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Our Best and Most Luxurious Designing Secrets

81551_196rs_hiresLa Maison and it’s designers love to focus on many luxurious interior design styles ranging from contemporary to modern to rustic and chic, romantic and airy. Though these are stylistic trends we set in our showroom, we also pride ourselves on offering furniture, artwork and statement pieces to cater to anyone’s particular design aesthetic. So in being a luxury style interior design showroom, La Maison has hundreds of styles and ideas to help you put together your dream home. Design is what we do. Its what we know and why not fill you in on all the buzz? Well at least our best buzz! Here are four of the best designing secrets we want you to know, so keep it hush hush.

11_112_pw13_hiresIts okay to skip the sofa. Its a common assumption that a sofa is necessary to make a living room, well, a living room. However, a secret many designers will tell you is that the perfect sofa can bring together your vision, it doesn’t have to be the center of attention. By bringing together a mix of armchairs of the same color, fabric or style, you have a unique sitting area for get-togethers, or a peaceful Sunday afternoon. Arranging them in a circular fashion around a coffee table or ottoman. By selecting six similarly styled chairs you can arrange them parallel from each other to get the illusion of a sofa shape in your space: luxurious and unique

You can use statement pieces for that element of surprise. A designers secret used to make a room really stand out is incorporating a stand out statement piece. This is not only to delight but surprise. For a lot of reasons, a statement piece is perfect to bring your style aesthetic together. For keeping your space from being boring, serving to bring cohesion to the different elements while standing out and also to dramatically change the look of the room. Statement pieces are individual things that make a huge visual impact by itself. However a collection of objects, if presented in the right ways, is an alternative to just having one item. To maximize a collection’s impact, consider displaying it uniformly, with similar spacing between objects, so you create a fun, textured and luxurious look.FullSizeRender (10)

The secret of all secrets is left for last: you can break almost all other rules. Most decorators will tell you that rules are meant to be broken. Its much more important that the decor in your home reflects your living and personal style more than any conventional rule you may try to follow to make your home look a certain way. That being said, it’s important to find balance so that the home doesn’t become boring or too busy. As you may have read in La Maison’s previous blogs, we embrace our readers and shoppers desire to create their own personal aesthetic in their home and incorporate modern, contemporary, luxurious and chic styles. By using your own personal touch however you can create something far more extraordinary.
Come to our showroom this weekend to find luxurious furniture to and more tips offer our designers. We always look forward to having you and telling you all our fun secrets. Happy designing!

Luxury Cowhides to Complement your Contemporary Furnishings Scottsdale

Sticking true to our Sonoran roots, we carry 100% authentic cowhide rugs in our showroom. Our luxury interior designer team specializes in bringing you the most contemporary furnishings Scottsdale has to offer. Long gone are the days where this Southwestern staple only found its place in similarly themed homes. This chic staple is sure to please all tastes, from wild west stylists to the modern, minimalistic designer. It’s an easy way to upgrade the look of any design scheme you have presently in your home and is sure to add visual interest to any room. 

The natural coloring of the cowhide is versatile in nature, a myriad of different color palettes are available to match the tastes and textures of your dwelling. White or fawn coloring will complement the minimalist in you by providing a color that blends with the preexisting spectrum you’ve selected. By not sharply contrasting with neutral furniture pieces and modern coffee tables, a living room can benefit from the natural shape and texture of cowhide to add visual interest to fill empty spaces. Deep brown or tan hides over a hardwood floor add an element of luxury by complementing the rich grains of the wood with the soft hide. Those who have pieces that are neutral colors might find they enjoy finding a color of hide that complements a piece of art or to highlight a piece of furniture. Cowhides add a subtle confidence to your space and edge to any room without adding too much noise that distracts from the feel you’re trying to achieve.

Investing in a cowhide rug is a wise styling choice as they are versatile enough to work well in any room. Underneath a dining room table adds some warmth and comfort to a dining area, being both durable and easy to clean make this a great choice for a high traffic area. Thrown under a work desk will cozy up your space and a large piece placed underneath your living room set-up will marry all your furniture pieces together. Cowhides can even be used to break up flooring that’s carpeted, such as in your bedroom.

Our favorite way we’ve seen them styled is in homes and apartments with large windows and an open floor plan. Some minimalistic glass and black, or white, coffee tables and dining tables make the area rug center focus of the room while still maintaining the stylistic intention of the designer. Neutral, plush chairs and couches in whites or browns compliment the tones of any hide and pops of color with plants and vases keep the space feeling bright and natural. The designer with a funkier taste might love their cowhide thrown under a dining room table with primary colored chairs thrown around. Those who like their pads ethereal or bohemian will love how a string light fixture and a fawn hide makes their room feel soft and inviting.

Since the format of cowhide isn’t geometric, any space that is designed with clean lines in mind will get an upgrade in interest by throwing in a natural pattern and shape. This breaks up any sharp edges and lines and will ground the space by making it look elegant and luxurious. This trend is for everyone, from the designer who loves being effortlessly cool and chic, to the designer who loves the luxurious and timeless. Fitting into any style, the classic Americana feel of the hide rug is enjoying its time back in the spotlight. Visit our showroom today for stunning pieces that suit your style and compliment your new hide.


Bringing Outside Indoors

Seeing as the groundhog couldn’t find his shadow, we just couldn’t find a reason not to talk about the spring weather that is right around the corner. With the temperatures rising and the sun setting later, we’ve been inspired to throw open our windows and let a little fresh air in. It’s about time to wash away the stuffy cozy contentment of winter and embrace the sunshine. Plants are making a huge edgy comeback this season and are a fantastic way to add a little life to your interior design. With millions of pots and plants to  choose from your options are endless. Here are just a few ways people are ingeniously bringing outside indoors.IMG_3485

Big potted ferns add a decadent touch of emerald green in a corner of any room. With a neutral color pallet, you can make them the center of attention by their natural contrast. The saturated color of the leaves pops against whites to create a fresh and clean space. If you like your walls more dressed up, saffron is making a comeback this season and some greenery really brings the intensity of that yellow hue back down to earth.  Ferns don’t need a lot of sunlight so they’re the perfect addition to that corner you just can’t figure out what to do with. They’ll fill the space up easily and be happy to hang out in the shadows, just be sure it gets some sunlight throughout the week.

Another trend we’re seeing is decorated mantle tops. Succulents fit easily on any space that gets a lot of sunlight. They’re also add a little bit of edge to your home. If showcasing many different plants next to each other, glass votives keep the space from feeling overcrowded by adding some fine barriers. Keep potting colors to a minimum color pallet of white to unify the natural nature and add cohesiveness. When bunching things up together it’s important to remember that a cohesive neutral color pallet will keep an area from looking cluttered or thrown together.IMG_3486

Many places are now, also, featuring tiny hang-able terrariums in glass balls that you can suspend from your ceiling. Suspending these from your ceiling is an innovative way to fill space and will add a liveliness and freshness to any room. They’ll also be a fantastic compliment to a gorgeous light fixture or ornate sculpture from our showroom. Low maintenance planting is a great way to ready your home for the freshness spring time brings. Plants have a myriad of health benefits including purifying our air and making us feel more peaceful and relaxed. Inspiration can come from anywhere, so stop by our showroom for luxurious ways to bring green into your home. However you choose to spring clean your home, look to our blog for the freshest color and design inspiration.


All Hands On Deck~Pro Interior Designer

IMG_3454We all need a little help from time to time, and there’s no shame in calling in a professional to help tackle your big interior design dreams. Sometimes our visions just need an extra set of hands to make their way into reality. A professional assessment is a solid plan of action when choosing an interior designer to help carry out any major design changes. Whether you already have an existing idea for your home or just looking for some input, an interior designer can help showcase anything you like. As we move further into the new year, we’re flooded with inspiration. Our design team is here to shed some light on the benefits of finding and using an interior designer.

Designers are trained to think outside the box. With new trends like Mid-Century Modern (MCM) popping up this season, this kind of trained thinking is invaluable to helping you transition into a new trend. MCM is aesthetically pleasing and catching on like wildfire, but if not created with specific intention, can easily go from retro inspired to dated, and you don’t want to live in a home that feels like you’re trapped in a time capsule. Designers are trained to take a whole space into consideration and can foresee spatial problems that you, as a homeowner, might miss. In an MCM designed home, understanding space is key to adding luxury. The design creates progression with vintage inspiration and minimalism. Funky furniture lines and pops of color with an otherwise neutral palette really provide a retro feel but the trick to making it still modern and luxurious is utilizing your home’s lines and lights appropriately. An interior designer can make sure your furniture gets the best exposure possible and your rooms get the best color pallet based on what you want your space to look like.IMG_3456

Mid Century Modern can be a difficult style to master because of it’s unique elements that date back to a specific period in style. With an extra set of eyes and hands your home has the potential to create that ‘wow’ factor that you’re looking to create. Visit our showroom to not just find inspiration for your next remodel, but to speak with our interior designers. You’re in good hands, so don’t be afraid to go for the bold with this new interior design trend.

Mid-Century Modern Interiors

As we enter the new year, a lot of changes in interior design are happening. So what’s the big change in trend right now? Many people are transitioning from Old World style to Mid Century Modern. La Maison has a flux of styles in our showroom, Mid Century Modern being one of our favorites. Unlike Contemporary and Traditional, which have similar traits, Mid Century Modern and Old World interior designs are very different. So why is the world suddenly in love with Mid-Century Modern interiors? Let us break it down.

Old World offers interplay between warmth and formality; it truly holds the ambiance of an old European manor. This style is ideal for adding a sense of antiquity to your home. It is easily recognizable by the deep, regal colors and polished textures. Metals, rich woods and stone are materials you’ll see used often when bringing this look together. The furniture is known to be oversized and varied, giving your home a comfortable and elegant stylization. It is characterized by rich wood carvings, as well as polished textures. The Old World trend feels quite literally as if it was pulled from a painting by Rembrandt. Old World combines antiquity and luxury, making this trend truly beautiful; why do we see such a transition from it?

 Unlike the layered look with intricate textiles that Old World is known for, Mid Century Modern is produced of clean lines, natural hues and subtle craftsmanship. An organic offshoot of Modern design, Mid Century Modern is a uniquely different style. This style brings in contemporary designs and colors and then blends them seamlessly into a retro-inspired modern throwback. Like Modern, Mid Century pulls its influence from a specific era: the 20th century. The colors associated with this style are neutral tones with saturated accents, sure to add a luxurious and relaxed touch to any room. In addition to its softer, yet sticking color palette, it holds a minimalist design. Asymmetrical and abstract patterns are often found with this look, giving it an air of sophistication.

So what do you think fits your home aesthetic best? The cozy yet romantic European feel of Old World, or the sophisticated and fresh Mid Century Modern trend? Our showroom offers a myriad of interior designs sure to fit your styling needs. Come visit our showroom and see if the Mid Century Modern feel is right for you.

New Arrivals Are Ice Hot

With cold fronts on the weather forecast the holiday season has breezed in some new arrivals for our showroom. What better way to take advantage of the dropping temperatures than to curl up at home? The delicious smell of winter will inspire you to hibernate and we’ll set you up in all sorts of cozy accessories to make your home the luxurious winter wonderland den you’ll thrive in. These hot and delectable new arrival showroom pieces will likely become your favorites and we’ll give you insight on how we would style these gorgeous pieces in your luxury home.


IMG_3134Our favorite living room accessory brings our favorite wintertime luxury detail into play: fur. Much like a fur coat, a good chair is timeless. It brings both comfort and style to a room and will be anchor of relaxation while offering an edgy, classic, sense of style and luxury. The suede brown material exudes a Southwestern feel that will likely fit in with your other pieces, and the fur detailing provides a touch of unique elegance. Our suggestion to style this piece would be to try to use bold, eclectic accessories and warm colors that will compliment the tone and texture of this exquisite armchair and turn your living room into a subtly sophisticated sanctuary.


IMG_3154Our second favorite piece is sure to house your favorite holiday pastimes; a gorgeous armoire perfect for storing and displaying vintage wines and spirits. This neutral toned armoire is constructed of both Koa and Primavera woods and inlaid bone with hand scrimshawed detailed pattern. A beautiful bar cabinet sure to fit all your functional entertaining needs with its versatility but impress all your family and friends at your holiday gatherings. Because of its individuality and custom detailing, place this piece somewhere it’ll stand out. (Functionality tip: it’ll make your favorite wine more accessible that way too.)

Don’t forget to treat yourself for the holidays and invest in pieces that will make your house feel uniquely like your home. You’ll want to show off a little personality for the time of the year your family is most likely to get together. We go big at La Maison for the holidays so be sure to stop by our showroom for these two featured pieces and for many other pieces as well. Bring home something magical.



Finding Your Perfect Sofa

IMG_3147Interior design can speak volumes about your personality when given the chance, and one of the biggest purchases you’ll make for your home is the sofa. Like many things in this era of endless choices, there seems to be an infinite amount of options when it comes to finding the perfect sofa that is not only functional but beautiful. Since this is one of the biggest purchases you’ll make for your home we want you to consider how to best utilize your space.IMG_3155

Generally when designing a living space, you’ll start by taking into consideration the sizing of your living room and the function you want the sofa to primarily serve. If your living room has limited space, consider a charming two seater that won’t overpower your space. The two seater not only maximizes your living area but also can fulfill even the most luxurious of styles. If you have a little more room to spare, an L shaped sofa is a good option for filling a lot of space with one piece. This shaped sofa is also ideal for dividing a more open room into concrete areas of entertainment. This sofa we have featured in our showroom is not only gorgeous but functional in keeping the main area of your living space in focus.IMG_3148

With every great center piece comes great audience pieces. Adding another smaller sofa to a large space or incorporating colorful ottomans or a chic coffee table can take your sofa style to the next level of personal design. Aesthetic is important when bringing together your living room but be sure not to skimp on functionality when it comes to deciding on what pieces to bring home. Our pieces offer the best of both worlds so be sure to stop by our showroom for the next piece that’ll bring more of ‘you’ into your living room.

Heavy Metal

IMG_3145Looking to add a little edginess to your new space? Tired of prim and posh? With the right touch, there are so many luxurious ways to create a ‘heavy metal’ look. Forget nay sayers that say you shouldn’t mix your metals,that’s the way of the past. Here at La Maison we have everything you need to mix your metals in marriage bliss. Gold, brass, silver and copper – with the right touch they can add edginess to any style.

IMG_3153Lovers of interior design know that metallics aren’t just for the bold of heart. Metals can be mixed into the styles of those who love traditional, rustic or even the shabby-chic of us out there. They can also add intrigue and gorgeous texture throughout your home and the more contemporary designers love a good metallic edge these days.

Contemporary styling doesn’t have to necessarily be cold and bleak. Those looking to add just a light touch can decorate using brass or gold light fixtures or nickel or chrome. Adding accessories with warm metal tones such as plated picture frames, a stunning plated mirror, or even something as simple as gold accented pillows can take the chill off of your space and radiate warmth. You’ll get a huge impact if you marry cool metals like silver with a warmer ones such as copper or brass. An oak colored coffee table is complimented with La Maison’s cooper* plated sculptures. Embellish your grey accent wall with colors that compliment the muted tones.

IMG_3160La Maison Interiors showcases so many vibrant colors, but we also have pieces intended to accent dark and understated tones. Chrome and silver pair beautifully with greys and whites, but brass accent tones will warm up these cool hues and add a unique ‘pop’ to your space.
Metal accessorizing is huge for the winter season. Warm gold copper accents, cool and sophisticated silver and stainless steel looks; you have countless options. So if you’re ready to integrate this ‘hot’ trend into your home, then come see our master showroom. We hope to inspire you with gorgeous ideas and give you luxurious furniture to complete any look.

Fresh and Fun Sofas


When someone walks into your home the colors, patterns and furniture speak volumes to who you are as a person. Interior design is a reflection of yourself and continues to be one of the most fun ways to truly express your inner design diva. We’re so excited to show you some of the fresh and fun sofas we have in the showroom right now, and why we think they’re perfect for your home.

We love the classic slipcover sofa look. It works for both a chic living room aesthetic while also feels relaxed and casual with the right accessories. It brings a sense of comfort to a space with its soft back cushions and plush fabric, this sofa is perfect for a movie night at home with the family. The rounded arms feel more approachable than strong clean lines of a modern square arm sofa. We love the soft cream color and taupe detailing on the cushions too!


Another look we love is this mocha brown leather sectional! The soft lines feel casual yet chic. The larger a sofa, the more people can sit down and enjoy the living area together. For bigger families or those who love to entertain this is the perfect sofa. Leather looks and feels glamorous too! If you really want to up the ante for a durable yet timeless piece of luxury furniture.


Go a little more modern with a more streamlined sofa that has less rounded features. It feels a little more sophisticated than a classic slipcover sofa, which is perfect for a contemporary home aesthetic. The soft cream fabric still exudes an elegant look and feel while providing the extra modernity you might be looking for in a sofa. We paired two gold sofa pillows with it for a warmer look and feel. Dress up your sofa with more pillows and maybe a gorgeous throw blanket for added texture.

Picking the perfect sofa can be a challenge, but we’re to help choose a sofa that fits your needs and speaks to your personal style too!. We have so many styles on our showroom floor, and are happy to help you in finding the sofa of your dreams. Visit La Maison Interiors in Scottsdale this weekend for great finds you don’t want miss out on!

Interior Design Mistakes We’ve All Made

Designers often see homeowners make the same mistakes with home decor purchases, and it always ends up the same. Impulse buys turn into returns as the newfound treasure simply does not fit the style aesthetic of the home. So what went wrong? Interior design takes a keen eye and an insight to style. Elements such as lighting, placement, scale and size effect the look and feel of your space immensely. The most common mistakes made when designing a living room can make a break your space. Feeling comfortable while also achieving a luxury look and feel is why La Maison is here to help. From floor to ceiling we can help you create the perfect space you’ve always dreamed of for your luxury Scottsdale home.unnamed

Design with your personal style at the forefront. Taking a page from your favorite interior design magazine or a showroom setup can be misleading. We’re getting back to the basics of design to give you a foundation to create a space that fits your needs to get you closer to that dream home design. When you’re overwhelmed by color palettes, light fixtures, fabrics and luxury furniture it can be difficult to pick and choose what you really love and what you really hate. How is the large modern floral print pattern working with the gold accents of your sofa? Ask yourself questions you might not want to ask and don’t be afraid to scrap an idea if it just isn’t working. Instead of replicating a room’s look and feel draw inspiration from the items that grab your attention the most. Interior design mistakes happen, but with our savvy advice, we hope yours become far and few between!

IMG_2846Once you have chosen the wall color, decided on a design style and are happy with the direction start shopping for accent pieces. We love adding mirrors to a small space, or brightening up a room with little to no natural light with bright primary colors and bold patterns. Do not over do it on the accent pieces; be choosy and choose wisely. Avoid clutter in your space at all costs. If you like two pieces, use them interchangeably for added visual interest throughout the year. Layer accent pieces to create some depth. If you love to mix and match patterns and prints do so with your design smarts in mind. Luxury furniture is so much fun to shop for, especially at La Maison! We suggest sticking with a similar shape or silhouette to keep the look and feel cohesive to showcase a good flow throughout the space. An oversized leather sofa does not coincide well with a tailored and dainty arm chair peppered with embellishments. If you have a large space, arrange the furniture accordingly, and the same goes for a small space. Purchase luxury furniture that infuses your personal style too! If you absolutely love the way relaxed furniture looks choose fabric prints or patterns with the same look and feel.

unnamed (1)Don’t be afraid to make mistakes either! If you like two fabrics that contrast try to identify why you like them both. There are always opportunities to evolve your personal interior design style. Experiment with various styles, colors and decor to get a feel for what you love most. Keep comfort and easy luxury in mind when choosing all the gorgeous pieces to fill your home with and of course our team of talented interior designers are here to guide you when you’re not sure where to go next. Interior design mistakes happen, but with our savvy advice, we hope yours become far and few between. La Maison has a multitude of furniture and accessories for your home, and we look forward to helping you design the home of your dreams.

New Arrivals For September

A little bit of relief from the steamy summer months is on its way! Take a cue from the weather and cool off with style ideas we know you are going to love. La Maison designers are especially excited about this month’s new arrivals! Why? We’re obsessed with all that is luxurious, and we promise to keep comfort and versatility at the forefront of our style ideas.This month we’re bringing you timeless pieces to inspire a brand new look in your home.

FullSizeRender (18)Chairs are the basis of a room, the anchor to comfort if you will. We’re psyched about two sets of armchairs this month. Tailored for a luxurious look, the subtle detail in the design work shows off, while also exuding an effortless look and feel. Often associated with the classic choice for a gentlemen’s club, enhanced with velvet covered throw pillows, leather armchairs have become a common stylish option with clean lines that fit perfectly in any luxury home. What’s our suggestion? Try neutral colors to compliment a myriad of bold colors for a modern and masculine mood. The simplicity of these brown leather chairs add depth and sophistication with a touch of charm.

FullSizeRender (20)Regardless of the season, florals soften every space. Just a pinch of floral has the ability to transform a simple monochromatic look into a stylish pad that’s both elegant and contemporary. Floral stands out on its own, which means you don’t have to overdo it. We love these velvet lounge chairs! Both versatile and in a refined style, these chairs are modern and chic; similar to the leather chairs above, the neutral color base complements most color palettes. The right armchair has a specific shape and style. It exudes a mood or feeling and offers just the right amount of elegance to the living room or even in your bedroom. Consider how you can incorporate them with the rest of your interior, and of course, take time to sit in it because comfort is really number one here.

FullSizeRender (19)Coffee tables, wine tables, center tables.. we love tables! If it’s one item that can’t be overused because of its versatility. La Maison luxury furniture showroom has all the best items to kick of September the right way. Come in and see a gorgeous chrome colored coffee table; perfect for a romantic crisp aesthetic. Change up your home with a pop of color, and achieve a balance between beauty and function. Add just the right amount of dimension to your space with a centerpiece decoration for a strong focal point in your space.

We’re always excited to talk about new pieces in our showroom that really emit the luxurious style that La Maison represents. Our showroom has a ton of beautiful items that fit any style. We always love seeing you, so stop by for more buzz about these and other arrivals this month. Happy styling!