Why Live Without Luxury In The Kitchen?

Remodeling the kitchen is a fun project, but it’s a tough endeavor to tackle if you don’t know where to begin. There are a multitude of trends, but the kitchen is one room in the home that doesn’t call for trends of the moment. Designing a kitchen that fits your taste is easier than you think with La Maison Interiors by your side. Our collection of modern and luxury furniture will give you inspiration to decide what design direction you want to take and our experienced designer will guide you through the entire process.


One trend we do love, that can be applied to nearly any kitchen, is open concept shelving. This is a really unique and modern take on cabinetry, as you essentially remove the need for hardware all together. Wouldn’t you like to show off your beautiful cookware instead of hiding it behind cabinet doors? If you’re too attached to the cabinetry in your kitchen then a back splash can refresh the space. Tiled back splash is a great way to transform your kitchen and add a pop of color or visual interest to the space. There are so many different choices too! Luxury back splash tiles come in all shapes, sizes, textures and colors to fit your personal tastes.

09847dc4ac8e1c4e0b3d45cc817b7c0cWhether you have a family of four, or you live on your own high-end appliances can drastically change the look and feel of the kitchen. Standard refrigerators are often distracting and jut out from the wall leaving less space in the kitchen. Built-in refrigerators are a wonderful option, and if you really enjoy your cabinets then this solution is perfect for you. Another wonderful addition is an induction cook top with precise temperature control, smart technology that automatically turns off when you remove a pan or pot from the stove top and two separate cooking zones so you can prepare meals faster and with less effort. Install a super quiet dishwasher with energy saving capability so you won’t spend so much on electricity every time you start a cycle. It’s also a great option if you use the dishwasher often and hate the wish-wash sound it produces.

marbleislandNoting key components to consider before choosing a counter top for the kitchen is very important. Choose the material you like the most; the color scheme you’re working with will help you decide what direction to take. The most common choice in counter top material is granite. Available in numerous options, the best part is no two pieces are identical. If you and your partner both love black granite rest assured the small details will stand out. Depending on your preferences, granite is sold in two finishes—polished for a shiny look and honing for a soft and matte finish. If you’re willing to wait for one of a kind granite imported from another country your kitchen will instantly have a luxurious and expensive counter top. If granite is a little too extravagant for you, or you prefer a more modern and minimalist aesthetic natural stone like marble, limestone or soapstone will fit the bill. The only difference is the care and maintenance that comes along with natural materials. Stone requires more upkeep but for its natural look and feel it’s well worth the extra work. A lot of homeowners are searching for something more original and rare—we suggest concrete counter tops as you can completely customize it with pigments to add extra flair. Just like granite, concrete comes in different finishes too! One popular trend we’re seeing is exotic wooden counter tops. Usually, wood is reserved for cabinets and cutting boards but more and more homeowners love this luxury trend as it brings a sense of warmth and coziness to the kitchen.

bamboofloorsFlooring is also a fun way to totally transform your kitchen! Although this is a more daring endeavor, as you won’t be able to use the kitchen for a period of time, the results will be dazzling. We love the idea of using eco-friendly materials like bamboo, available in multiple finishes, to fit even the most rare requests. If you love Mediterranean style then Saltillo tile is a perfect choice for your kitchen. It looks rustic and warm for a truly inviting appearance. For the men who really want something bold and daring we suggest black leather—despite its usual use for furniture it’s a perfect alternative to standard wood or tile as its cushy yet durable like laminate. We also love porcelain and travertine, as it has a subtle sense of luxury, but it’s easy upkeep and maintenance. Both materials generate that modern aesthetic you could be searching for! The ultimate in luxury flooring is marble, as it exudes a timeless feeling of extravagance and old world beauty—it’s also complimentary with other materials.

Whether you want to do a small-scale renovation and expose what’s inside of your cabinets or completely overhaul the space La Maison Interiors has wonderful ideas to get you started. The kitchen is not only a place for appliances and gorgeous flooring either. Visit us in Scottsdale and shop for luxury furniture such as bar stools and chests for storage and seating. Not sure where to begin?  Consult with a designer.  Our collections range from modern to traditional, and we’re positive you will find the perfect luxury furniture piece for your home at La Maison Interiors in Scottsdale.

Design The Ultimate Man Cave

Creating a space that’s solely your own is likely the most rewarding redecoration project, but where do you start? Coming home from work everyday without a comfortable chair to fall into is certainly a disappointment. As husbands and fathers you deserve a space that is purely your own. La Maison Interiors is here to give you ideas on how to curate the perfect ‘man cave’ that you’ll never want to leave.


What are you most passionate about? Knowing what you love to do is the most important factor when creating a man cave, as you want to choose a space that fits your passions. Do you love to work on cars or carpentry projects on your days off? The garage is your sanctuary. If you prefer entertaining with your friends and family, watching sports and cooking on the weekends then consider an indoor-outdoor space. This is a perfect solution for Scottsdale luxury homes since we are blessed with great weather year round. Another possibility is redesigning your office or basement as a larger secondary entertainment space with added privacy. Picking the right space is crucial to get the most out of your ideas.

grp-8Choose a focal point. It could be a flat screen television, a display of collector’s items, a bar and grill, a personalized exercise space, your workbench or a trophy case to show off your proudest moments. Whatever it is, you want to emphasize your passions. Once you’ve decided the purpose of the space you can move onto the logistics such as the amount of square footage you’re working with so you can properly allocate for all the amenities you want! There are so many options when it comes to curating a perfect man cave—here are some ideas we love!


The fun part about redecorating or simply creating a space from scratch is letting the ideas flow! A man cave is all about your personal preferences and letting your passions show. A good place to start is with a theme or a color palette that exudes your personal tastes. Working with a theme is a lot of fun and allows you to decorate with memorabilia you might have collected over the years. Making a space your own starts with what you love! Do not forget to include the necessary items you cannot live without. This might be a flat screen television surrounded my smaller screens –create an at home sports bar if you’d like! This idea is perfect for a basement as you can install a full service bar, perfect for entertaining your friends on game day. Another great option is to completely renovate your garage! This is often a go-to solution, with easy upkeep and maintenance. There are countless organization and storage options for your tools and also flooring options that give a sense of luxury to the garage. You don’t have to say goodbye to state of the art technology, as you can easily install a full-fledged entertainment area! Transform your garage into a sanctuary with all the added comforts of your family room, and be happy you took the plunge.

db8966d0384f15849b0ef1e5ffc43fabWhat about added extras that really make the space your own? Choose furniture that is the pinnacle of comfort and convenience such as a movie theater seats or recliners with customized cup holders of your favorite sports team or brand. Seating should be comfortable yet functional! Display your most used tools out in the garage on a magnetized panel for easy access and organization, and include a Craftsman tool box that will keep your smaller nails, bolts and screws organized. Some really unique ideas that require a bit of creativity are foster a level of comfort and luxury all at once. Install a wall mounted beer bottle opener, a coffee table with a built in cooler so you don’t have to keep getting up for your next drink or a Smart TV that supports voice recognition when the remote goes missing. If you live with a girlfriend or a wife then you can designate the space your own with a customized sign or funny message to let her know she’s entering your space. Equip your indoor-outdoor space with a state of the art grill, refrigerator and wine cooler to keep drinks chilled on hot days in Scottsdale.

The best part of designing a space to call your own is you have the freedom to design it! Include all of your must haves and leave add-ons to end to include everything you absolutely want! Keep comfort and convenience in mind, as you will want to spend your free time doing what you love most. If you are outfitting the garage make sure there’s a comfortable chair you can relax in after a few hours of building or working on your car. Designing an entertainment space? Think about seating and access to food and drink to make it easy on your guests to help themselves. However you decide to design your man cave keep your favorites in mind to get the most out of your space. At La Maison Interiors, our designers are experts in curating spaces specific to individual preference and taste. We’re positive you will find the perfect luxury furniture to include in your space!

Why Does Wallpaper Make Such A Statement?

​When your interior designer brings wallpaper into the conversation your mind immediately jumps to outdated prints and colors that just don’t quite fit with your vision of a luxury home in Scottsdale. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Wallpaper is making a comeback this year with new emerging technology generating prints and patterns ranging from timeless and traditional to bold and graphic. Wallpaper can define a room’s style and transform the atmosphere by simply adding color, texture or pattern to your walls. Don’t write off wallpaper just yet, as interior designers love the new age of wallpaper.

3f67544c96a83fb854a8d52ddf4ee44bSet the Mood
​Wallpaper does something paint cannot. It brings texture to one-dimensional walls generating a sense of luxury and visual interest. Prints or patterns can significantly change the look and feel of a room even if you decide on a monochromatic color scheme your walls will instantly jump out at you, rather than reside in the background. You may be looking for that ”wow” factor paint simply cannot produce. Take a look at any room of your home that just doesn’t speak to the level of luxury you’re looking for; you can’t add more fabric and you’ve already chosen the right furniture–what’s left? Wallpaper will bring you the “wow” factor you’re looking for! It’s produced in countless styles, patterns and prints to outfit nearly any style! Wallpaper gives your space the boost it needs without drowning out existing elements of your space.

fa6c90cf7bc8178d22984b9ea72d663bCurate Comfort 
Wallpaper changes the size of a space by either elongating low ceilings or shrinking a very large space for added coziness. Most overlook this and skip straight to paint color. Maybe your foyer has vaulted ceilings with a crown molding that slices the space in half horizontally. This might seem like a big problem to tackle, but consider wallpaper that directs the visual interest to the bottom half of the room so your eyes are drawn to it. This will give the space a more dramatic appearance without detracting from existing architectural elements, to achieve a homey look and feel.

What if you have the opposite problem and the space is simply too small? If you cannot renovate it to create more square footage, wallpaper can make a huge difference! Since your eyes will follow the flow of a print or pattern try vertical striped wallpaper to significantly lengthen low ceilings, and create the illusion of height. Opt for lighter colors though to avoid making the room feel even smaller.


Bold & Daring Wins!
Have you ever seen wallpaper and thought–I could never have that in my home! Have you ever followed that question up with why not? As wallpaper makes a striking comeback in 2014 we’re seeing elaborate prints and dramatic color schemes that completely alter a room’s look and feel. Although this may be a step away from your comfort zone you will be pleasantly surprised to see what lively and playful prints can do in your home! Bold wallpaper dramatically changes a space by adding just the right amount of visual interest. Where’s the best place to go bold? The powder room or even a laundry room is the perfect space to try out daring wallpaper prints. Make a statement with wallpaper but understand what kind of statement you want to make. Soft lines add a soothing and elegant touch, while geometrics lend to a more modern look and feel. Whether you want to achieve high energy or subtle elegance wallpaper will change the way your space feels instantly.


Technology Makes it Easy
The newest advancements in technology jump-started the wallpaper comeback, as it’s easier than ever to digitally print various patterns, prints and textures with the click of a button. Previously popular floral and vertical stripes dominated most manufacturer inventories, but now designers are finding inspiration to create fresh updated prints and patterns every single day. You may be hesitant to give wallpaper a try because it’s stigma falls in the outdated, overused category, but there’s nothing better than seeing a print or pattern on the city street corner and bringing it to your interior designer to create a one of a kind wallpaper print. Hand drawn wallpaper prints are very popular right now and align with a sense of luxury and originality homeowners search for.


bf760b0a2e01a38e3f0f25ea90d5be98Know what you like, to find what you love!
The key to any interior design decision is to choose 
the print you adore over a trend because you want to fall in love with your walls every day. You can never go wrong with traditional, classic choices such as vertical stripes or a modern floral print. There are so many textures and patterns to choose from, but that’s half the fun! Are you wondering how to go about choosing the right wallpaper for your home? Here are 3 easy ways to decide where to look first! Decide on your design concept first–modern or traditional? Eclectic or classic? Once you’ve narrowed that down decide on what the room needs; is it too small or too large? Do you want to notice the walls or let them work the magic as the background? Then, decide if you want to work off existing elements in your space or start fresh! If you simply want to update the walls, work off of the furniture and fabrics you have already; if not, begin with the wallpaper of your choice and choose secondary pieces like furniture and fabric to complete the space.

Before jumping straight to paint chips, think about the different ways a room can stand out with another medium. Wallpaper was very popular before the modern design takeover, and has seemingly lost its luster among homeowners. Despite its previous uses, wallpaper has made a comeback as interior designers look to surprise clients with fresh ideas to add that extra touch of interest. La Maison Interiors should be your first stop when picking out the right luxury furniture for your home to give your new wallpaper a touch of elegance and grandeur. Visit our showroom in Scottsdale for more interior design ideas you’re bound to fall in love with this season!

Fall Trends You Will Love!

Despite the warm summer temperatures in Scottsdale your can still incorporate your favorite fall trends for the final months of 2014! We’ll help you find the right tabletop accessories, maybe a warm wood coffee table to add warmth to your family room or modern metallic pieces for some texture and interest atop the mantle piece in the family room. Whatever your favorite fall trend may be, La Maison Interiors will help you find the right luxury furniture to match fabulous fall décor!

4651e95d1309856f8801b4193c84aeabOne of the most popular design trends this fall is versatility, texture and layering. You won’t have to completely renovate a space to achieve this look either! Think throw pillows in gorgeous fabrics, a blanket that gives the illusion we’re experiencing cold weather, adding warmth to the sofa or your favorite leather chair. Mix it up with metallic pieces in your foyer for added visual interest and a touch of glamour. Your holiday guests are guaranteed to adore the combination of different textures, as it appears eclectic yet sophisticated. Don’t be afraid to pair different metals together, but make sure one does not overpower the other. When in doubt about mixing and matching metallic pieces, simply side with the same style to keep with a consistent design element.


The resurgence of traditional design has officially taken over for Fall 2014! Modern and eclectic décor has seen its time for the past few years, but as homeowners are looking for a cozier more approachable look and feel, traditional design has gained popularity. Incorporate a chandelier in the dining room for a timeless look that has just the right amount of glamour mixed in. One rule of thumb to measure for the right size chandelier is to double the width of your dining room in feet, and convert it to inches to find the minimum diameter you will need. This trick is well suited for those of us who fear the dreaded dinky chandelier. Wallpaper might seem outdated and frankly difficult to deal with, but you might be surprised at the countless options your interior design can offer you. Adding wallpaper to your family room, or even in the kitchen as a backsplash, whether it’s in the cabinets or not, a patterns and color does a room wonders!

e6a425095853c4782da20fdd1824f27bRenovating the kitchen is a big project to take on, but if you take it one step at a time you can easily change the entire look and feel over time. Start with your cabinets! Elaborate cabinetry is taking the design world by storm, as we’re seeing all types of colors and unique materials being used to take ordinary kitchen cabinets from boring to beautiful! Creating a glamorous kitchen is a lot of fun! You have tons of choices in terms of hardware, color and countertop material to choose from. Go bold and paint your cabinets a deep jewel tone with a metallic backsplash and matching hardware to create a traditional yet original look and feel. Intricate cabinetry details also make a difference if you want to keep with neutral tones in the kitchen. You can incorporate texture into the kitchen using natural elements such as stone to create a more organic atmosphere. Including elements of nature in the kitchen will give it a fresh update while keeping with traditional elements we all know and love.

8265f6856a9794f2022a3b38b4525902Bringing those natural elements into your home is a really fun and easy way to incorporate fall décor wherever you want. La Maison has the perfect tabletop accessories so you can start mixing and matching as the holiday season approaches. Warm colors work best! Think burnt orange and golden yellow; like the color of fallen leaves and crimson red to bring forth a traditional holiday color palette. Mix metallic pieces into the mix for texture and even a fall themed arrangement as a centerpiece for your dining room table. Lighting is crucial in creating a cozy atmosphere; candles are the easiest way to curate the soft relaxed ambiance you’re looking for! You can change the mood of any space if you incorporate candles, whether it be on the coffee table or neatly tucked away on the kitchen counter candles work anywhere in the home!

No matter what your favorite fall trend is incorporating warm colors, the right lighting and festive decor will change the look and feel of your home. Try these ideas in your home this fall for a fresh update from summertime and purchase the perfect accessories at La Maison Interiors where traditional luxury lives!

5 Ways To Turn Your Bathroom Into A Spa

bathroom5We all need a relaxing space to spend a few minutes and unwind every single day. Outfitting your bathroom to become a luxury spa starts with a serene color palette, and a peaceful ambiance to escape the stress of the day. Your bathroom should be a place of complete and total serenity—from the scent of your candles to the window treatments. La Maison is here to help you create a beautiful bathroom to indulge all your senses.

Soft Lighting

Choose lighting wisely. Pay attention to the wattage when purchasing light bulbs, as lower wattage can make a big difference in the bathroom. Fluorescent lighting is never recommended in the bathroom because of the harsh light –the softer the lighting the more you can create a mood. A great option is to install dimmer lights with various levels of brightness. If you share your bathroom with a spouse or significant other, installing the right vanity for the two of you can make a world of a difference in the morning and at night. Couples ideally share a bathroom space, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise your space! Install a double vanity and experience the wonders of separate space!Make sure your vanity has the right lighting to put on makeup; light dimmers are also a good option here too.


You Have the Right to Accessorize

Have fun with accessorizing in your bathroom! This is the time and place to pick your favorite pieces, whether it’s wall art or candles to create the right ambiance or functional items that make your bathroom more convenient. Candles are a great way to create a relaxing and serene atmosphere. Create a candle arrangement for your Jacuzzi area with different heights to give some visual interest to your space. A jewelry dish on your vanity is a great way to keep track of your jewelry and prevent losing your favorite pieces to the drain. We suggest luxury furniture pieces such as a stool or poof for your vanity so you can comfortably sit and get ready in the morning.

6282d1e63a0e147dd4b4db9fdf06e468We love color!

Most interior designers will tell you the softer the color the more applicable it is to a smaller space. Choose whichever color you like, but keep in mind color creates mood and ambiance. If you’re going for a completely feminine bathroom, warm colors work best while cool blues and greens lend to both male and female sensibilities. Create a themed bathroom and with color as well. Sandy beige paired with teal blue and cool cucumber make for a perfect beach themed bathroom. Go completely modern and masculine with dark wood cabinets, white countertops and sleek chrome faucets. We love modern interior design and so will you!




The Good Stuff:

What do we mean by the good stuff? All things luxurious! Think plush bathmats, expensive towels with you and your man’s monogram on it, and all the necessary bathtub accessories for the most relaxing hour you’ll spend all day. Creating a bathroom that feels like a spa is all about the experience. From the moment you walk in until you turn the light off every aspect of your bathroom should be luxurious. We love the idea of a steam shower with a built in bench lined with gorgeous tile or real rocks if you want a more organic look and feel. Install a deep soaker bathtub, recessed in the floor for an extremely relaxing bubble bath.




All Things Tech

Some of the newest technology will help you achieve a bit more luxury too! Heated toilet seats with LED lights will guide you late at night, and take away the need for harsh lighting. Choose from endless types of showerheads and faucets ranging from traditional design to absolutely modern and high tech. Imagine the last time you visited a spa, and every towel was warmed to the perfect temperature; a heated towel rack can give you this little slice of luxury at home. For at truly luxurious glass shower, install glass that turns opaque with the switch of a lock for total privacy. Explore high tech options like this and visit our Smart Home blog for more ideas!

Balance Beauty and Functionality In Your Family Room

Curating the perfect space for your family requires know-how in harmony and balance. You want to create a family room that feels comfortable with communal spaces to spend time together while adhering to your personal taste.

2013-10-02_04.37.25__1_Balance is key, no matter what room it is. Keep in mind three types of symmetry when choosing your modern furniture, color and accessories for the family room. Symmetrical spaces appear harmonious and inviting, while still functional and spacious. By choosing like pieces you will achieve a mirrored effect for visual interest. Repetition is key in this scenario. This type of symmetry feels orderly, as all the major pieces in your family room will work off a central axis. Pinpoint the focal point in your family room; this could be the fireplace mantle, television or piece of art, and design in accordance with it to achieve a truly symmetrical space.



Asymmetrical spaces feel more relaxed, yet still inviting and functional. The key to achieving asymmetry is to pay attention to your eye’s natural sense of balance, the weight of objects and furniture in the family room. The focal point of the room is primarily important, but you have more freedom with arrangement as you can play with height and weight to balance each other. Repetition comes into play, but avoid identical pieces. Often asymmetrical family rooms appear more eclectic yet still luxurious as theres more visual interest at every turn of the eye.

radialBe bold with your home and experiment with radial symmetry; less commonly used and rarely executed properly, but if done correctly the result is truly stunning. Think of one focal point that all the other elements of the space work off of. Think round tables, light fixtures and avoid straight clean lines. The more natural curvature found in your space the more successful the design becomes. For instance, place a round coffee table in your family room and carefully arrange a sofa, chair, end table and accessories around the table. Play around with circular shapes, but also think about the arrangement. Your home may have a foyer with a winding staircase that appears off or unbalanced with strict straight lines, but a round table will compliment the staircase curvature. The functionality of a space is very important for balance. Do not dedicate traffic flow areas to one space; creating walkways throughout the space helps guests and your family to move comfortably in and out of the family room. Crowding all of the seating too close together will appear too busy, while too large of a walkway will cause the space to look empty and useless. Color also functions the same way. Too many colors in a symmetrical space will throw off the balance, while an asymmetrical space allows for more choices in color.


The perfect modern furniture for your family room is ultimately up to you, but keep with the rule of repetition to achieve a mirrored effect to keep with symmetrical design rules. If the fireplace is your focal point, choose two accessories that add height such as vases for either side of the mantle. The same goes for end table lamps. You will want two of a kind to achieve a mirrored effect. Asymmetry allows for more freedom in your choice of décor and color choice, while radial design is mainly concerned with form. However you choose to keep balance in your family room is up to you, but designing with a set of rules in place will make it easier to pick and choose the right modern furniture for your family room. At La Maison we want to help you create the perfect family room for your home with luxury pieces no matter what your design taste may be. Visit us at our showroom in Scottsdale for more ideas and inspiration to start curating your dream family room today!

Bring Beige To Life!


Beige is a classic color and often a go-to choice for homeowners, as it’s easy to design around! Introduce a pop of color to your space with fabric, accessories or new luxury furniture. Remember that beige is a “safe” choice, and often goes unnoticed, but it’s time to bring beige to life in your home with fabulous fabrics and luxury furniture that will immediately change your space for the better.

Neutral tones are very popular as transitional design has grown in popularity, but an all beige room doesn’t have to be boring by any means. La Maison Interiors has the sophisticated modern furniture to spice up your space in beautiful prints and vibrant colors! What color is best for your beige space?


Have fun pairing neutral tones with shades of red for added warmth in your space. You can appeal to both masculine and feminine tastes with red, as offers a sense of contemporary luxury. Add a set of red throw pillows or a dramatic print for the walls! It’s an easy way to bring red to your space incrementally.  Take the plunge and reupholster your favorite chair or sofa with a beautiful print, pattern or solid red fabric. Red is a powerful color, and if you feel your taste leans toward a more serene aesthetic softer shades of red work well also.


If red is a bit too much color for your liking then we suggest shades of blue to add a pop of color to your space. Aqua compliments sandy beige rather than sky blue, which lends to a more traditional look and feel. Sea green and turquoise offer a funky yet modern look and feel, as you will find countless shades of blues and greens to pick from. Be careful not to choose a dark green or navy blue, as you want to compliment the undertones of your beige walls. Start small with throw pillows, accessories or wall art if you want to ease the introduction of color into your space.

One of our favorite ways to bring beige to life is through a monochromatic color scheme. Black and white paired with beige is subtle yet sophisticated without appearing too bold. Use black or dark brown-black for the floors, doors and furniture. White offers a clean and crisp look that appeals to modern luxury. Bring this theme to life with a warm chocolate brown instead of stark black to warm up your space. This is also a good opportunity to include red as you can achieve that sense of warmth with a pop of color.beige4

A rule of thumb when introducing color to an all beige space is to stick with the undertones of the existing beige walls or décor. You cannot go wrong with color if you adhere to the cool or warm undertones in your home. By adding red to beige you bring out the warmth found in beiges that are closer to taupe and brown. Blues and greens make the cooler tones in beige walls pop if you want to achieve a more modern aesthetic. This is also a perfect opportunity to achieve a beach house look and feel. Hiring an interior designer will take the guesswork out of which colors are best for your space. Visit La Maison Interiors in Scottsdale for more ideas on color choice, luxury furniture and interior design ideas!


Lasting Summer Trends to Carry Over into Fall


In Arizona, summer bleeds into September and October as the rest of the country experiences cooler temperatures, we are still lounging by the pool on the weekends. If you miss the change of seasons and want to curate fabulous fall décor we have great ideas to get you started!

Indoor-outdoor spaces call for lavish décor and beautiful bright fabrics for the summer. Bright blues, greens and floral prints are very popular. Tribal prints in muted colors like nectarine, sage and shades of brown offer earthy tones for a neutral color scheme. Switch into fall mode with fabrics that exude a warm, cozy and comfortable look and feel. Change out throw pillows with summer fabrics for soft, touchable, plush fabrics with a hint of shine for a glamorous yet elegant aesthetic. Adding softer throw pillows with softer fabrics add warmth to a space. Pair your existing furniture with rich warm tones like burnt orange, golden-yellow and deep crimson red for true fall fashion.

pillow2Floral prints made a big splash this summer as we’ve seen contemporary updates of a once stigmatized print. Even though floral can appear too feminine or outdated, if used properly you can achieve a modern luxurious look and feel. Keep your floral prints from the summer and pick out any warm accent colors from those prints. Fall colors are rich warm shades that offer a cozy and comfortable feeling. Incorporate candles to add a sense of intimacy and light, as the days grow shorter. Summer was all about crisp, clean and fresh color palettes, and as we slowly move towards fall you will want to curate a cozy and inviting space for your family and guests during the holidays.


Radiant Orchid is the Pantone Color of the Year and wow did we all dive into a purple frenzy! We’ve seen all shades of purple in different ways, as interior designers incorporate this color wherever possible. Purple is a combination of blue and red giving homeowners both an advantage and disadvantage when designing with such a bold color. Go too light and purple soon feels too childish, but go too dark and it’s too overpowering.

Finding the perfect shade of purple for your home is the trick! If you have already had success with purple then you are in luck because incorporating fall colors is easier than you think. Deep reds compliment purple and also echo the warmth you will want to achieve when curating fall décor. Even going opposite of purple on the color wheel can be fun; by adding a hint of orange with white you will find this makes for a contemporary yet warm color scheme that’s perfect for Fall.

purple barrelBold prints and patterns are still in season and we don’t see them going anywhere anytime soon! Pair a solid color in a warm tone to achieve a fall look in your family room by pairing a red throw pillow against a neutral print. This will add depth to the space and visual interest. Don’t hesitate to go bold and bright with fall colors! All it takes is a little trial and error to get the right hue down. Working with summer trends in the fall is fun and easy as long as you balance your existing décor with additional elements. Visit La Maison Interiors in Scottsdale for more ideas on luxury furniture and interior design ideas to create a beautiful look and feel for the fall.

Will Luxury Smart Home Technology Change The Way We Live?

The luxury home market is on the upswing, as more people are embracing technology in a big way. Younger generations are masters of smart phone technology, but might not get to enjoy the brand new home technology multiple management companies have to offer. Price tags easily run over a million dollars in some of the most desirable cities in the United States.

All your favorite elements of a smart phone are carried over to a luxury smart home. Think about how important your smart phone is to you; now transfer all the convenience and beautiful design to your very own home. This is every homeowner’s dream to literally lift a finger and turn on the heat, lower the shades, check if you closed the garage door or if you need milk while you’re at the supermarket. Homes with high tech ability are becoming the new standard since homeowners are willing to spend a pretty penny for the ultimate convenience. 


Now for the fun part! All the features you might imagine a smart home to have, it will. The newest apartment complex in Sunny Isles, Florida has an automated parking system that takes the hassle out of finding a parking space after work, and fingerprint technology for ultimate high security. What separates the high tech from high high-tech goes beyond apps that control your garage door or automatically open your bedroom shades at 9am. Developers are inventing household appliances that will change your daily routine without having to press a button or speak to a voice recognition system.

Smart-light-switch-from-WeMoWhat are some of these products? The Smart Toilet manages lighting for middle of the night trips, and automatically lifts and closes the lid—say goodbye to arguments about the toilet seat with your man! Climate control from your smartphone, intelligent mirrors that take photographs, and flash pictures of you in the morning for a 360-degree view of your outfit are changing daily routines for the better. Your security system will inform you of any important changes or when you forgot to arm the house all with the push of a button or a fingerprint scan. Privacy and security are two of the most important factors among homeowners, and technology allows us to control everything in our homes.

The key to making a smart home efficient for homeowners is maintaining a balance. If technology is at the forefront of our living environment, we must keep pick and choose which systems to automate. Homeowners vary in their preference of automated technology. While some prefer to be “off the grid” others are spending a pretty penny for very high tech systems. The question becomes how to make life more enjoyable with technology instead of focusing on overloading a home with too much technology for a profit. As developers continue to innovate, homes will become smarter than we ever imagined.

Why The Perfect Pillows Make For A Comfortable Home

Reinvent any space in your home with throw pillows! There are numerous prints, patterns, fabrics and colors to choose from, which makes choosing the right pillow a fun lighthearted experience. You’ll have ample choices at La Maison Interiors in Scottsdale as we have all the latest fabrics, prints and patterns to accompany your luxury furniture. How do you choose the right pillows for your home? Where is the best place to put decorative pillows? Who will be using them, and how often do you want to clean them? It’s best to have a plan in place with so many options out there!

blue leather chair

Pillows are aesthetically pleasing, and accentuate the existing elements of your home, while pillows also create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. If you plan on using your throw pillows rather than as a decorative addition you will want easy fabric to clean rather than silk or chenille. Accent neutral tones with bright colors and bold patterns or prints. Monochromatic combinations produce a more masculine and modern aesthetic, while neutral toned pillows are perfect for transitional spaces. Infuse your personal style into this purchase, as you have a lot of freedom when choosing pillows for your home. 


Buying a set of pillows that incorporate the existing elements of your home, while infusing new elements will update the look and feel immediately. Pillows meant for show often have intricate patterns, embellishments such as beading or studs, or a pattern that is simply too pretty to rest your elbow on.

Size and purpose should be a priority! Who will use them the most? Where do you plan on placing them—the family room or a more formal sitting room? If you’re looking for comfortable pillows make sure the fabric is soft but machine wash ready. Chenille, satin, silk and velvet appear luxurious and often reflect when sunlight shines on the fabric. There are numerous shapes and sizes as well! Throw pillows come in a variety of shapes, but the most common being 16 to 18 inches square. Add visual interest with rectangular, circular or cylinder pillows, known as bolsters for extra pizzazz.

pillows redThink about scale! Bigger sofas call for larger pillows, while small daintier sofas with a more delicate construction call for tinier pillows. Bolster pillows are a perfect addition for leather sofas or those without upholstered arms. If the sofa has harsh edges opt for circular pillows to soften its appearance. It works the same for slouchy larger sofas—opt for square or rectangular pillows too add structure to the sofa. Be daring! Do not be afraid to experiment with your pillow purchases! This is one area of interior design that allows for complete individuality! Inject your personal taste in this purchase and you will be much happier with your choices.

pillow3Fabric is so important and the most fun to shop for! There are numerous choices, but the most common and easiest to maintain are cotton, linen and polyester while satin, silk and velvet are more luxurious. All of which offer a different aesthetic to a space. Cotton is the easiest to clean, but it wrinkles and shrinks if dried in high heat. Linen is more expensive but appears fresh and crisp for a modern yet elegant look. Polyester is more durable, but often appears artificial, but this will be your cheapest most commonly found fabric option. Satin and silk are luxurious and offer a metallic sheen when light reflects off it—totally in this season! Velvet and chenille is all the rage right now as Old Hollywood Regency design is making a comeback.

Take a look at your home and decide if you want to update the existing elements or reinvent your home’s décor. Thankfully, pillows are lightweight and easily interchangeable, which makes your shopping trip one to look forward to! Switch out patterns and prints as the seasons change, and completely update the look and feel of any space in your home. Visit our showroom in Scottsdale and take a look at numerous fabrics, prints and patterns that are sure to change any room in your home from drab to fabulous! Have fun with it!