Mix Match & Design Dream Kitchen Ideas

It’s nearly Spring time! Your kitchen windows open up again with loads of Arizona sunlight and warm weather. The gloomy skies fade away, and so should an old and tired kitchen design. We have fabulous ideas to give your space a makeover. We’re talking gorgeous fabrics, exquisite countertop materials and accessories to instantly bring a personal touch to the kitchen

The family recipe for a delicious dinner or dessert calls for exact ingredients and measurements, but what happens when you want to stray from the standard? Just like a chef, breaking away from the original family recipe could bring about a new and improved meal. We feel the same way about designing the kitchen to fit your personal style. Following the trends calls for mixing and matching materials. As the modern design era emerges, we’re seeing an influx of homeowners straying from the norm.

Wooden table on kitchen bench backgroundIf you want to completely redesign the look and feel of your kitchen start with a new counter top. The key here is to stick with the same color families; use tones that are either cool or warm. Mixing both warm and cool tones appears scattered fostering poor aesthetics. Also make sure the contrast is strong enough to appear intentional. If you want to utilize marble or granite contrast it with quartz for a subtle elegant look. White is the safest choice here since it acts a base, and appears modern and minimalistic. Do not try to incorporate too many materials to keep the look streamlined. One of our favorite trends is matching stone counters with butcher block. Butcher block appears modern and clean but also has the most functionality. We suggest a stone or granite closer to the sink and leaving the block theme for all other countertop surfaces.

Lighting1Lighting is another easy way to mix and match materials in your luxury kitchen. This year, warm metals trump the more sought after choice of chrome hardware. Try bronze, copper, brush nickel or gold instead! Copper is one of the more popular materials in 2015 kitchen interior design trends, but if you want a more subtle look brush nickel or gold is your go-to. Pendant lighting above an island will add drama to the kitchen and at La Maison Interiors we have a variety of beautiful lighting options sure to revamp your kitchen this year. Remember to create a sense of harmony though, as you can go crazy mixing metals, but without a central focus or design aesthetic you might miss the bill. If you love neutral colors stick to lighter tones. The most popular trio is wood, glass and metal. Both elegant and simple but interesting to the eye.

Italian dining tableAt La Maison, we have gorgeous dining room chairs you will love! We suggest experimenting with mixing and matching your chairs. This does take some planning and thought, but our talented interior designers are more than happy to meet with you and offer guidelines to choosing the perfect luxury furniture dining room chairs for your home. The easiest way to do this is through purchasing the same chair in different colors or wood finish. Keep a consistency no matter what; the same shape, material and style will help to bring this look to fruition. A burst of color is always acceptable in the kitchen especially if you have a neutral color base to start with; the fun comes in when you want to contrast these chairs. Take advantage of the many luxury furniture options at La Maison Interiors today! If color just is not your thing, stick with neutrals by choosing chairs that are black, white and wood. Go simple with this to avoid overloading on design elements. Another fun way to add interest is by mixing seat cover fabrics. Again, stick with a theme to create harmony, but don’t be afraid to mix stripes with a print if the color palettes match up.

Whether you’re looking to incorporate new materials in the kitchen, fabulous lighting options or luxury dining room chairs, La Maison Interiors is here to help! Visit our showroom today for more great ideas from our interior designers!

Vintage Trends You Should Try


La Maison interiors in Scottsdale specializes in luxury furniture, fabrics and accessories to make your home as beautiful and elegant as possible. We love new trends and incorporating different styles in the most unexpected places. This week, we’re talking about vintage bathroom trends.

Let’s start with color. Rich tones and bold shades are the way to go. Avoid washed out muted colors for the walls. Setting the tone with paint color is very easy, and homeowners often forget that a burst of a bold hue or shade can drastically change a space, especially a small one. Traditionally, bathrooms are not that large, but in modern homes we’re seeing much larger bathrooms, master en suites equipped with state of technology and expansive closets that seem to go on forever. Incorporating a certain style and charm is key here. Even if you space is large trying a vintage trend will make it feel cozier.


If you have an en suite we suggest incorporating a beautiful slipper chair or sofa as a dressing area. A lot of women love to centralize their morning routine in order to stay organized and move quickly in the morning. Also, it doesn’t hurt to feel like a queen while slipping your heels on for the day. Look for pieces with natural curves that incorporate warm metal like gold or bronze. Too much chrome can appear too modern and overly clean and crisp. Pick the perfect hardware for the bathroom too! Opt for bridget style faucets, a clawfoot tub or separate hot and cold water taps specifically designed to exude a vintage look and feel. Once you have the larger pieces chosen it’s time to move onto accent pieces to set the mood.

Accent pieces are really important to incorporate since you want to showcase a certain level of old world charm that’s also polished and elegant. Most vintage furniture appears to be reused or refinished. The distressed look and feel appears ‘shabby-chic’ to exude an elegant look and feel that is also playful and absolutely beautiful. Incorporating small details like old books, a cherished jewelry box or a small lamp atop your bathroom counter sets the mood. Vintage trends are all about setting the mood with lighting, color and luxury furniture.


Another great way to incorporate  these elements with a touch of grandeur is with mirrors. Mix and match shapes and sizes of mirrors to incorporate and eclectic look and feel. Symmetry is not always the best policy, especially if you want the bathroom to appear effortlessly vintage with old world charm. Lighting is another easy way to create a charming and inviting atmosphere. Opt for a chandelier that is not too overpowering and elaborate; a feminine touch always speaks to a soft look and feel.  Look for embellishments like beading, lace trim, tassels  and fabric with a touch of sheen to achieve this look.

One of our favorite ways to transform a space is through fabric. Fabrics with  dense repetitive patterns like flowers or the famed paisley print can appear old and tired. Incorporate modern prints and don’t shy away from including modern fabrics that have feel vintage either due to the sheen in the pattern, the warm colors or floral print. You will find gorgeous fabrics at La Maison Interiors, just start shopping at our Scottsdale location for a variety of options you will love.  One of our attentive interior designers will help you find exactly what you’re looking for!

Fabrics For February

Shopping for new fabric is both fun and challenging, as you might not know what to look for at first. At La Maison we have a variety of styles to choose from no matter what space you are redecorating. Our collection of gorgeous fabrics range from exquisite silk to cotton and linen. Whether you’re looking for a print  that adds visual interest or something more elegant and polished we will help you find exactly what you’re looking for at La Maison Interiors in Scottsdale.


When choosing a fabric for draperies consider the durability of the fabric, thread count, weave and width. These four items are important to decide whether linen is a better choice over silk or chenille or if you need a wider fabric for a larger window. Alerting your interior designer to these constraints will help narrow down your choices. If you have a wide and long window opt for plenty of coverage since draperies that are not wide enough make a space feel smaller. Windows that are floor to ceiling need less coverage. Try a swag or cascade in non sheer fabric; choose a material that drapes naturally for added movement. Also a cascade will frame the window offering more width if the window is more narrow than the average size. In the kitchen, it’s best to choose a print that pops. Even if you have a neutral color palette draperies offer an opportunity to add visual interest. Low ceilinged windows call for light, crisp and simple fabrics. Choosing a fabric that is too busy, too sheer or too close to the wall color will make the space feel even shorter. Another tip is to set up the curtain rod where the ceiling and wall meet for added height.


Now the fabric you choose depends on the style of your home! As style moves to more contemporary and modern aesthetics choose fabrics that are less heavy and textured. Soft fabrics that have natural movement appear more contemporary and also offer more visual interest. Stiff fabrics feel old and tired especially if you are trying to create interest in your space. Organic fabrics, silks, lightweight gauze, linen and burlap are trending right now. Using these fabrics offers a sensory experience and also gives a natural look and feel to any space. When a fabric is lightweight it provides more natural sunlight for a room and also makes a room feel larger. Look for fabrics that mimic the wall color if you want to make a space look and feel even bigger.

Linen dual upholsted dining chairThis season, soft muted “watercolors” are trending, which is a perfect addition to any bedroom or family room. Colors that are less vibrant appear more contemporary and also offer versatility if you incorporate new fabrics later on. From soft ocean blues to bold turquoise, ochre and orange these colors are all easy to work with and look great no matter what space you are redecorating. Choosing the right fabric color, print or pattern for upholstery is a really fun way to incorporate your personal sense of style without having to purchase  a brand new sofa or arm chair. Choose a color that adheres to your current design aesthetic. Don’t choose a fabric that is too busy with a lot of components for a sofa. You want to choose a print that is elegant and also engaging to the eye. Orange is very in this season, but be sure to choose a soft shade of orange as the more vibrant you go with this color the more contemporary and modern it feels. It can also give off a childlike look and feel if too pale or muted.

Silk Pillows leather headboardAre you looking for new bedding for a luxurious sleep every single night? How about new draperies for the family room? Our team will guide you in the search for the perfect fabric! Browse the fabrics we love for February in our showroom! Whatever type of fabric you are looking for La Maison Interiors can help you find the one that is right for you. Visit us in our showroom located in Scottsdale and one of our interior designers would be more than happy to show you a fabric that works for your personal style and home’s existing aesthetic.

Luxury Sectionals You Won’t Want To Leave

Finding a right sectional for your family room that adds style, comfort and coincides with the existing design elements in your home is key when shopping for a sectional sofa. Family room luxury furniture should be inviting, comfortable and elegant. There are many styles to choose from, but where to start if you’ve never embarked on a purchase like this before? Our talented team of interior designers are happy to help you find the perfect luxury sectional for your Scottsdale home at La Maison Interiors!

IMG_2115When selecting a sectional for your home, the best type of fabric is one that is easy to clean and comfortable. Everyday use can add wear and tear especially if you have children or a pet who doesn’t always keep his paws on the floor. Cotton and linen are the most optimal fabrics if you want a durable material that will last a long time and is also easy to maintain. Synthetic microfiber mimics most fabrics out there and is stain resistant. Wool and silk is on the more expensive side but definitely adds character and visual interest to a space. Silk is very sleek, modern and elegant, but does not bode well if it is getting a lot of use. Careful to opt for a printed fabric opposed to a woven fabric as it tends to wear down faster. Leather sectionals are very popular and offer a sophisticated look and feel to any family room. Pick a fabric you love! Whether or not more maintenance is needed you want to love this purchase!

IMG_2119Consider your home’s interior design. Is it more traditional with neutral colors or bright and vibrant? with patterns and prints? Sectionals are a statement piece without a doubt. Choose a bright hue/shade for a burst of color; go bold with deep jewel tones such as blue, green or even Marsala, the color of the year. Tufted or quilted sectionals are timeless, and offer a classic look and feel. Choose a lighter fabric color in cotton or linen for a more airy feminine aesthetic or leather in a darker color for a more masculine look and feel. If the pillows can be removed you are looking at a very comfortable luxury furniture purchase. Contemporary sectionals have clean lines echoing mid century modern style, but not to be confused with, as it is completely different. Mid century modern style echoes a minimalist style and does not offer the most comfortable experience, but will turn up the style in your family room without a doubt.

IMG_2117Furniture designers have taken creative freedom designing the most comfortable luxury furniture money can buy. Opt for a sectional that has a higher than average width if your space allows it. This adds more comfort for cozying up with a book or a loved one to watch a movie. And it also offers extra leg room if you do not have an ottoman yet. Test out the sectional in your favorite sitting position, legs curled up or extended, and see if it fits you. Make sure the framework is solid with supportive framing that will stand the test of time. Choosing the right sectional is all about trial and error. It’s the best shopping adventure to embark on with your man since he’ll be pleased to know seating will be provided.

Accompanying a sectional sofa with end tables is a must! Choose from a wide selection of gorgeous styles in a multitude of sizes that are sure to fit your brand new sectional. Ensure the height of the end table comes up or is just below the arm; any higher and the balance between the two pieces will be off. You are not aiming for a perfect height to height ratio, but getting as close as you can will complete your space. La Maison Interiors has a vast selection of end tables and sectional sofas and can be custom ordered for dimension specification.

Whichever sectional sofa style is right for you, La Maison Interiors will help you find the perfect luxury furniture piece for your home. Shop for throw pillows in a multitude of fabrics, styles and colors to put the finishing touches on your brand new sectional sofa!

Is The Armoire Still A Meaningful Piece of Luxury Furniture?

outdoor La Maison ad image

The armoire is a traditional piece often overlooked as old and tired with the onset of modern interior design. There are so many different uses for an armoire we can’t knock it out of the running just yet. If you’re running low on storage space in the bedroom or dining room an armoire is a perfect solution. Repurposing is one way to incorporate it, but another way is to showcase personal items such as fine China. If you’re more apt to spending time outside then use an armoire as a gardening center. The armoire is a meaningful piece in the modern home because it adds visual interest to a space while acting as a functional piece of luxury furniture. Repurposing an armoire for a bedroom is a great way to breathe new life into a space. Not only does this piece add extra storage for linens and towels, but also it adds height to the space. If you don’t want display a television an armoire serves as a place to store it. Another popular use for armoires is extra closet space. Our personal favorite option is to repurpose the armoire as a shoe closet to stay organized all the time. Revert an armoire to fit your needs at home! Create a gardening shed outside if you want to keep tools and supplies in one place. In the kitchen, it’s vital to have ample space for food storage. If your kitchen lacks a dedicated pantry space an armoire is a fantastic solution.

armoire4What about design? Do you already love the armoire in your dining room but feel it does not coincide with the existing color palette? Depending on what color wood finish, wall color and fabrics are used in the dining room will dictate your design choices. At La Maison, we have beautiful armoires fit for any interior design style. When you’re searching for a new armoire think about the size of your space. This piece can vary in shape and size. Smaller armoires should be utilized in the bathroom while one that is taller would be best in the dining room. Choose an armoire with glass paneling for the dining room to showcase fine China or meaningful personal items. We have gorgeous sculpture, vases and ceramic pieces that will add visual interest to your space  for a modern look and feel.

de0974_rs (2)

When space is at a premium treat an armoire as a mini room! If you need extra office space, a section to house arts and crafts or a sewing area is a perfect way to reinvent an unused armoire. The best type of armoire to use in this instance is one with two panel doors and no bottom drawer. You want to give yourself enough space to sit comfortably. Creating a space where you can escape, relax and feel productive without having to sit a desk is really quite enjoyable. When you’re shopping for an armoire decide what its purpose will be before deciding on a style. Showcasing items you love and are proud of calls for glass panel doors or open shelving while storing linens, sheets or extra clothing needs wood doors to hide your extra items.

Visit La Maison Interiors in Scottsdale and let one of our interior designers help you find the perfect armoire for your home. We will show you luxury furniture that speaks to your style and aesthetics in your home. Find a piece fit for any space whether its your bedroom, family room or dining room! We will give you suggestions as to a good size, the functionality of the armoire for your purposes and any other questions you may have!

Make A Statement In The Dining Room With The Credenza

Low chest with a great pattern and detail

The dining room is often an underused space, but we believe every room in your home should be original and beautifully designed. When trying to find the perfect piece for a dining room we suggest looking for a credenza. Made popular during the latter half of the 19th century, a credenza acts a sideboard or cupboard used for storage. Found in various styles, wood finishes and decorative designs the credenza is a stunning piece of luxury furniture that makes a statement in the dining or family room.

Find a credenza that reflects your personal style! Whether you want to highlight the traditional design of 19th century woodwork or go mid century modern, La Maison has a piece for you! We love gorgeous architectural details such as nail studs for a contemporary look or a finish in warm wood for a traditional appeal. The credenza should match the existing wood finish in your space. If you have dark oak it’s best to find a piece that matches for a cohesive look and feel. Place beloved items atop the credenza to add a personal touch to the piece, and if you feel the modern approach is better suited for your space leave it completely empty. Numerous styles have emerged from 19th century design to modern stainless steel. There are various avenues to walk down and experiment with until you find a style that fits your personal preferences and existing elements in your space.

Interior Design colors with a vibrant yellow, a Spring 2013 trend

Why incorporate a credenza? If you love to entertain, this piece is perfect for serving large dinners without crowding the dining room table. Incorporating an antique credenza can bring a lot of character to the space as the intricate detail of woodcarvings, decorative designs brings a special look and feel to the space. The newer versions exemplify clean-lined elongated interpretations of classic credenza style architecture. What type of style should you choose? This year, mixing materials like stainless steel and warm wood is very popular. A credenza that touches on both modern and classic design will change your space instantly. We also love unique credenzas that utilize unique types of wood that give a totally different appeal than traditional credenzas.

midcenturymoderncredenzaConsider the size and function of the piece as well. Open shelving is modern and allows for displaying items. This has become very popular in the kitchen, and made its way into other luxury furniture pieces in 2015. Height is also something to consider. If you plan to use this piece for entertainment make sure you can comfortably stand next to it without having to bend over to touch the top. If you love to display your collection of literature or coffee table books on intriguing subjects open shelves allow for showcasing these items. Just like coffee tables, dining room tables or sofas, credenzas touch on all decades now. Bright colored cabinets echo the 1960’s, stainless steel touches on the modern era and all wood feels traditional and classic.

Lamaison chestFlat cabinet doors are also very popular and seem to surpass the intricate woodwork on doors we’ve seen in the past. With so many different styles emerging homeowners are not glued to one single drawer arrangement. The variations between door styles add visual interest to the piece and also allows for more storage. Think about doorknob hardware. Most often credenzas have feet and mixing metals can be a fun way to add a contemporary touch to your space. Even sliding doors, echoing mid century modern design adds a funky yet elegant touch to the dining or family room. Treat the credenza as a piece for showcasing, or a piece for entertaining. Display beautiful plates, artwork, personal items or a gorgeous lamp for added light. If the wall behind it feels barren hang a mirror above it. Not only do mirrors make a room feel larger, this is an easy way to fill the space.

Whatever your style, favorite color or embellishment, La Maison has the perfect credenza for your home. Our collections range from traditional to modern and contemporary. We have wonderful handcrafted Artisan pieces available if you are searching for a unique piece exemplifying intricate details. Our team of interior designers is rapidly growing and we’re gaining more talented individuals that will help you sort through your ideas, and give you options to what pieces fit your style the best.

Tone It Down With Marsala This Spring


It’s our favorite time of year! Pantone recently introduced the Color of The Year, and with mixed reviews from the public and interior design professionals we’re here to show you how easy it is to incorporate Marsala into your home, wardrobe and daily life. Pantone describes Marsala as a “naturally robust and earthy wine red” that is both elegant and strong. Just like a good glass of fine wine, it’s full bodied and works for both masculine and feminine aesthetics. It’s a strong accent color that can be incorporated through a multitude of avenues you might not have considered. Marsala has warm undertones that feel seductive yet approachable like a warm cup of coffee. It feels natural, not too vibrant yet powerful enough to make a statement whether its in your home or wardrobe. Whether you’re looking to change up the kitchen, bathroom or family room you’ve come to the right place for some inspiration. Marsala is full of red, brown and copper tones making this color easy to implement in any space of your home. Completely change the look and feel of the kitchen by painting an accent wall, likely the largest wall in the space is best suited to make an impact. The space will instantly feel bold and powerful. It’s easy to make a statement with Marsala, especially if you get creative with it! We love the idea of a backsplash with deep red tones or light fixtures that exude a seductiveness last year’s Radiant Orchid simply did not. This year, it’s all about “enriching the mind, body and soul” while last year was more focused on “creativity and innovation” Marsala is a bold color that leans towards a more masculine look and feel.

75dd92171540e0408369e79e28f3afcaThe bathroom is another great space to incorporate a strong color like Marsala. Small spaces actually do well with bold color choices since you have one chance to make an impression. Using this color in a small space instantly adds drama without it overwhelming the space. If you want to start small, replace the bath rugs, shower curtain and accessories for an accent color. For a modern twist blue, teal and turquoise juxtapose the earthy tones of Marsala nicely. For a cohesive look and feel match Marsala with neutrals such as amber, golden yellows, warm taupe and gray. Make a big change to your family room with a sofa or armchair in leather; it feels more modern and less traditional than fabrics. Despite it’s earthy undertones a change in texture drastically alters how the color feels to the human eye. Use this color to your advantage and pepper it throughout your home or choose one statement piece for some drama. Luxury furniture adds an entirely new look and feel to a space, and if you want to make a statement in 2015 incorporate this color in bold ways.

FullSizeRender 3Accessories are a great way to incorporate Marsala such as bowls, plates, paintings or even a cooktop hood! Incorporating this color must be strategic, and tasteful like any other accent color, use it wisely and it will make a statement in your home. Pillows in the family room add soft tones and mesh really well with neutral tones. If your home is more modern and Marsala simply feels too rustic wherever you seem to put it start small with a bowl on the coffee table or a beautiful vase on the fireplace mantle. What’s great about this color is how versatile it can be. Fabric is another easy way to incorporate this color in your home. Modern prints and color blocking will detract from the earthiness when paired with white and taupe, while prints and patterns lend to a traditional aesthetic.

Unlike Radiant Orchid, The Color of The Year for 2014, Marsala is versatile and works for everyone! Adding it to your wardrobe could work on many levels. Maybe it’s not your favorite tone of red, but its flattering on all skin tones, an important fact for beauty manufactures and fashion designers. It’s sophisticated and adds a seductive edge to any outfit. Color block Marsala with similar reds and browns or contrast it with camel and navy. When it comes to beauty products, go for a lip shade in Marsala. Accessories should not be forgotten as an all black outfit with a bold necklace in red tones is simple and elegant.

However you choose to incorporate Marsala in your home, wardrobe or beauty collection go bold! La Maison Interiors has beautiful fabrics to choose from as well as luxury furniture you will love! Visit us today!

Modern Meets Classic Design in Luxury Kitchens

This year kitchen design trends are focused on fusing modern with traditional elements to curate a simple and elegant style that is comfortable yet contemporary. We’re taking a look at the emerging design trends of 2015 to help you reinvent your kitchen. The move from ultra sleek and modern to comfortable and cozy means warmer metals like gold and brush nickel, bold wallpaper, and smart cabinetry options promote a more functional home with a more personalized touch. We’ll help you find a happy medium between modern and traditional elements to create the perfect luxury kitchen.
8a16e267d3b9b34a7c87c9bb3be96277It’s important to find a balance between trends and the classic design elements that never go out of style. Designing a home that feels luxurious yet homey and comfortable is a lot of fun as reinventing spaces with a fresh look and feel has become an industry all its own. Interior design is all about combining the trends with staying power and peppering your home with current design ideas that are interchangeable. In the kitchen, it’s all about function. If a kitchen is functional then it’s the best room in a home and serves the entire family as a place to spend time together and cook delicious meals. The kitchen has become the central hub in American homes and creating the perfect design for your tastes is key to loving your kitchen as much as the food you prepare in it. One easy way to create a beautiful kitchen is to completely remove kitchen cabinets and opt for open shelving. This is a really simple way to make your kitchen more functional especially if you spend a lot of time cooking, preparing or experimenting with new recipes. Keeping necessary items close and within arms reach makes it easier to move around your kitchen faster. It’s practical, personalized and adds a modern touch.  If you absolutely adore the kitchenware and want to show it off, this is a perfect solution for you.

Timber-applications-niche-640x960Make small changes and start with the details. Instead of harsh chrome and stainless steel or glass opt for warmer metals like gold, bronze or brush nickel. Replace drawer handles, the faucet, curtain rods or countertop accessories in warmer tones. Wood paneling has become extremely popular especially for its attention to detail. Mixing materials such as wood and marble for the center island is contemporary and exudes a classic yet cozy look we love! It’s all about creating visual interest in small ways to bring together the design in a big way. The use of different textures adds a personal touch; tile backsplash in the kitchen is a fun way to show off your personality especially if you want to incorporate some color in the kitchen. Look to the darker side of the spectrum this year for some inspiration. Black is becoming an increasingly popular choice if you want to redesign kitchen cabinets, install a new countertop, purchase new cookware or even incorporate a tile backsplash. Black makes a statement with its strong and masculine appearance it doesn’t have to try to be elegant. Choose colors that are moodier for a softer less vibrant look and feel in the kitchen.

8f912bf1f8af56de1f9f871a55c17115This year, steer away from primary colors and opt for dusty, muted colors that speak to mid century modern trends. Opt for a mustard yellow or rusty red instead of bright yellow and candy apple red. These colors compliment warmer metals like gold, bronze and brush nickel beautifully for an instant warming effect in the kitchen. Another option to try is wallpaper; cover one surface in the kitchen to add some serious visual interest! Don’t be afraid to go bold with your choice, and make a statement! Less is definitely more this year, and that goes for anything! If you want to incorporate color be choosy about where and when since the added contrast is visual engaging and appears curated. Your design choices should be careful and calculated when trying to merge modern and traditional design. The resurgence of traditional features such as crown moldings, intricate woodwork, cabinet paneling or all wood countertops mixed with gorgeous granite is an attempt at surrounding ourselves with cozier elements while still keeping one eye on the high tech functional qualities of the 21st century kitchen.

No matter what your style might be, start redesigning your kitchen today with help from La Maison Interiors in Scottsdale. Our team of interior designers will guide you in the right direction when it comes to designing spaces to make a statement. Finding a happy medium between the modern clean lines and traditional features is a challenge at times, and with a push pull between each element it’s important to keep a steady balance in the kitchen. Visit La Maison today and begin your redecorating adventure with us!

Luxury Fireplace and Mantle Designs

Now that you’re taking down the garland, stockings, and Christmas decorations off the mantle, consider re-accessorizing your mantle for the New Year! There are numerous types of fireplace designs, materials to consider and of course accessories such as mirrors and paintings acting as a focal point in the space. A fireplace is both elegant and functional, adding to the ambiance even in warm climates. There’s nothing better than lighting a fire during the cooler winter months in Arizona to get into the holiday spirit!

bb2aa5f9813cde3c25ce087b0c051bc7One of the most elegant and beautiful architectural additions for the home is a fireplace, and the accessories upon the mantle that make a statement. Many modern homes have high tech fireplaces lit by shards of fiberglass for a modern and sophisticated appeal. Classic fireplaces made of marble or fine granite appeal to a grandeur look and feel. Consider a floor to ceiling wood encasement to make a statement in your family or great room. We have some great design ideas fit for your home no matter which interior design style speaks to you.

Decorating the mantle is fun and the individual pieces you choose should be interchangeable. Accessorize the mantle for all seasons at La Maison! After Christmas and New Years passes think about placing a gorgeous mirror above the mantle. In a smaller space, a mirror instantly makes the space feel larger. The fireplace acts as a focal point, and should be treated as one. Place tall candle sticks on the mantle to add height and a touch of ambiance. Mix and match metals for an eclectic look and feel that is sophisticated and youthful.

1627ce8a4e164728b5530907c8d243aeThink about the scale of each accessory on your mantle. If you want to fill your mantle with smaller items, stay within the same size. With any tabletop, group your items together. If you have four candles choose three. We suggest grouping items in odd numbers for balance. Symmetry comes into play here, as you can choose to create an asymmetrical design with an item on each side and two in between. Go big with accessories and create a modern centerpiece arrangement to draw attention. You want to draw the eyes upward away from the seemingly dark and dusty fireplace itself. Of course, personal items, photographs, gifts from your kids or special someone deserve a spot on your mantle .

What if you don’t have a working fireplace? A faux fireplace provides more opportunity for personal touches, and more accessories. We love the idea of blocking off the fireplace with a reflective material and placing items in front. Add warmth to the fireplace with faux logs attached to a screen! We love this idea and it gives the illusion of stacked logs without the mess of real wood in your luxury home. Since the fireplace traditionally provides warmth with burning logs, candles act as a perfect substitute. Purchase all different sizes of candles, candlesticks and vases to host large candles for a very elegant look and feel. You can change out the candles for each season as well! Color is your friend and candles are so much fun to shop for!

However you want to decorate your fireplace, we have so many accessories to create the right ambiance and add a pop of color to your space. Go elegant and modern or rustic with a Southwest vibe! We love helping our customers find the perfect piece for their home!

Get Comfortable With Luxury Pillows

Decorating for the holidays is so much fun, but when the month of December ends, how do we get back to classic luxury style without going too overboard? Pillows. All types of pillows in different shapes, sizes colors and fabrics are so much fun to choose and incorporate in your luxury home. Whatever your design style may be, La Maison has the perfect set of pillows to ring in the New Year!

FullSizeRenderPerhaps it’s time to replace your pillows, but where do you even begin? First, think about the purpose of the pillows, and who will be using them. We use the family room the most to spend time together, and your pillows should reflect those types of activities. Ensure they are comfortable to lean on or rest your head for a quick nap. The fabric should be soft, touchable and easy to clean. Also take into account the size of your furniture. Large throw pillows are better for the bedroom, while medium sized pillows are best for the family room, den or even an office chair. Small decorative pillows with embellishments are best in a space that does not get a lot of use. If you have a sitting room or great room that is mostly for show or special occasions then choose pillows that showcase beadwork or use an expensive fabric. If your space is mostly neutral colors add a pillow with a bold pattern or a bright color for an eye-catching accessory.

FullSizeRender 2Think about the shape of your pillows! There are so many to choose from it may be hard to know which one is best suited for your each space in your home. The most common pillow sizes are standard squares for sofas that measure about 16 inches. Bolster pillows are great for bedrooms as they are unique in their cylinder shape and look great with different fabric options. Lumbar support pillows are usually 14×36 inches and offer back support for watching television or even reading in your office or sitting room. Smaller pillows appear more decorative rather than functional so it’s best to place smaller ‘boudoir’ pillows for show rather than use.

Pillows appeal to comfort. Have you ever noticed most people will migrate to the end of a couch or the corner of an armchair to sit comfortably? Think  about where your guests will likely sit after entering a space. Don’t overpopulate your sofa with pillows because your guests might feel sitting down is not an option. Make sure pillows are arranged casually for an inviting seating area and overall atmosphere. When designing a guest room, do not include too many throw pillows on the bed. We suggest arranging pillows in 2’s or 4’s on the bed. Most people move throw pillows to the floor so make sure you do not care about potential wear and tear in the guest room. In the master bedroom choose throw pillows that can double as extra support while watching television or reading a book. Include a pillow for your personal reading chair in the bedroom for added comfort and style.  Choose soft and touchable fabrics for pillows meant for relaxation.

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When it comes to pillows, personalization is very popular! Give your master bedroom some personality with monogrammed pillows of you and your spouse’s initials or a pillow with an inspirational quote for your daughter. It acts as a sweet reminder, and offers a touch of luxury to any space. Beading and embellishments are certainly beautiful and with so many different options available at La Maison, we’ll help you find the perfect fabric to use. If your home is more modern go for geometric patterns in monochromatic color schemes. One color always works as an accent against a strong bold pattern or print as well. Choose soft and comfortable fabrics throughout your home. We love classic velour for the family room as it adds a touch of luxury and really makes the space feel warm and inviting. Some of the newer trends in pillows include handmade or vintage patterns and embellishments that give a little something extra.

No matter your design style, we can help you find the perfect pillows for any space in your home. From a vast selection in our showroom to fabulous fabrics, tassels and suggestions from our team of interior designers for custom pillows, we’ll help you find the perfect pillows for your home. Visit La Maison today and start redecorating your home with gorgeous pillows in even more fabulous fabrics!