves that incorporate warm metal like gold or bronze. Too much chrome can appear too modern and overly clean and crisp. Pick the perfect hardware for the bathroom too! Opt for bridget style faucets, a clawfoot tub or separate hot and cold water taps specifically designed to exude a vintage look and feel. Once you have the larger pieces chosen it’s time to move onto accent pieces to set the mood.

Accent pieces are really important to incorporate since you want to showcase a certain level of old world charm that’s also polished and elegant. Most vintage furniture appears to be reused or refinished. The distressed look and feel appears ‘shabby-chic’ to exude an elegant look and feel that is also playful and absolutely beautiful. Incorporating small details like old books, a cherished jewelry box or a small lamp atop your bathroom counter sets the mood. Vintage trends are all about setting the mood with lighting, color and luxury furniture.


Another great way to incorporate  these elements with a touch of grandeur is with mirrors. Mix and match shapes and sizes of mirrors to incorporate and eclectic look and feel. Symmetry is not always the best policy, especially if you want the bathroom to appear effortlessly vintage with old world charm. Lighting is another easy way to create a charming and inviting atmosphere. Opt for a chandelier that is not too overpowering and elaborate; a feminine touch always speaks to a soft look and feel.  Look for embellishments like beading, lace trim, tassels  and fabric with a touch of sheen to achieve this look.

One of our favorite ways to transform a space is through fabric. Fabrics with  dense repetitive patterns like flowers or the famed paisley print can appear old and tired. Incorporate modern prints and don’t shy away from including modern fabrics that have feel vintage either due to the sheen in the pattern, the warm colors or floral print. You will find gorgeous fabrics at La Maison Interiors, just start shopping at our Scottsdale location for a variety of options you will love.  One of our attentive interior designers will help you find exactly what you’re looking for!

Fabrics For February

Shopping for new fabric is both fun and challenging, as you might not know what to look for at first. At La Maison we have a variety of styles to choose from no matter what space you are redecorating. Our collection of gorgeous fabrics range from exquisite silk to cotton and linen. Whether you’re looking for a print  that adds visual interest or something more elegant and polished we will help you find exactly what you’re looking for at La Maison Interiors in Scottsdale.


When choosing a fabric for draperies consider the durability of the fabric, thread count, weave and width. These four items are important to decide whether linen is a better choice over silk or chenille or if you need a wider fabric for a larger window. Alerting your interior designer to these constraints will help narrow down your choices. If you have a wide and long window opt for plenty of coverage since draperies that are not wide enough make a space feel smaller. Windows that are floor to ceiling need less coverage. Try a swag or cascade in non sheer fabric; choose a material that drapes naturally for added movement. Also a cascade will frame the window offering more width if the window is more narrow than the average size. In the kitchen, it’s best to choose a print that pops. Even if you have a neutral color palette draperies offer an opportunity to add visual interest. Low ceilinged windows call for light, crisp and simple fabrics. Choosing a fabric that is too busy, too sheer or too close to the wall color will make the space feel even shorter. Another tip is to set up the curtain rod where the ceiling and wall meet for added height.


Now the fabric you choose depends on the style of your home! As style moves to more contemporary and modern aesthetics choose fabrics that are less heavy and textured. Soft fabrics that have natural movement appear more contemporary and also offer more visual interest. Stiff fabrics feel old and tired especially if you are trying to create interest in your space. Organic fabrics, silks, lightweight gauze, linen and burlap are trending right now. Using these fabrics offers a sensory experience and also gives a natural look and feel to any space. When a fabric is lightweight it provides more natural sunlight for a room and also makes a room feel larger. Look for fabrics that mimic the wall color if you want to make a space look and feel even bigger.

Linen dual upholsted dining chairThis season, soft muted “watercolors” are trending, which is a perfect addition to any bedroom or family room. Colors that are less vibrant appear more contemporary and also offer versatility if you incorporate new fabrics later on. From soft ocean blues to bold turquoise, ochre and orange these colors are all easy to work with and look great no matter what space you are redecorating. Choosing the right fabric color, print or pattern for upholstery is a really fun way to incorporate your personal sense of style without having to purchase  a brand new sofa or arm chair. Choose a color that adheres to your current design aesthetic. Don’t choose a fabric that is too busy with a lot of components for a sofa. You want to choose a print that is elegant and also engaging to the eye. Orange is very in this season, but be sure to choose a soft shade of orange as the more vibrant you go with this color the more contemporary and modern it feels. It can also give off a childlike look and feel if too pale or muted.

Silk Pillows leather headboardAre you looking for new bedding for a luxurious sleep every single night? How about new draperies for the family room? Our team will guide you in the search for the perfect fabric! Browse the fabrics we love for February in our showroom! Whatever type of fabric you are looking for La Maison Interiors can help you find the one that is right for you. Visit us in our showroom located in Scottsdale and one of our interior designers would be more than happy to show you a fabric that works for your personal style and home’s existing aesthetic.