How To Incorporate Floral In Your Home

Bring floral patterns into your home and keep them even past spring! Floral print emphasizes other patterns in a space, and adds a pop of color in the right place. There are different avenues to choose from when introducing floral into any space, but always opt for color and eye-catching prints that steer away from traditional tablecloth patterns. No matter which design aesthetic exists in your home, modern and minimalist or romantic and shabby chic, floral patterns are a fun way to incorporate color, pattern and texture to any space.

d75d3f6b850d3da2a4ab7a04cc1c45f2Different floral patterns exude a particular mood. Decide on the mood you want, and then start to look at different fabrics to fit. Choose big, bold and vibrant patterns for a contemporary look or go with softer hues for a romantic aesthetic. The larger the print the more updated it will feel amongst other patterns in a space. We most often see floral print in family rooms and bedrooms, but don’t hesitate to try floral in your kitchen or bathroom!

The best way to stay on the safe side of floral print is with light colors. Always accent existing décor; never create décor from floral print, as this can appear too busy. Most often, we forget floral exists in other mediums.

Try a pillow at your desk chair or even floral placemats at the kitchen table for the just the right amount of color in your space. Thinking of making a bolder statement? Try a floral rug with big flower prints or choose a more intricate design with vibrant colors! Whichever aesthetic you prefer, a rug can make a huge difference in the overall design concept, as you want to create a cohesive look and feel throughout a space


Add a beautiful vase to your office or kitchen with an eye-catching floral arrangement or simply add a few flowers for a minimalist appeal. Add a sophisticated armchair in a bright floral pattern or go the opposite route and choose a muted color scheme for a highly romantic and feminine look.

Wearing floral is also trending right now! Skinny jeans with beautiful floral prints or sundresses with a classic white and yellow flowers scream summer fashion. Wearing one piece of floral print will instantly brighten up any outfit with a neutral palette. Always remember to experiment with color when choosing floral print for the home or your closet!

At La Maison Interiors, we’re loving florals and we’re seeing it everywhere from high-end fashion to contemporary family rooms! There are so many different avenues to explore with floral print so don’t hesitate to experiment with this design trend!

Mirror Mirror On The Wall…

Mirrors change the ambiance in a room; adding dimension to a flat wall or making a room seem larger using strategic placement. are a perfect way to accessorize any space in your home. They add depth to a flat wall and make a room appear larger. Accent a space with mirrors as decorative pieces than a functional addition to the space. Accessorizing with mirrors adds a focal point to a space and adds interest to a wall. Make natural light bounce off a mirrors, creating shadows and sunbeams across a space for added dimension. Follow the rules of hanging art when displaying mirrors in your home, like hanging art or photography.

Height matters. If you stand in the middle of a room, place the mirror at eye level so it aligns with the top third of the mirror. Group smaller mirrors together to add interest to a wall or decorate an entire wall with mirrors to add more depth to a room. This trick works wonders in small spaces that also get limited natural light. Oversized floor-length mirrors add grandeur in large rooms with high ceilings. Do not attempt to hang an oversized mirror! Lean it against the wall for a causal effect that also feels sophisticated.


Mirrors also act as art on the wall. Place a mirror so it reflects engaging décor on the opposite wall. Choose an eye catching painting across from a mirror to emphasize the painting and give the mirror a purpose in the space. Bright colored wall accents work as well if you want abstract art instead. Accessorize the space with bold vases, and play with height accents to reflect as much color and interest as possible. Choose a frame with decorative handcrafted details for an ornate aesthetic or a sleek and strong frame for a modern appeal. Compliment your existing décor for a quicker solution.mirror1

The aesthetic of a space often dictates the shape of a mirror. You should be daring with your choice, as you want to stand out amongst friends! Oval shaped mirrors are unique and serve as a classic solution for functionality and aesthetic. Group small sized mirrors together, as this doubles as functional wall art in any room of your home! Choose a round mirror in an angular room to create an unexpected contrast for a contemporary twist. Softer less harsh lines and decadent frame embellishments lend to the an organic art statement in your home. Reinvent any space in your home with ornate mirrors or opt for a modern touch with an oversized mirror! Visit La Maison Interiors for more inspiration on the perfect mirror for your home.

Luxury Ottomans & Poufs

Ottomans and poufs serve as a perfect addition to family rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms as they serve two purposes. They can be decorative or utilitarian, and work best in spaces that call for comfortable surroundings. They are versatile in terms of fabric, style, size and color! Have fun with ottomans, but remember some simple rules when choosing the best luxury ottoman and poufs for your home.

Stick with your current aesthetic. Ottomans are accessories that function as low tables for a cocktail party or for unbeatable comfort in your bedroom. If you have a neutral furniture base in your family room or living room, choose an ottoman that offers a pop of color. This can be a fun way to add color that can double as storage.



Placement is very important once you choose an ottoman. There is no gray area when it comes to arranging an ottoman, as you want to either hide it beneath a table, place it at the edge of a bed or use it as the focal point of a space. Choose wisely and your ottoman will serve as a comfortable footrest, a place to sit at the edge of your bed or as a coffee table replacement.

When choosing the size of an ottoman take into account the height, shape and size. If you choose a square ottoman that is knee-high you will want to pair it with a matching ottoman. If the ottoman is lower and more rectangular it can serve as a coffee table so make sure it is sturdy enough to support coasters or a drink tray for guests.

pouf1Poufs, not to be confused with ottomans also serve as a decorative addition. They are a fun way to replace a sturdy chair in the bedroom. Poufs have a feminine touch, making one a perfect addition to a dressing table or vanity. Poufs add a soft and elegant aesthetic. If you’re having friends over for a night of wine and cheese plates take out two or three poufs for extra seating. Poufs double as a footrest as they are designed with comfort in mind.Play with fabric and textures! Ottomans come in a variety of styles ranging from contemporary and modern with great functionality or they serve as a focal point meant to replace a coffee table. Be creative with your choice in ottomans to bring an entirely different design concept to any space in your home.

Whether you want to go more contemporary or you’re looking to add extra seating to your living space luxury ottomans and poufs are the perfect addition. Check out La Maison Interiors for your entire luxury ottoman finds at our Scottsdale showroom.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark–Colors That Is!

As light color and neutral bases are trending for 2014 do not be afraid to work with darker shades for added contrast in any space of your home. La Maison Interiors has a myriad of luxury furniture pieces and design ideas to implement darker textures, patterns and colors in your home.


Everyone’s favorite way to change a space’s aesthetic is through a refresh of wall color. Small rooms are the least optimal to try out a dark color as you want a room to feel larger if it is on the smaller side. Bedrooms and dining rooms are the ideal to try a darker wall color.

Determine the amount of natural light in a space before choosing a color. If the space gets ample natural light then a darker color is the optimal choice, but if there is limited natural light opt for one shade lighter. Most paint swatches come in gradients for easy paint color selection. darkpaint2


Rich, saturated color schemes feel traditional, cozy and often masculine. If you are designing a space for your man opt for neutral accessories to balance dark paint color on the walls. This will give the space a balanced aesthetic while still keeping with a masculine design concept. Compliment the furnishingsthat already exist with wall color that does not distract from what is already in a space.

Some color ideas for a dining room could be deep red, plum or even navy. These colors represent strength and sophistication. If your dining room has a well designed baseboard that extends halfway up the wall create a stark contrast with dark paint color and pain the baseboards white. For a balanced aesthetic choose bright furnishings with sleek design so not to crowd the space. Playing with dark color can be fun, as you can contrast darker hues and shades with bright accessories for an unexpected pop of color.

A creative way to implement dark color is to bring in a decorator who has custom painting experience. You can create a themed room with an extravagant ceiling design such as a stormy sky or a playful pattern that adds dimension to a space. This can make a room appear larger, and also adds a touch of sophistication that is completely unique to your home. Our collection of luxury furniture ideas at La Maison offers ideas and inspiration to make any space in your home appear elegant and sophisticated using darker shades and hues. Take a walk on the dark side this year.


Interior Design “Spring Cleaning”

Refresh the look and feel of any room with our tips from the designers at La Maison Interiors in Scottsdale. We have great ideas to ‘spring clean’ your interior design in any room of the home. A great way to add a fresh look is to change out pillows with lighter fabrics and less dense patterns and textures. if you begin with a neutral base choose vibrant colored pillows that make a statement and inject color to your aesthetic. Chang out dark, smoky, warm colored pillows to cooler shades of blue, green and yellow

SpringDesgin2Gansu pillow blueRemove heavy drapery from living and dining rooms to let in natural light. Curtains that do not allow light to bleed through appear drab and take away the organic beauty of a room. Curtains also make a space feel smaller and confined, show off those tall ceilings and gorgeous windows this spring! If you are attached to curtains, choose a fabric that is sheer, light and flowy. The lighter the fabric, the easier it will be achieve an airy aesthetic.

Accentuate the existing fabric in a space with a contemporary art piece in a refined frame. Remove heavy frames with too much depth. These types of framing choices appear old and too traditional. Opt for clean, smooth and refined lines. Choosing the right frame is the trickiest part, as the one you choose should match the art itself, but appear cohesive with the aesthetic of your space. If you’re an avid art buyer stray away from darker colors this spring, and go with cool and vibrant pieces that stand out.

Follow the rule of threes and fives when grouping accessories together. Think outside the box, literally and choose soft, organic lines to decorate your coffee or occasional tables. Always group accessories in odd number to avoid splitting items up into even groups. 5 small accessories in a bright color adds more value to your kitchen counter island than two larger objects.

SpringDesign1Global Views blue accessory itemshappyeassterdecals 

Our last blog went over how to choose an area rug , detailing the right and wrong ways to to position a rug for any space. Bring the indoors to the outdoor and decorate your patio space with fashionable rugs and contemporary patio furniture for a cohesive look no matter where you entertain your friends this spring. Visit La Maison Interiors in Scottsdale for more ideas on spring cleaning. Entertain guests during the upcoming Easter holiday and decorate the entrance with an inviting banner or hang it above the kids table for a youthful appearance at any party or get together

How to Select an Area Rug

Choosing an area rug for a space all depends on the design direction you want to follow. Once you’ve chosen an area rug it will dictate the patterns, textures and color you implement in the remainder of the room’s aesthetic. The area rug should never be treated as an “after thought” as you should begin with choosing a rug before any other accessory in a room. Every room has a slightly different set of tips and tricks on how to pick the right size and shape, color, pattern or texture.


Rugs add functionality, but they also act as the focal point to any room in the home. Take a look at your space and discern how large it is, and this will give you a good starting point to how large of a rug to purchase. Luxury rugs at La Maison Interiors come in a variety of patterns and textures, shapes and sizes. Geometrics work best for a contemporary design, and traditional patterns often work with all types of design concepts. Solid colored rugs are best suited for bedrooms as those rugs are often smaller, meant to accent or add warmth to a tile or wood floor.


Ensure the area rug of your choice is not too small or too large. Measure the doorway to the room and if the width of the rug is relatively close to that measurement you have chosen the right size. Never keep furniture half off of a rug in a hallway or foyer, and when choosing a rug for a smaller space like an office or bedroom ensure the rug is large enough to contain the furniture so it feels cozier, like a cocoon. Experiment with a round rug in a bedroom or foyer. Place the rug under a light fixture in an entryway, but keep furniture off of it. Most rooms are rectangle or square, but if you can successfully implement a round rug, you will create a dramatic effect that appears contemporary and modern.


In a living room, an area rug should be a focal point. Placing at least two feet of every chair and couch on the rug provides a space for the furniture to rest. This creates continuity enhancing the rooms aesthetic while keeping it cozy. Area rugs are a great opportunity to implement color, texture and pattern into a room. With a variety of different types of area rugs you have more choices than you could possibly need. La Maison Interiors’ selection of all patterns, shapes, sizes and color schemes of luxury area rugs is your final stop to finding the perfect focal point to your living, dining, bedroom or entryway. Keep these tips in mind when choosing a new area rug for your home.

  • Always choose a rug that pulls a space together either with color, pattern and texture or shape and size
  • Ensure the rug is durable and is quality manufactured as you want it to last for a long time
  • Don’t be afraid to choose a bold print or unique pattern as a dramatic rug gives you more opportunity to accessorize in other areas of the room
  • Try a round rug in a space with less furniture such as an entryway or large bathroom

The Kitchen Table

Too often are dining rooms neglected and left to formal occasions and holidays. Start using your dining room by enhancing its look and feel with a brand new luxury table from La Maison. Choose from contemporary tables topped in marble to intimate round tables fit for smaller spaces—no matter your taste. Designing your home is all about your taste and personality so let it shine and demand a great first time impression with all the right luxury furniture at La Maison Interiors.


 If you decide to keep with a more formal aesthetic make an impression at your next dinner party with two host and hostess chairs at either end of the dining room table. Choose a statement piece for a bold impression. Ensure the chairs compliment the overall design, as you want them to be visually engaging, but not an eyesore. This year, drama and glamour are in. Mirrored table tops or an oversized mirrors effortlessly leaning against the wall in the dining room can make a room feel larger for an opulent atmosphere.

If you are working a smaller space, round tables work best in square rooms for an intimate ambiance, and most people prefer a round table—as its better for conversation. With no formal “head” of the table there is a constant flow of energy around the table. Always pair a square rug with a round table to balance the space. When placing a rug on the floor, make sure the rug is a minimum of 22’ beyond the edge of the table to guarantee chairs will not move off the rug when moved away from the table.

The dining room is a place to spend time with friends and family, eat long meals and carry on conversation. Choosing the right table is very important and will dictate the overall mood of the room. Implement a marble, glass or quartzite tabletop for a more contemporary look or stick with a wood-hewn tabletop for a rustic and relaxed vibe. Benches are making a comeback in the formal dining room, as communal seating is more popular in luxury dining rooms now, more than ever. This keeps the space from feeling too formal as tall and ornate dining room chairs crowd the space. If you need additional seating opt for a table that comes with self-storing leaves so you always have the option to lengthen the table if need be for easy storage and less occupied space in your closet.




Always remember to implement the ideas you love in your home. Design is all about your personality and how you want to successfully create an extension of your taste in living color at home. Stick with a neutral base this year because you can continue to accent with different colors, patterns and textures when you feel you’ve grown tired of a certain look. Dining rooms have the possibility to change more often than other rooms as accessorizing with lighting, different chairs, seating arrangements and even a different finish on the tabletop can add an entirely different aesthetic with a few simple changes. Come visit our showroom at La Maison Interiors to further your ideas on revamping and enhancing your dining room today.

The Glamorous Kitchen

As home design has changed over the last few decades, designing a luxury kitchen has become a new venture for homeowners. It’s become a place to spend time, versus simply cook a meal. Implementing elaborate and custom cabinetry, large islands with exotic granite countertops and state of the art appliances is a perfect way to add a new design aesthetic.

Honey toned and light wood cabinetry is trending right now. Lighter wood adds a softer aesthetic in the kitchen and adding a touch of glass wherever possible brings a modern touch to the space. Instead of traditional doors opt for open shelving for a sleek design that shows off your kitchenware. Stick with two materials to keep the design simple yet visually engaging. Another trend to explore in 2014 is front door glass matched with honey-toned cabinets. Decide what gradient of glass you’re looking for in terms of transparency. Opaque glass works best for larger doors, such as a pantry door, while transparent glass works better for cabinet doors.



Additional high-end appliances can change the look and feel of any kitchen. Stainless steel is contemporary, and adds clean lines. Stick with the same finish if you replace the oven, microwave and refrigerator. Mixing chrome or brass finishes can appear too busy. Opt for a classic stove with burners, if you want to keep with a traditional look or choose an electric stove top for a modern update. With so many choices, and avenues to venture down, it is all about your personal taste and style.

If you want to do a small update in your kitchen, but still change the mood, try implementing elaborate knobs and handles. Looking at the countless options might seem overwhelming, but you can easily narrow down what you want by thinking about functionality, style and finish. Match the finish of your knobs, pulls or handles with the appliances in your kitchen, and also coordinate with the cabinetry. Choose a sleek design with little embellishments if you want to achieve a minimalistic design. Play on the style of your cabinets with choosing knobs, pulls and handles, as you want to compliment cabinetry, not contrast. Make sure you like how the handle feels in your hand and try to envision yourself using it every day.


Brass and chrome finish turns any kitchen into a fabulous one, as it exhibits a sophisticated look. Replace your white or black-faced appliances with chrome-finished items, and modernize the look and feel of the space. Implement recessed lighting underneath cabinets for softer lighting, and don’t forget light adds functionality to counter space at night. Try a set of three pendant lights above the island in a brass or chrome finish to keep with the finish of your appliances.

Interior designers always look forward to redesigning kitchen areas because there are so many avenues to explore. When taking your kitchen from its current standard to a luxury kitchen, La Maison has the right ideas so you can find the perfect balance between your personal style and the trending ideas in 2014. Let us help you find what you’re looking for at La Maison Interiors in Scottsdale.

Visit our showroom for more luxury furniture and kitchen ideas to take your kitchen from ordinary to excellent in no time at all!

Fashionable Lighting for Everyone’s Taste


Reinvent the atmosphere in your home with new lighting fixtures, decorative lamp shades or floor lampsfor added height. There are many options to choose from, and you can play with contrasting colors and finishes to add elegance and sophistication to any room.

Playing with pattern and texture is an easy way to implement eye catching pieces to a room. Lamp shades come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes to add a personal touch. If your dining room chairs or living room furniture is a solid fabric, patterned lamp shades are engaging and playful. If you have neutral furniture play with color!


Make sure the color isn’t too bright or neon though as you do not want lamp shades to appear too young or immature. Some shades have embellishments such as beads, rhinestones or tassels for a little something extra. Stick with the design aesthetic set in place, no matter what room you are redecorating, because lighting simply changes the mood of a room. When you contrast lighting with an entire design concept you are entering into dangerous waters.

The form of a lampshade can completely change the atmosphere in a room. You can choose a modern touch or old world fixtures. There are many unique fixtures that appear as artwork instead of traditional lighting fixtures. Pendant lights are a wonderful addition to a kitchen because they hang effortlessly above dining areas or the counter for a minimalistic appearance. Think drama, think eye-catching think extraordinary. Take any space in your home and add drama too it with a chandelier that has a modern touch. Try a double chandelier with exposed light bulbs for an old world touch. Whatever design idea are occurring in a space try to mimic the lines and curves in your choice of lighting. If your dining room table is round, choose a round lampshade, or pendant lighting.


Theme lighting is an emerging aesthetic a lot of homeowners are experimenting with. When choosing luxury furniture that has a central theme to it you can easily transfer that theme to your lamp shades and fixtures. You can also contrast the theme, for instance if you have a rustic or mainly warm colored room with wood furniture add a metal finish floor lamp for a stark contrast that is visually engaging.

If you simply cannot choose between the old and new combine the best of both worlds. Try metal fixtures with contemporary light bulbs or search for clean lines and smooth metal fixtures with exposed ornate light bulbs. Go with a classic floor or reading lamp in a quiet space next to your most prized chair or sofa in the house. When choosing new light fixtures, lamp shades or bulb style make sure you feel comfortable with the brightness. This is very important as too dim can make a room seem somber, where as too bright can appear fluorescent.

Playing with light fixtures and lamp shades can be a fun and exciting way to change the look and feel of any room in your home. Pair your luxury furniture with multiple different options at La Maison Interiors in Scottsdale. We have contemporary lighting for the minimalists, and traditional old world floor lamps, table lamps and chandeliers for those whose home decor is Old World or Mediterranean.

Turn it Out with Turquoise

Traditionally turquoise was a staple in the Southwest interior design scene as accents on rustic furniture, or embellishments on door knobs or handles. Implement turquoise in many ways for 2014, and explore the many hues and shades of this versatile color. Add a pop of turquoise to any room in the form of a decorative pillow, glassware, center piece or re upholster a chair or sofa to bring vibrancy to any room in your home. Stick with dark, richer shades of turquoise. Pale shades of turquoise will dull a space, and appear muted if your furniture is neutral shades or patterns.


blue leather chair

Last year’s color of the year was Emerald. Jewel tones were prevalent this past year, and turquoise is a version of Emerald. The infusion of blue and green together makes for a rich color that attracts the eye and creates a visually interesting room. Choose wall art that plays on turquoise or replace decorative pillows in your living room with turquoise pillows, and the vibrancy of the color will make the space seem brighter. Be brave and paint one wall a rich turquoise and pair it with grey furniture. Grey has cool undertones, and doesn’t feel as stark as white or black upholstery

Turquoise1Turquoise is a perfect color to pair patterns and textures with, as its rich blue undertones mixed with green appear unique and catches anyone’s eye. Re upholster a neutral colored armchair with a turquoise pattern for a statement piece in the living room. Pair a turquoise sofa with animal print pattern or choose to add small additions of turquoise using accessories.

Keep with the same cool undertones as you add more color to a room or go for the complete opposite and make a statement with yellow or coral accessories. Contrasting with turquoise is a perfect way to add a lot of vibrant color to your home this year.

However you choose to implement turquoise in 2014 remember to be daring and bold. Less is always more though, and contrasting colors will make the turquoise pop. Don’t write off turquoise because its traditionally associated with Southwestern interior design. Embrace the vibrancy and versatility of turquoise this year and design. Embrace the vibrancy and versatility of turquoise this year and Visit us at La Maison Interiors for more ideas on how to include turquoise in your home.